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Mike Bollins's Video

Caught At the Lockers

Caught At the Lockers, Scene #01

Mike Bollins is back this week and we couldn't be happier to see our new friend from the West Coast. For those of you unfamiliar with Mike, he made his debut with us a couple months back sending many of our members into a tail spin. Originally from Fresno, the 24yo, with an eerie resemblance to a certain singer who shakes more than his just his 'Bon Bon', packs a solid 185 lbs on a delicious 5'10 frame. He hasn't been up to much since we last saw him other than working out, chillin' with friends and fucking a LOT of girls. He finally met a girl who let him fuck her ass. The only problem is, Now that he's had it, he wants it to be a prerequisite for every girl he takes home. He loves petite girls with big tits, and a thick ass she can back up onto his thick 7½” dick. Now there's a visual. (—minus the short chick) Mike doesn't use pick up lines on girls at the clubs. His advice to guys is: “If you're getting eye heat from a girl; don't be a pussy and go talk to her. Buy her and her friends a drink. Then tell her it was nice to meet her and then walk away. Be a gentleman and let her be with her friends. She'll be back.” Sounds easy—riiiight?! Not that a ripped body, abs, guns like his, a jaw-dropping smile on that dimple-chinned, boyish face with that “I'm gonna fuck you stupid” look doesn't help! Mike begins by giving us an idea of how he gets his body in the shape it's in. As he does curls, his biceps contract and flex while Mike's face is focused on his movements. He pulls off his tee and we see our first glimpse at his massive pecs and defined torso. He begins to apply moisturizer all over his smooth body, rubbing it in slowly showing off every delicious inch of his merits. His shorts come off as we see his massive quads and meaty thighs. He pulls his sleeping cock out of his briefs to give it a tug or two before losing his briefs altogether. He lies back on the bench and spreads his legs wide. As he does, his fingers caress his cock, balls and dip down between his beefy cheeks to feel his hole. It's not hard to truly appreciate the landscape on this boy. His body is flawless. Massive thighs that taper up into a small waist before it vees out again, as his defined lats lead your eyes up to his pecs. His chiseled chest is flanked by huge biceps and shoulders and aside from a cropped patch at the base of his now throbbing dick, he is hairless. There isn't an inch on him that doesn't scream “TASTE ME!” Well, Alice may very well have gone to “Wonderland”—but she never had it this good! He strokes his cock and at full length, Mike's baby maker is a thick 7½” of pussy packing meat. He holds his rigid dick at the base while he works his knob. He decides to make us all sweat and stands up to show off what he knows we want most—his ass! Mike spreads his perfect cheeks for us and coyly looks back at us over his broad shoulders. That's not enough; he kneels on the bench, crouches down and spreads his beefy ass wide with both hands. His smooth ass and hairless asshole are on display as Mike slowly teases and fingers his virgin hole. How can something so hot be SO evil? lol Mike is a heavy breather, sighing and gasping occasionally as he pleasures his dick. He lies back and begins working his meat for keeps. Mike's brows begin to furl and his face contorts as he gets closer. His facial expressions begin to register a resounding “OMFG!” on the hot scale as he jacks faster. His entire body begins to tense up as his body prepares for an orgasm three days overdue. His smooth balls pull up tight—locked and loaded; his massive pecs flex and squeeze together looking more like chiseled marble and his abs and biceps tense up as Mike grimacing and bites his lower lip. Mike can't hold back anymore. His fist becomes a blur and after a series of breathy grunts and groans signaling the inevitable—Mike explodes. His throbbing dick sends jet after jet of thick baby gravy all over his smooth navel and abs. Whew …Go ahead. …Drink it in. (We understand completely.)

Starring Mike Bollins
  • released : 12-19-2008 |

Newbie Haze

Newbie Haze, Scene #01

All we can say about this weeks stud is “Whoa”. Hailing form the West Coast, 24 year old Mike Bollins is a fresh face worth getting to know. He's from Fresno, California and with a solid 185 lbs packed onto his delicious 5'10 frame, he's definitely the kinda guy that would easily cause some front end damage…if you drove past him walking down the street. Rubber necking does have its consequences. You know who you are. He's a down-to-earth guy, loves to chill and works out regularly to stay in shape. A Chicago Bulls fan, he loves to play hoops with his buds on his spare time. This active hottie lost his cherry during P.E. class in a bathroom stall to a girl he ditched class with. “She wanted to see if it would fit…and it did.” He laughs. What a whore! Lol ...we're not bitter. He has a great all around jock-next-door looks and a body that speaks for itself. He is a definite ass man and loves a nice ass. He laughs when he admits tits are “extra credit”. Brilliant. He loves adventurous girls that aren't afraid to explore their backyards. He loves having a chance to take a girl from behind and fill em up with his jock cock…and then some. Some girls have all the luck. His best sex to date was fucking a date at a concert way high in the stadium with 15,000 fans watching. Now there's an adrenalin rush. He jacks off at least twice a day and his favorite place to choke his chicken is in front of his computer where all his porn is at. Fortunately for us, he will soon be the porn on our computers so let's get this bad boy nekid… Sitting back on the couch, Mike undoes his jeans and slowly lifts up his tee. As he does he grins as his sweet abs and a tad of the chiseled pecs come into view. He knows he has what you want. He takes off his tee and jeans and gets back on the couch in a pair of loose fitting boxer briefs. Mike's naturally smooth and his chest and abs are well defined. He shows off his thick ass as he slides down his briefs a bit before slapping his ass. Hmmm. Once the briefs come off we see Mike in the buff. All systems prepared for launch. He lubes his cock and within seconds he is at full mast. He spreads his legs wide open as he jacks his fat cock. We can see the lickable landscape he has to offer, As we gaze above his thick cock, we see his sculpted pecs and bulging bicep, as he strokes over hand, his sexy face with a scruffy goatee gazing down in awe of his own equipment lies just beyond them. Gazing to the south of his cock we see his thick hairless thighs, his low hangers and his hairy ass peaking out from its vantage point. There just isn't a bad angle on this boy. He stands up to continue stroking wanting to give us a better view of his cock. He's throbbing b y now and the views from below are mouth watering. His nuts hang below as Mike slowly tugs and caresses his shaft. His ultimate fantasy would be to have 2 mouths on that shaft, one on the tip, another on those smooth balls while a fifth girl rode his face. Mike bends over for us to show us the impossible dream. As he does he pushes his cock back so we can see it while he spreads open his meaty ass and teases his virgin hole. The view's insanely hot. Speaking of hot, all this stroking has our bad boy getting close to pay dirt. He lies back on the couch and starts to jerk his meat. As he lays there with a look of determination dipped in lust, we get a great view of his curvy physique. The sculpted chest, the abs that are now tensing in preparation, his muscular arms and that face. As he gets closer his abs tighten causing him to arch forward showcasing his perfect pecs. His cock is now throbbing as our stud's breathing begins to labor. His eyes close as his head goes back in ecstasy. He begins to moan just before releasing a massive blast of cum up all over himself. The rest of his boys splatter on the delicious canvas below. We need a serious clean up …any takers?

Starring Mike Bollins
  • released : 10-24-2008 |