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Miguel's Video

Just A Lil S&M

Just A Lil S&M, Scene #01

Thanksgiving is a holiday when people make the pilgrimage home. When the people in question are none other than Stefano and Miguel, and the casa they are returning to is the CircleJerkBoys.com studio, all we can say is, let the holidays begin! Though Miguel looked like a wild stallion with his hair down, it was when he really let his hair down and gave Eli's ass a solid pounding, that this long-locked Puerto Rican really captured your attention. Stefano, that exotic Sicilian and English mix with that killer, lean, smooth bod and always hard, thick 8” dick, was an instant star from his first appearance. It was his last, when he played touchy-feely with Commando, that we wanted to know the same thing you did…just how far will Stefano go? Today we have the answer, and when we share it with you, it will definitely be one you will give thanks for!They may have come dressed like straight guys, Stefano in his 'do rag and Miguel in his hat, but once the cash came out and the porn went on, they went straight for each other.Headgear, footwear, and everything in between came off in a flurry until Stefano rubbed his bulge against Miguel's ass and let out a nervous giggle as if he could not believe what he was about to do. Stefano's dick was rock hard from the word go, and after he swung his around Miguel and guided that mouth to where he wanted it, right on his dick, Miguel's own bone came immediately to life. After Miguel grabbed the luscious curve of Stefano's ass to pull his own mouth deeper, then got a taste test of Stefano's dick, the two faced each other and jacked their cocks together until Stefano pushed Miguel face down on the mattress and started rubbing his cock where it was going next…Miguel's ass.Stefano has no sooner put on the condom before it disappeared, as Miguel climbed over him, lowered his hole on his bud's gloved staff, and pushed himself down in a fast steady push before immediately riding that cock like a pony while he fisted his own meat furiously. Miguel is clearly most used to being on the giving end, and his tight ass did a number on Stefano's thick meat, causing Stefano's usually long hanging balls to contract almost immediately. Flipping Miguel over onto his back, he grabbed Miguel's thighs, spread him wide, and gave that hole the hungry-for-cock like a bitch filling it is demanding. In response, Miguel's hole inhaled every inch and soon exhaled a load of jizz all over his belly. With Miguel's hand running up and down Stefano's sweaty chest, Stefano soon adds his own jizz to the cum pile on Miguel's stomach, his cock never softening and the grin never leaving his face. So, we learned something today guys: you really can cum home after all. From Stefano, Miguel, and all of us at CircleJerkBoys.com, Happy Thanksgiving.

Starring Miguel
  • released : 11-16-2007 |

The Tinman Cometh

The Tinman Cometh, Scene #01

From the first time we meet the TinMan, his “I-will-do-anything-once” attitude is put to task and he passes every test. He proves to be a man of his word—from the three-way buddy jerk-off, to getting sucked off by the luscious Dirty Harry, to even being in the middle of a fuck-sandwich with Taz and Sean. With a wannabe-thug demeanor from the other side of the tracks, long-haired Miguel likewise first appears solo; and when he tells us there is no shame in his game, we take him at his word and pair him up with Ely for an oral exploration that leaves him, and us, ready for more. After learning that the TinMan is about to become a father, he calls up and says that he's up for one last visit to “Boy's Town” before he starts answering to “Pops.” We also recall a desperate plea from Miguel to see if we have anything available to help him pay those holiday charge bills. His cherry is what we want and we're prepared to pay the price, though by the time the TinMan is finished with Miguel's hole, Miguel is practically ready to pay us; but we let him keep the money; he has earned every penny. The macho posturing at the start is quickly tossed aside along with their clothing. In record time, the TinMan is on his knees and Miguel's cock is as hard as we've ever seen it before. While that can be written off to “a mouth is a mouth,” it is when the TinMan leans up and kisses Miguel, and Miguel kisses him back, that we know things are definitely crossing into the land of shared satisfaction. They continue with the slow, tentative-yet-hungry kisses used to perpetuate the feelings inside for a bit, before the TinMan resumes an oral exploration that has Miguel move up off the bed and sit on the headboard to allow the TinMan total access. That opens up the point of entry for the TinMan's finger, and after it disappears, Miguel takes over and continues to finger his own hole. The TinMan grabs a condom and stares up in amazement, never taking his eye off the prize. With his cock at full mast and his hole lubed, Miguel squats over the TinMan and lowers himself down, not stopping until he has it all. Miguel's cock stays rock hard as he grinds up and down, working the TinMan's pole into every nook and cranny before he gets on all fours and pushes back into the TinMan's meat as the TinMan slams forward. The TinMan fucks him with enough force until we can see and hear TinMan's balls slap against Miguel balls before they fall back breathless on the bed and fire off massive loads one after another. Not bad for a couple of straight guys, eh?

Starring Miguel
  • released : 01-26-2007 |

Pop In & Press Play...

Pop In & Press Play..., Scene #01

Seeing Miguel's sable brown hair swing as he got his nut a few weeks ago was like seeing the mane of a wild pony caught in the breeze as he galloped down a mountain. As hot as Miguel looked when we first met him with that hair braided up, seeing that crowning glory hanging free was even hotter. Or maybe it was the way his tight body is covered by a light dusting of brown hair across his chest, onto his abs, into his thick pubes and down to his strong legs that is so irresistible. Or could it be that seven inch cock that never seems to go soft? Or the way he looks at the camera, almost daring you to join him? Perhaps it's that rough on the edges bad boy thing that hooked us or not knowing if those home made tats were inked during some time in jail that reels us in? Whatever it is, he has something that sets him apart and we wanted more. Eli is a 24 year old with an ass that even a straight man would want to tap and we decided to test that theory on Miguel with results that prove a hole may be a hole, but even for a straight guy, a hot ass is a fuck!When Eli first reached over to explore Miguel's crotch, Miguel looked like he was not sure whether this was really happening but at the same time, his cock responded instantly and seemed to take him along with for the ride. Eli could not wait to get his hands on that cock, but teased until his knees almost gave out. Standing face to face, Miguel reaches tentatively over to Eli, actually pausing in mid air for a moment before he made first contact with the male flesh. The charge must have been electric as rather than pull his hand away, he gave us one of those moments so unexpected, we still have to watch the tape to believe it, as he leaned down and planted a rock solid kiss on Eli complete with that dirty talking tongue. Gently feeding Eli his cock, which has swollen longer and thicker than we had ever seen it before, Miguel adapted quickly and served Eli his cock like a prized vintage from his own private cellar.Eli's cock was rock hard just in anticipation of where that cock was going next and it seemed in the blink of an eye, the condom was gone, Eli was bent over the head board, and Miguel was pounding Eli's ass like a freight train, slapping those cheeks as he gave that ass the riding it was begging for: steady, hard and deep. Miguel moved him to all fours on the bed and picked up right where he left off, offering us the picture of that long hair dancing on his back, that ink shiny with sweat and Eli's face contorted in the expression of sheer bliss from the sensations he was receiving on the opposite end. Eli took the lead for a quick second, riding Miguel's cock and Miguel even reached around and gave Eli's thick meat a stroke or two before tossing him on his back, hoisting Eli's legs on his shoulders, and ramming away for the final assault. Rolling back on the bed and breathing like athletes who just completed a marathon, Miguel rubbed Eli's leg as Eli fired off a load that blasted all the way to his shoulders and Miguel soon followed. Our next mission is to try and get the tables turned and let Miguel find out of it is as good to receive as it is to give. Stay tuned!

Starring Eli, Miguel
  • released : 10-13-2006 |

Let It Hang

Let It Hang, Scene #01

On one hand, the idea is almost counterintuitive, but in reality, it is amazing how a thick head of long, flowing healthy hair can make a guy mysterious, compelling and not usurp his masculinity, but add to it. The coal black locks of Eduardo are a prime example, as was the shoulder length carrot top of big dicked Red and who can forget the essay of perfection that is Henrique. Miguel was a recent entry to the 'CircleJerkBoys.com Hair Club for Straight Men' and with his home made tats and braids that went well to his lower back, Miguel brought a gritty, bad boy just out of 90 days in jail vibe, and a raw sexiness that had you clamoring for more. Well more is what we have for you today and this time, Miguel sure let his hair down…literally.Out of the confines of his braids, his thick sable brown hair is a luxurious mane that frames that light skin and sets off those crystal blue eyes to perfection. He said a lot of people love it when he wears his hair loose and he wore what he called his “preppy look” just for the occasion. That didn't stay on long as the only thing Miguel likes better than getting dressed up is how fast that means he will be getting naked - and today was no exception. Miguel is a guy who knows just what we want to see and makes seeing it an erotic odyssey. When he lays back on the bed and you follow the trail of hair from his head, down to his shoulders, across his tats and down his stomach to the bulge in his white boxer briefs, legs spread wide and slightest sheen of sweat covering those tats, this is just the start of the epic journey you will never want to end.The soft brown fuzz covers his calves and rubs down his tight abs that fade out over a pair of round nuts that are already hiking their way up. He almost looks like those depictions of horny ancient warriors on ancient pottery come to life. He stands up. Spread wide on the headboard, he sways his dick back and forth like a pendulum before turning around to show off something he kept hidden last time, his tight little white ass. Sitting in the chair, down on the floor, back on the bed, Miguel works his pole from every angle possible, determined to put on the best show we have ever seen and at least, we have never seen anyone with as much blood in their face as they do in their cock as both his heads were bright red. He kept a firm grip on his balls as if he was jacking so hard, they might fly out of the skin. With a final moan, he oozes out his load onto a body so sweaty, the cum almost immediately slid right off his slick skin. Will he be such a showman if there was another guy naked and boned with him? There is only one way to find out so stay tuned, guys!

Starring Miguel
  • released : 09-29-2006 |
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