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Marcus Guitarro's Video

Tag, Youre IT!

Tag, Youre IT!, Scene #01

This week we have a free for all in the studio. The Hialeah Hotties are back and this time we have Matéo Grande, Johnny Vino and Marcus Guitaro. For those of you unfamiliar with the 'Hialeah Hotties', they all, and by all we mean we lost count, went to high school together and have recently graduated. Hide your poodles and your daughters; cuz soon these man whores will be taking their gang bang tactics to college. If that's not a set up for a 'Boys gone—WHAT!?' feature length movie, we don't know what is! Infamous for their tall tales, Marcus starts telling us about his latest 'adventure'. He was up in Gainesville and loving all the white girls up there. He ended up at a club, where oddly enough “Girls gone Wild” was at and they ended up grabbin' asses all night and his friend ended up fingering some of the entertainment—SECURITY! Johnny's story is a little different. By different, we mean plausible. (look it up) He recently went to a club with a bud and picked up some chicks. He got the back seat and started the party early with a blowjob and then that turned into a foursome when they did make it to his crib. Matéo, who prides himself on fucking 'whores”, went to the Keys to chill with friends. While out boating, he came upon some girls on a raft. He splashed around with them then cock slapped them and gave them each a lap dance. Some girls have all the luck.Left to their own devices, these studs take spray paint to the lockers as they begin taggin' up. Taggin' turns into 2 on 1 as Marcus and Johnny cover Matéo in silly string. After that the boys are left excited and in need of something to wind them down. They clean off and as they do their clothes come off. They pop in porn and as they watch, they continue to strip until they are left in shorts then boxers. They each begin stroking their meat through the cotton containing them and each is popping a tent in no time. The boxers can only contain these 19yo boners for so long as each one of their baby makers finds its way out either through the fly or pulled out by the side. The camera gives us a view from below as these trouble makers tug on their 'disco sticks'. We're sure these sticks have made more than one lady gag(-gah) That's for damn sure! Johnny even made one chick walk home when she wouldn't suck his dick in the back seat. His Parents would be so proud. They lose their boxers and they each get comfortable as they continue stroking their swollen cocks. Matéo is in the middle of the room stroking the biggest meat on campus today.Matéo has the biggest dick but when we asked, the other two weren't that forthcoming with the fuckable facts. Matéo smugly grins and says 'Check out the site for the stats after the video and you'll see it'. Matéo just strokes his thick dick alongside and says his dick will be bigger in any unit of measurement Marcus wants to use. We wouldn't instigate Matéo. Matéo has perfected the art of busting his nut incredibly far and it wouldn't be the first time he's soaked a costar with his baby batter. All these studs are boned and rock hard as they slowly stroke their delicious dicks. They get on their knees and once they do, Marcus keeps insisting his dick is bigger. Big dick = bigger ego. Matéo Grande is 'Grande' for a reason and no matter how Marcus insists he knows he's the one packin'. Johnny is quietly stroking his cock and isn't even going to get into the 'biggest dick' race. Once they turn around to show us the rest, Johnny definitely has the best ass! The bigger is better madness culminates as they each shoot their breeder spooge all over a plate. Johnny unloads first coating the plate with his hefty batch. 'Last one to nut licks the plate!' he grins as the other two pick up the pace. Mateo covers the plate with his own huge load most of which flies past the intended target. Marcus shot last droppin' his nut on the cum covered plate. Fortunately for Marcus, he has dibs on that fresh protein shake!

  • released : 07-31-2009 |

Right B4 Practice

Right B4 Practice, Scene #01

Thinking of leaving the states for a while in search of adventure and apparent mayhem, Rico Salazar is back to give us one last show before life calls. Rico is sexy local who has been on our sites a time or two and has quite the fan following. The only thing hotter than Rico's fan base are his friends. He was last here in a hot 3 way stroke off with two other hot, str8 buds. Where were all these horny and willing str8 boys ok with whipping it out and stroking off a nut without giving it much thought back in the day? Sign of the times I tell ya; it's a sign of the times. Well, whatever it is—we LOVE it! The more the merrier and in the spirit of friendship, we've paired him up with one of his many homies he chills with when he's out with the fellas. One look at that smirk on Marcus' face assures you that this boy is trouble. The kind of trouble that gets him in all sorts of predicaments; such as hiding buck ass naked and rock hard in a closet at a family reunion. The best part is his “cousins” mom banging on the door knowing what he's up to. Good times! Marcus is also a member of the Posse Patrol and he too was last here and brought not 2 but 4 friends to play “hold em” with. Watchin' these str8 studs talk bout trains they've run on females was incredibly hot…and rather insightful really. Who knew the mating tactics of young studs these days had gone from the smooth, stealthy calculated approach to a pack mentality? Well, the latter makes for hotter porn. Speaking of porn…Sitting on opposite sides of the locker room bench, Marcus and Rico begin to grope their crotches as they watch a fuck flick to get them in the proper mood. Their jeans begin to fill out as they rub themselves and soon enough Marcus in on his feet giving his uncut meat more room to grow. Rico follows his lead and also strips down to his boxers. Marcus is in a gold jock that hugs his thick Cuban dick and you are easily able to make out his fat knob as it pulses beneath the thin fabric. Things are getting hot for Rico who loses his boxers and is left in a white jock strap. His thick baby maker also strains against the fabric eagerly anticipating play time. In their jock straps we get a better appreciation of their bodies. Rico if thick and his sun kissed body has ink on his abs and biceps giving him a 'Bad Boy' look. Marcus is fairer and his body is leaner and naturally defined. He has more of a classic “jock” body. Marcus' dick is the first out as he slides it out of the side of his jock. Rico sees his dick and instinctively loses his jock altogether before lying back on the bench to give his thick dick the attention it needs. His fist slowly slides up and down over his cock and as it does you can see his darker foreskin gliding over his pink knob. He's packing a thick dick and we're sure it's driven many a girl crazy….and a few boys wishing they could have it. (…you know who you are!) Bu now, Marcus is free balling too and he works his own thick dick, stroking his meat in short strokes focusing on his knob. Marcus has a permanent grin on as he strokes his Cuban pingón and you can't help but wonder what he's thinking about. We may not wanna know actually. Marcus' thick thighs are spread wide giving him better access to his uncut love joy and its now throbbing as it feels the familiar tingle beginning to brew deep in t hose balls. Rico is seated on the floor a couple feet away as he slowly strokes his meat with a focused look on his face as he watches the flick in front of them. They both stand up in typical show off fashion as they size up each others package. In the wild, this would entail taking a series of steps back and then charging at each other full speed ahead before violently looking horns as their skulls collide. Fortunately, these two are actually Horny Goats—not Mountain goats. Whew. They both begin to wiggle their dicks about, laughing as they show off. Then almost as if it was understood they both eye the prize and see just who can spooge first. They both stroke their thick dicks with determined looks on their faces. Wel, it seems 18 really does cum before 20 after all as Marcus' abs clench and his cock explodes sending strands of thick cum rappelling down like glue. HOT! Rico is in no hurry and takes his time and pumps out his own thick load all over the bench. …where's the towel boy when you need him?

  • released : 03-27-2009 |

Team Effort

Team Effort, Scene #01

“Families that play together, stay together” is the old adage that apparently still rings true. This week, we have Marcus Guitaro back to show off more of his delicious self. He was featured on our site last month in a combo that left most of our fans screaming for more. This week, he's brought along his cousin Manny Alvarez. Manny is 18 and was born in Jacksonville, FL; but he grew up here in Miami as well. These two are inseparable. Wherever they are, trouble can't be far behind. Thick as thieves, these two finish each other's sentences. From what we hear, they finish a lot of each other's things. Wait for it… When asked what the hottest sexual experience he'd had since we last saw him, Marcus laughed. Apparently, while out on the West Coast for a huge family reunion, Marcus and the clan kids were all having fun at the beach when an Absolut bottle and a close family friend (or cousin) landed him in a pickle. When the alcohol went in, her true feelings came out, and Marcus didn't hesitate to bang her in her room. In the throes of passion, a loud knock was heard, which turned out to be her Mom. What a mess! Marcus hid in the closet while her Mom came in, caught on, bitch slapped her calling her a whore, then found him and gave him some of the same …leavin' him with blue balls. Little did she know, a couple days later at a party, innocent little Manny would be the next to tag that ass on the “keep it in the family” reunion tour, and actually go all the way and finish the deed! Some girls have all the luck. These two begin roping their cocks as they go back and forth, teasing each other about the other's skills. Marcus teases Manny about waiting til his 19th to lose his cherry; but Manny has comebacks of his own. These two are comfortable in front of each other sexually because they've done girls together. Shocker, right? They keep talking about girls and sports as they strip down and work on their meat. In no time, these two are down to boxer briefs and both are tenting some serious wood. There isn't much “boy” left in these 2 recent grads. Marcus is 6'3 and Manny a comparable 6'1. Must be the Puppy Chow. They strip naked and begin to work their meat. Marcus sits on the bench while Manny kneels and does the same. These two are hot to watch while they make comments about the chick in the vid and how they each would hit it. Calling her a 'Sucia' and how much Cuban “leche” they have for her. They swap places and eventually end up facing each other, straddling the bench when Marcus teases Manny that his is bigger, as they proceed to mock measure their uncut latin pingas. What we'd give to be a lone tape measure on that set. lol We have a feeling these two are always competing against the other. First it was who lost what and when, then whose dick is bigger than the other. Now, Marcus makes it a race to see who cums faster. They kneel on the floor inches from each other and begin going for gold like there was a blond big booty girl with a French Pedicure across the finish line. Foot fetishes run in the family. Manny's rock hard cock is throbbing. As he gets hornier, his knob grows even bigger. Marcus' cock is getting some of the same as Marcus beats his meat faster and faster, not wanting to be outdone by his cousin. It's hot watching these two str8 boys less than a foot from each other beating their uncut cocks, racing to see who blows first. Am I the only one secretly hoping one's a power shooter? lol (ok, that was bad!) Manny begins to moan and grunt louder as his cock begins to squirt. His thick seed pumps out and is followed by Marcus', which cums in second. (literally) “I beat you, fool!” pants Manny as they both bust out laughing. This was a hot set: 2 delicious Cuban boys with no bitch to trick…but Oh what a treat! —Happy Halloween from CJB.

  • released : 10-31-2008 |