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Mateo Grande's Video

Tag, Youre IT!

Tag, Youre IT!, Scene #01

This week we have a free for all in the studio. The Hialeah Hotties are back and this time we have Matéo Grande, Johnny Vino and Marcus Guitaro. For those of you unfamiliar with the 'Hialeah Hotties', they all, and by all we mean we lost count, went to high school together and have recently graduated. Hide your poodles and your daughters; cuz soon these man whores will be taking their gang bang tactics to college. If that's not a set up for a 'Boys gone—WHAT!?' feature length movie, we don't know what is! Infamous for their tall tales, Marcus starts telling us about his latest 'adventure'. He was up in Gainesville and loving all the white girls up there. He ended up at a club, where oddly enough “Girls gone Wild” was at and they ended up grabbin' asses all night and his friend ended up fingering some of the entertainment—SECURITY! Johnny's story is a little different. By different, we mean plausible. (look it up) He recently went to a club with a bud and picked up some chicks. He got the back seat and started the party early with a blowjob and then that turned into a foursome when they did make it to his crib. Matéo, who prides himself on fucking 'whores”, went to the Keys to chill with friends. While out boating, he came upon some girls on a raft. He splashed around with them then cock slapped them and gave them each a lap dance. Some girls have all the luck.Left to their own devices, these studs take spray paint to the lockers as they begin taggin' up. Taggin' turns into 2 on 1 as Marcus and Johnny cover Matéo in silly string. After that the boys are left excited and in need of something to wind them down. They clean off and as they do their clothes come off. They pop in porn and as they watch, they continue to strip until they are left in shorts then boxers. They each begin stroking their meat through the cotton containing them and each is popping a tent in no time. The boxers can only contain these 19yo boners for so long as each one of their baby makers finds its way out either through the fly or pulled out by the side. The camera gives us a view from below as these trouble makers tug on their 'disco sticks'. We're sure these sticks have made more than one lady gag(-gah) That's for damn sure! Johnny even made one chick walk home when she wouldn't suck his dick in the back seat. His Parents would be so proud. They lose their boxers and they each get comfortable as they continue stroking their swollen cocks. Matéo is in the middle of the room stroking the biggest meat on campus today.Matéo has the biggest dick but when we asked, the other two weren't that forthcoming with the fuckable facts. Matéo smugly grins and says 'Check out the site for the stats after the video and you'll see it'. Matéo just strokes his thick dick alongside and says his dick will be bigger in any unit of measurement Marcus wants to use. We wouldn't instigate Matéo. Matéo has perfected the art of busting his nut incredibly far and it wouldn't be the first time he's soaked a costar with his baby batter. All these studs are boned and rock hard as they slowly stroke their delicious dicks. They get on their knees and once they do, Marcus keeps insisting his dick is bigger. Big dick = bigger ego. Matéo Grande is 'Grande' for a reason and no matter how Marcus insists he knows he's the one packin'. Johnny is quietly stroking his cock and isn't even going to get into the 'biggest dick' race. Once they turn around to show us the rest, Johnny definitely has the best ass! The bigger is better madness culminates as they each shoot their breeder spooge all over a plate. Johnny unloads first coating the plate with his hefty batch. 'Last one to nut licks the plate!' he grins as the other two pick up the pace. Mateo covers the plate with his own huge load most of which flies past the intended target. Marcus shot last droppin' his nut on the cum covered plate. Fortunately for Marcus, he has dibs on that fresh protein shake!

  • released : 07-31-2009 |

One on One on One

One on One on One, Scene #01

We have Matéo Grande back this week and he brought reinforcements. Matéo, the hot 19yo Cubanito, has brought along two of his best buddies along this week. The first is Johnny Vino who is 18yo and from Carol City, FL., The final component to the trifecta is 20yo Peter Soma from Hialeah, FL. When asked, Matéo admits he may have the biggest dick; but, Peter IS the biggest dick. Peter grins ear to ear as he admits he gets off humiliating girls he fucks by nutting all over their faces and treating them like whores. He'll make a proud Daddy some day. We just know it. We all know Matéo loves whores and we can easily deduce that “fucks of a feather whore together”. Johnny Vino, the most innocent looking of the three, dashed our lingering traces for decency by admitting he too loves to treat girls like whores. They may have dreams of 'Grande-ure' —but no one does it as well as 'the Master'. Matéo's latest adventure was taking his “date de l'heure”(Fr. for date of the, or “by the” —in his case— hour) to a public parking garage in order to fuck. He apparently needed a place to go and he remembered an open garage near a hotel. He drove up to the rooftop and when he couldn't get enough room for his 8.5' Cuban dick he dragged the girl buck naked out of the car, put her on his hood and kept right on fuckin! It wasn't long before he realized he had an audience of hotel guest cheering him on from the windows above them. He nut to the sounds of hootin' and hollerin' and she didn't even flinch. No wonder he loves whores.Sitting around the locker room, they sit back and start to watch a flick. They begin talking smack as they grope their crotches. Their young cocks immediately begin to tent their shorts as they slowly get comfortable. Matéo's the first to start strippin' his clothes off as they follow suit. There's no question as to who the ring leader is here. Matéo then undoes his shorts and begins to stroke his growing meat through his boxers. His 'compadres' flank him on either side as they too undo their shorts ad begin working their meat through their boxers. Matéo begins to air hump and his thick dick easily flops around in his loose boxers. HOT! Once they sit back down, Matéo is the first to whip out his dick and once his buddies see that his meat is out and proud they drop their boxers as well. They each begin to work their meat. Johnny lays back on the bench, Matéo sits on a chair and Mr. Vino stands to give us a better view of his cock and 'ass'-ets as he gives us a view of his bubble but. They reposition and Matéo takes the bench as he lies back and Johnny strokes his uncut meat on the chair and Peter lies on the floor as he works his thick meat as well. Their eyes are all glued to the pussy action onscreen.They then decide to get on the bench and take a basketball hostage. We're pretty sure it's against NBA regulations to have 7 balls in such close proximity—but we'll allow it. Johnny and Peter are on the bench as they lie back ass to ass, with their nuts inches from the same basketball. Matéo is standing until Johnny moves to get more lube and Matéo jacks his place on the bench. Snooze you lose. Watching these three schoolmates and str8 buds jack off together as they watch porn and stand, or lie, mere inches from each other is mind boggling. As the camera pans over these three studs we get a better appreciation for their smooth, compact and muscular bodies. They are each in their own world as they focus on the porn before them. If you pay close attention to Matéo, the consummate prankster, you can see the devilish twinkle in his eye as he hatches his devious plan. While Peter is lost in Porn just a mere basketball away; he has no idea what Matéo, who now has a look of focused determination, has in store for him. Matéo beats his cock harder and faster. It isn't long before Matéo's abs contract and once he grips his knob tight you know that loads gonna fly as soon as he releases it. Explode is more like it as it blasts right over the basketball and splatters Peter's thighs and nuts. Matéo's face says it all as he sticks out his tongue like he just won the challenge. Johnny is laughing as he nuts all over the basketball while Peter who can't do much but laugh along in spite of his load covered legs as he too empties out his thick nut. Boys will be boys.

  • released : 03-13-2009 |

8 Gauge

8 Gauge, Scene #01

Trouble is indeed a five letter word. We spell trouble M-A-T-E-O. For those of you who aren't familiar with Matéo, this 18yo is dually Habanero. He's as hot as the pepper and also from the Cuban city it was named for. Matéo is back to get his alone time with us. We first saw him jackin together with his high school posse a couple months ago. At 5'5, He's definitely the firecracker at the rally. He's out spoken and undeniably loves being the center of attention. He knows he has the equipment necessary to keep him on the front page. He has been known to flash girls his thick 8” dick in public. Matéo lost his virginity at the age of 15. He was leaving the gym and noticed a girl waiting for a ride. He offered her a ride home and once he got her in the back seat of his cousin's car he made his move and she bought the Kool Aid. He got his first blowjob and then had his first train once his cousin realized what was going down behind him. They pulled over and went at it. Matéo's eyes twinkle as he reports he got anal, too! Seriously! —How cute is he? Matéo's is a wild one and not the kind of guy you want meeting your sister. He has gotten into some kinky scenes and has no beef about them. The last girl he was with was loving his bone one minute then clawing him to death the next! “This is NOT “sexy”—anymore!” he laughs remembering his harrowing ordeal as he confesses she raped him. He loved it! She had him spit in her face. It didn't faze our playboy. He has lots of experience with “crazy”. One girl even asked him to fuck her toes and nut in her eyes. She wanted to see all hazy once she opened her eyes. Matéo handled it in stride. “She was a whore—I loved it!” This Party animal, which idolizes Porn icon Ron Jeremy, is a handful. …well, he's actually enough for two. So, without further ado… Matéo lies back on the chaise as he begins to grope his crotch. His belt is undone as are his jeans to allow his hand to dive into his boxers and awake the beast. His tee comes off revealing his smooth chest and a pair of cinnamon nips that adorn it. Matéo is naturally smooth and with a few exceptions every inch of his compact frame is tongue-ready. We definitely know Matéo appreciates a well placed tongue from any willing female. He had a girl lick his ass before and said he'd definitely do it again. Hmmm. Matéo loses his boxers and we get our first glimpse of his thick dick. Even soft his meat hangs low over his low hangin' nut sack. He takes his act back to the chaise where he gets on all four to tease us with that str8 boy ass of his. He knows that compact Cuban ass is the envy of some and the desire of many. He slowly dry humps into the chaise as we watch his meaty ass rise and fall exposing his furry crack on the upswing. He playfully slaps his ass and looks directly at you while doing it. This fucker's a tease and he knows just what he's doing. He crouches down a bit leaving his sweet ass in the air as he reaches back between his legs to plays with his low hangers. Then just when you thought you'd seen the best of it; he lets his fingers slowly graze his virgin hole. —CHECK PLEASE!!Matéo then flips over on his back to give his growing dick the attention it requires. He spreads his thick thighs apart as he begins to jerk off. IN this position we get a better appreciation of his compact frame. His creamy smooth thighs, the impressive 8” dick on him with a furry patch at the base and to it's north his smooth abs and defined pecs that flex and writhe just below his skin as he strokes his dick using both hands to get the job done. The looks on this Baby-faced trouble maker only add to his allure as he bites is lower lip and furls his brows. He swirls his now throbbing cock around like a Helicopter showing off his man meat. Matéo has done this move many a time in public to get a females attention. We have a feeling it works just fine. Matéo's dick is getting harder and harder and he knows it won't be long before his fat pinga needs to unload a couple days worth of leche. He sits on the floor and leans back to get comfortable and starts to beat his meat faster. Boys that are all talk never have much to say when they're dick is in their hands. Matéo's abs and chest are tensing and his toes begin to curl seconds before he unloads. Jet after jet of thick jizz spray all over his smooth chest and abs. Matéo lies back completely spent as he quietly catches his breath. Someone get the punch and cookies. Its about nap time for Master Matéo.

Starring Mateo Grande
  • released : 01-23-2009 |