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Max 1's Video

The Spunk Punk

The Spunk Punk, Scene #01

With skin that pale, it was immediately obvious that Max is a creature of the night. His cell phone never stopped ringing and we figured him just a typical straight boy looking for some extra cash for the next rave. But the real attraction for him was his desire to break into adult videos.He couldn't wait to get his clothes off and started with a tour of his tattoos. When he dropped his pants, there was at least 6.5” ready to be sprung free inside those boxers. Then he looked at us and said, “Don't worry, I'll get hard soon.”And did he ever! It took two hands just to measure a dick this big & a wide-angle lens just to get it all in the shot. Some guys this hung never seem to get fully erect. Not our Max. His dick gets hard enough to pound nails into cement…but he opted to just pound out a huge load of cream all over his stomach.

Starring Max 1
  • released : 06-14-2003 |