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Michael's Video

Married Meat

Married Meat, Scene #01

Ive heard the phrase pretty boy before but Michael takes that to a whole new level: hes down right beautiful. At first glance, he looked like the most popular hustler at Elton Johns Pool Party but when he introduced me to his wife, I quickly realized he moved the top of the list of guys of I wish was gay.Hes 20 years old, born in the Bahamas with a marble smooth lean body and the kind of tight hard ass you only dream about.On the flip side, his dick is flash light thick. His erection comes to us courtesy of his wifes talented tongue. She must be very good with her mouth as the poor kid cant hold back for as long as most of our movies are. But what he lacks in quantity, he makes up for quality: he squirts a load on his thigh that looks like hes been saving it up for a week...but I know better then that!Im thinking we should have him back soon: Im ready for his second cumming...how bout you?

Starring Michael
  • released : 11-01-2003 |