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Mr. Wood's Video

Red, White & Blew

Red, White & Blew, Scene #01

When Diamond Dick called and said he had a younger brother with even more overactive hormones the his, only question was how fast could they get here! This 19 year old, red haired college wrestler bounded in the room and while there was no family resemblance on the outside, that massive bulge in his jeans let us know he was packing heat, sharing at least one big branch of the family tree!Despite the copper colored locks, Mr. Wood, who more then lives up his name, is amazingly freckle free, naturally smooth and though at first we thought he shaved his pubes, upon closer examination you will learn his pubes are so pale in color, they almost disappear against his rosy skin. He was a little shy at first, totally unaware of how blessed he was in the meat department. When he finally let it spring free from his boxers, that might stick stood out like a flagpole ad was already dripping in anticipation of what was to cum!Like his big bro, he was the strong silent type but liked the attention of the camera and seemed to find a sense of freedom, letting the the lens come in close on his hard pink nipples, across that tight, swollen ball sack and over those creamy white, perfectly rounded jock butt cheeks as he humped the couch like he was giving some lucky cheerleader the ride of her life. The, with barely a moan, he comes in close, and we mean that literally, and busts a big, varsity sized nut all over the black leather pillow that left his fingers still dripping as he waved good-bye! Now that what we call a Labor Day Salute CircleJerkBoys's style!

Starring Mr. Wood
  • released : 10-08-2005 |