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Mike Hawk's Video

A Strokin & A Cummin

A Strokin & A Cummin, Scene #01

Whatís hanging off the thin body of this skater guy is definitely man sized and packed with the juice that would the whole varsity team proud. Itís always the innocent looking skinny types that produce the biggest surprises and Mike Hawk is a perfect example with the caveat that we know they also produce some of the biggest loads.With those blue eyes and a mop of hair you just want to run your fingers through, his nips pierce his wifebeater like twin pencil erasers off that hairless, lean chest. Itís when he leans back, revealing a patch of pale fur under each arm that things heat up as his clothes come off in rapid fire and what he picks up next is his shiny red guitar. He starts to strum a few chords and damned if that wasnít like a snake charmerís song as his cock goes from limp to rock hard and dripping, throbbing at twelve oíclock with the shiny knob keeping time and hitting high note well above his navel. And thereís more nickels left in this juke box...Unlike most straight guys, he has no problem showing off his smooth, untouched ass,. even bending over and letting that big dick and bull balls dangle in between before fucking the mattress like a booty call long over do then rolling on his side and humping his fist like a prime hole heís been dying to sink into. His sack doesnít just tighten, his balls swell until they look like will explode and thatís just what he does...he stands up and fires off that hose all over the guitar and the chair in a symphony of white stuff thatís definitely deserves an encore.

Starring Mike Hawk
  • released : 10-05-2005 |