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Mario Triullo's Video

No One Will Know

No One Will Know, Scene #01

Mario Truillo is back to do our bidding this week and it's gonna be good! Mario for those of you who haven't had the pleasure, was one of our original stable boys that helped launch our site 5 years ago. It seems like just yesterday. Mario never fails to disappoint. It seems he gets hotter every time we see him. Mario, now 25, was last here for a dual jerk off scene with a hot wake board instructor named Bobby Clark. It was hot watching these two str8 studs break the ice and pal around as they beat off side by side. It was definitely a new experience for both studs. Mario has been behaving since he now has a girlfriend back in Colombia. Mario's a horny fuck and admits he gets his fix on occasion and when he can't he'll jack off it but nothing regular. A Miami native, he's just one of the many reasons Miami is as hot as it is—Latinos! This afternoon we invited another familiar face, MJ Cash to join us. MJ is 22 and from Houston, TX. He is in Miami every once in a while and we're always glad when he drops by. MJ was here a few weeks ago for a steamy fuck session with Justin Wells. It left many wanting more. On that note, “more” is exactly what we're going to give Mario. Mario has finally agreed to let us give him a taste of what a guy can do on a thick dick. Woohoo—We got him! (Here's your one chance, Fancy …Don't let us down.) Locker room scene, two hot studs one getting ready to shower the other getting ready to work out. As the clothes come off the initial plans change. MJ wraps his ass in a towel about to showers when he gets a glimpse of Mario's boxers straining to contain his semi erect dick. Mario turns around sensing the gaze and catches MJ staring at his dick. Perfect. No one around to see anything and Mario's got a week's worth he needs taken care of. This kid's mouth's gotta be better than his hand again. Mario squeezes his cock thru his briefs and that's all the go MJ needs. He grabs Mario's cock and goes down quicker than the 'Atocha'. Unlike the 'Atocha' that lost her treasure when she went down in a catastrophic hurricane in 1622; MJ actually found his. Mario's str8 boy cock, considered an unattainable treasure til now, will soon be in for a “hurricane” of its own; and hoping it, too, will lose every drop of its cargo. Mario gives in, holding MJ's head as he begins to face-fuck him. MJ sucks Mario's throbbing cock like a hungry calf. Mario's in ecstasy as he bobs MJ on his aching cock. Mario then orders MJ to lie flat on the bench and straddles his face. “Stay right there!—I'll give it to you.” he says hovering over MJ's face. He forces his rock hard meat south with his fingertips and holding it in place descends. He begins to pump MJ's mouth, doing shallow knee bends as he repeatedly buries his meat. “This ain't so bad after all” he chuckles in amazement. MJ has more in store for our hot Latin fuck. Mario eventually lets go of his cock as he pumps MJ's mouth. It eventually springs free and as it does it springs up like a catapult, leaving Mario's smooth balls inches from MJ's mouth. Seizing the opportunity, MJ darts his tongue back behind his smooth nuts, burying his tongue deep into Mario's virgin ass. Mario gasps, trying to process the new sensation as the hot, wet tongue laps at his virgin ass. Whatever it is, it's making his cock even harder. Mario is now putty in MJ's mouth (so to speak). Mario stands and leans over against the locker giving MJ better access. Mario strokes his aching cock with one hand as he reaches around, shoving MJ's head deeper with the other. MJ sits back against the bench, tilts his head back and orders Mario to sit on his face. Mario backs that sweet ass up without hesitation, bending forward for more. As he does our str8 boy actually reaches down for MJ's cock and starts jerkin it for him. I mean, seriously, MJ can't eat his ass properly and jack himself off too, right? Mario is in heaven and we're assuming really glad he decided to give “oral” a try. Someone order a toaster for MJ, we may have a new convert. They both sit back to get their off and Mario, a bit over stimulated, is the first to blow. MJ, seated a few inches away on the floor below, is eye-level with Mario's erupting cock as it shoots baby batter all over. The visual alone is enough to send poor MJ over the edge as he, too, busts a huge nut all over his chest. Mario's last words are classic: “I guess a mouth is a mouth after all!”

  • released : 11-14-2008 |

Double Standard

Double Standard, Scene #01

This week, we brought together two of our str8 alumni to have a session together. Mario was one of our original stable studs who helped launch CircleJerkBoys, and he's back to give us a refresher. Mario, now 25, is a Miami native. He gets hotter and hotter every time we see him. Mario is outgoing and gets himself into all sorts of trouble. Recently, he was in Antigua on a business trip, where he ended up hooking up with a girl he met at the bar next to where he was staying. He had noticed this girl at a strip club the night before. Lucky for Mario, she was with a friend, and they all ended up going home together. What he wanted was a 3-some, but her friend hooked up at the last minute, leaving Mario with the hottest one all for himself. Mario is up for anything, and he's in good company. Bobby Clark, the 23 year old Wake board Instructor from the West coast of Florida, is a horn dog himself. Recently, Bobby got the chance to hook up with a girl he always sees out at the clubs while tailgating at a UCF Championship Game. Luckily, she was alone without her cock-blocking friends; so he invited her over to tail gate with him and his buds. The game started, and the parking lot began to empty out, leaving them unsupervised. One thing led to the other, and he ended up scoring in the open bed of his truck! Both of these players have what it takes to score and today we get to watch how these two service their 'equipment' between games. Ready, set …Hut!!Side by side, they begin groping their cocks inside their pants. Bobby's the first to lose his shirt as he gets comfortable. Mario quickly follows suit, taking off his shirt and tank. Soon, they're both at their feet, pants undone and stroking their growing cocks. Mario leans back on the couch as Bobby lies down. They are both in their underwear at this point as they watch a flick. Mario acts like he's shakin Bobby's hand and playfully tries to put it on his own throbbing boner! “Whoa, Whoa —that's not my date!” Bobby laughs. Mario is quite the prankster. He slips off his underwear and sits down to work his throbbing boner, is thick shaft finally getting the attention it needs. Bobby stands up and drops his briefs as his rock hard cock springs free. Bobby's body is defined and practically hairless. From here, they stand side by side as they continue stroking their swollen cocks. The camaraderie between these two is infectious. Mario turns around and shakes his money maker. His perfectly smooth ass is a sight to behold, and apparently hard to resist as well, as Bobby playfully slaps Mario's ass. Mario laughs as they both begin a small game of slap ass like giddy junior high school jocks. This must be what goes on in locker rooms unbeknownst to the rest of us.They both bend over on the couch and stroke their cocks with their asses on display. They both have impressive bums, and the view is remarkable. Like an all you can eat buffet! From there, they take turns stroking their cocks, Mario stroking his thick Colombian pole as All American Bobby strokes his frat fuck stick. You'd think these two went way back as they sit and make comments about the flick they're stroking to, inches away from each other. Bobby's smooth balls are pulling tighter as he strokes his cock and lightly teases his hole. Just behind him on the couch, Mario jerks his cock and begins to pick up the pace. Mario's heavy nuts dance in tune with the motion above. Watching these two straight boys jerk off side by side is quite the experience as they joke around with one another. But the fun can't last forever. They get closer and closer to blasting their loads. They both kneel in front of each other and go for it. Mario is the first one to nut. He moans as he unloads, spilling his wad on the rug below. It forms a thick puddle underneath him. Bobby isn't far behind as he begins to breathe heavier and soon unloads. His cock shoots his load in thick ropes that splatter on the same lucky rug. The camera pans up as you see these two defined studs, spent and laughing like they've just had the time of their lives. Ya gotta love it! It's always great to find str8 boys comfortable enough with who they are and willing to do what we want.

  • released : 04-11-2008 |

Sinful Charity

Sinful Charity, Scene #01

Back for more fun this week is Mario. From his first shoot here at CircleJerkBoys, it was obvious that this bedroom brown-eyed amateur boxer had plenty to offer. At 5'11, he is one hot piece of man with piercing brown eyes, a great smile and a raw sense of masculinity. Now 25, Mario has been hitting the gym regularly and it shows. He can't complain because he admits that a better body gets him better girls! No pain no gain! He isn't very shy at all when it comes to women, and told us all about a wild encounter he has over Christmas week. One of his ex-girlfriends took him to a swingers club where he got to experience his first ever all out orgy! He laughs like a schoolboy, telling how wild and hot it was getting it on with first his ex; then his ex and another girl; then having a couple and others watching and joining in! He hopes that if he's just as good this year, he might have that happen again! We bet that might be a struggle for this bad boy. All we know is that even though he sadly left his boxers on during his Christmas caper —He won't need them today!Mario pulls his sweater off and strips down to his tight fitting sleeveless tee that proudly bares our logo. Mario is ready to go as he rubs his growing cock through his loose fitting jeans. He has tatts on each arm, and the look on his face is one of mischief. It isn't long before the jeans come off, leaving him in a bright orange jock. He bends over to show us his beautiful ass. He does stretching exercises to give you time to really appreciate his assets! His shirt comes off next as he moves to the chair. Here he kneels on it, humping his firm waist as he gropes his cock in his jock. Mario can't keep it in his pants any longer and finally peels off his jock strap. He turns to show us his arsenal. His chest is muscular and deliciously defined. It makes your mouth water thinking of the possibilities—they're endless! His cock, now at full mast, is a thick 7” and he strokes it in different positions to give us a better appreciation of his meat!He lays back on the couch to continue working his swollen cock. His heavy balls that are shaved smooth hang low as he works his throbbing bone. Every inch of him screams \'Lick me!\' His small cinnamon nips on those defined pecs, the full lips, the pits, he looks like a slice of the Mediterranean for all to behold! The tight curly hair, the sun-kissed skin, even the swarthy sense of sex that oozes out of every pore is intoxicating. He continues stroking his cock and playing with his heavy balls as he begins to stroke faster and faster. The look on his face changes as he obviously approaches his climax. He is at full throttle in no time, and just when he knows he's seconds away from busting his nut, he finds you, looking dead into the camera making sure you're paying attention as he explodes all over his smooth navel below! Mario is a knock out—and knows it! Here's hoping he'll be back for another round!

Starring Mario Triullo
  • released : 03-14-2008 |

Varsity Blues

Varsity Blues, Scene #01

It was a little over a year ago when we first met Mario, a sexy amateur boxer with a couple of tats, a sexy smooth body and a thick delicious slab of cock. Mario is that rare kind of Latin heart breaker that is effortlessly macho and is blessed with the ability to deliver some of the nastiest dirty talk we have ever heard as if it is the most casual of conversations. That is one thing that remains unchanged over the last year and while the face is just as handsome and that cock just as big and thick and hungry, the body in between has been transformed into a pumped, ripped canvas of what perfect muscularity is all about: perfectly balanced, incredibly lean and built to prominence without being over developed. He opens his shirt, showing off the deep ridges of his abs, as his hands continue and grab that already swollen cock in his pants in testimony to the fact that our Man Mario is far from just all talk, but ready for action.Our Latin Casanova stares directly into the camera with those deep brown bedroom eyes, reaching inside his shorts and rubbing that spot right under his balls, commenting on how good his own touch is making him feel. Bending over, he steps out of his shorts and lies back on the couch, his cock beginning to swell under that sexy dark bush. His balls are dark and hairless and hang low between those meaty thighs. A few hand over hand purposeful caresses and Mario is rock hard, slapping his meat against his stomach. With deep, lusty moans, he rubs his pecs and nips while keeping a tight stroke on his dick. “Pump it…ya got to pump it hard!” This is one man who knows how to coax every ounce of pleasure out of his cock and as he spreads his legs wide and rubs once again under his balls, we can not help but wonder if he does not have some untapped pleasure zones on the flip side as well. Lying on his stomach, lifting up as if he was fucking a girl, his ass is a sight to behold. Mario even reaches back and slaps his own ass cheeks, and ever so quickly spreads them open, letting his finger tip quickly graze across the opening as if he was not sure we would notice or more likely, most deliberately, knowing how much it would turn us on to see a straight guy flirting with the sensation of his own hole. He stares directly into the camera, flashing his tongue, then begins to pound furiously away at his cock, until the head is blood red, his balls are bloated and with his legs visibly trembling, he explodes a load all over that heaving stomach.

Starring Mario Triullo
  • released : 09-08-2006 |
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