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Malachi's Video

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits, Scene #01

Before he was even done with his interview a few weeks ago, Nino's eight-inch Italian cock was rock hard and sticking out of a hole in his jeans, leaking a steady of stream precum. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the very next week Malachi teased us by showing off the bulge made by his nine-inch dick, until we were ready to pull down that zipper with our teeth and get that big slab of beef out in the open where it belonged. Malachi was not playing around when he attended a recent fetish party and ended up on the stage, fucking the hostess while the crowd cheered him on—Nino relates he has fucked girls in front of all of his brothers and most of his friends. Let's do the math: add two exhibitionists, three new porn dvd's, a six pack of beer, and a pile of cash, and what do you get? A red hot episode of CircleJerkBoys.com where not having any women in the equation definitely works for us, but for Malachi and Nino—well, they pass this oral arithmetic lesson with flying…colors!Nino is studying to be a massage therapist and comes dressed in his working clothes right from class. Nino straddles him and works his magic up and down Malachi's back until he winds up in his underwear on the floor with a now shirtless Nino working Malachi's legs and moving up. As he moves to sit across Malachi's thighs, his cock starts to snake out of the top of his pants as his fingers slide into the waistband of Malachi's shorts, before tugging them off and giving Malachi's freshly-unveiled ass a good slap. Nino completely ignores the beauty of those buns and instead locks his sights on something else—Malachi's mouth.Malachi is on his knees on the bed with Nino standing over him, bouncing that fat eight inches in and out of Malachi's mouth, leaving long glistening strands of spit as he pounds his meat again and again, pushing the metal beads on the underside of his shaft into Malachi's tongue. Malachi is far from a deep throat expert, but he grabs that meaty pole by the base and proceeds to chow down like a champ, aided by Nino grabbing him by the hair to help speed along the process. Practice does make perfect, and Malachi seems to be much more at home a bit later as they lie on the bed. The further down he goes on Nino's cock, the harder it gets, until it is a double-fisted stick much too big for Malachi's inexperienced mouth. Malachi is too polite to talk with his mouth full to complain, nor does it stop his cock from growing to its full nine inches. Sitting next to each other, the battle of breeders moves to the finish line as they both pound away at their big dicks until twin, thick, white heavy blasts cover both of their bellies—and a wide swatch of the rug. Not a bad math lesson at all. Next time, we will come up with a new equation, and though they do not know it yet, the magic answer will be sixty-nine! We will keep you posted!

Starring Malachi, Nino
  • released : 09-21-2007 |

Caught On Tape

Caught On Tape, Scene #01

With his inked arms, tight jeans, bad-boy bed-head and a devilish soul patch, Malachi looks every inch the sinner he appears to be, despite the more pious origins of his name, which means “my angel” in the Old Testament—although it is that nine inches of hissing cock he also sports that might just be something you have been praying for. Malachi has that laid-back manner that is always on the “cool” setting, though that all changes when he enters the bedroom. “I am very aggressive sexually, and I need a woman who can keep up,” he says with an evil glint in his eye. What we have our eye on is that bulge in his pants; does it contain a cock of near-biblical proportion his name alludes to? Of course, unwrapping the package is half the fun, and we don't want to be a flat tire on the party bus, but here is a little hint guys —get out the lube and select the largest size screen on your media player—Malachi has a lot to put on display.As he stands up and raises his shirt, some additional ink comes to view across his well-rounded pecs, though the real scene-stealer is how sexy those second-skin jeans cling to his narrow hips and flat, smooth waist. He licks his fingers, rubs his nipple, and likes the way it feels—he goes back for seconds. With a smoldering look that says, “Come get me if you dare,” our languid Lucifer stares into the camera before turning around to display his most ironic ink of all: a pair of angel's wings between his shoulder blades. Facing us again, the mound in his pants has definitely increased in size. He snaps his thick leather belt, producing an evil echo that resonates through the room before dropping his jeans to show off a pair of tight, white, creamy ass cheeks. They say the devil finds work for idle hands, and when you take in the view as Malachi turns around, we know your hands will not be idle for long.Turning around, our little angel is definitely ready to go down the road of sin with his pitchfork leading the way. The shaft is long and lean, like the man himself with his cockhead still partially covered by remnants of his foreskin, indicating that despite already being a two-hander, there is still more growing room. As he spreads his legs wide, it is like an invitation to heaven that we are powerless to refuse. With his hands behind his head, as if by sheer will, Malachi makes his cock point up towards the sky with the now exposed head landing back against his flat abs, well above his navel. As he settles into the chair, his sack contracts into a tight, hard ball of red flesh as he gets down to the business of getting off. With the ink on his arms now a blur as he fists double-time, he embodies the fantasy of every skater, punk, and bad-boy you have ever lusted after, as he bites his lip and delivers a load that drips down the shaft, crosses his fingers, and puddles on the floor below. Malachi says when it comes to sex he is up for anything, so stay tuned guys, we have a special CircleJerkBoys.com test to find out just how true that is!

Starring Malachi
  • released : 09-07-2007 |