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Magnus's Video

Season's Beatings

Season's Beatings, Scene #01

From their first appearances under our cameras, Diego and Magnus became some of our most popular models and it's easy to see why. These two poster boys of beefcake are tall, handsome, ripped to perfection and sport dual towers of ultra-thick, extra-long and deliciously uncut meat that surely must be Brazil's biggest export.I thought what better way to ring in the season then by not just getting them back, but have them appear together. Though they had never met before, it wasn't long before their hormones kicked into high gear and they were beating those mighty sticks together with enough friction to light your Yule log well into next spring.Diego gets into the holiday spirit by serving a double helping of egg nog all over Magnus's 6 pack. We're not sure what Diego has on his Christmas list, but after the facial he gets from Magnus that drips clear down his pecs, he might want to add soap. Happy Holidays!

Starring Diego, Magnus
  • released : 04-03-2004 |

The Rio Deal

The Rio Deal, Scene #01

In 96 hours, Magnus arrived from Brazil, had an apartment in South Beach and found himself right in front of our cameras. The only downside to that was not getting him in front of lens even sooner.He has the totally ripped, perfectly built and incredibly lean body that seems to make love to the camera just by standing there. But he does a lot more then stand there too. He doesn't merely get undressed, but offers a guided tour of his incredible physique and that includes the considerable real estate between his legs: all eight thick, meaty uncut inches of it.Sitting, standing, laying down and finally ending up on the floor, he works that massive cock into frenzy and when he finally gets his nut,there were loud moans of pleasure coming out his mouth...and ours too!

Starring Magnus
  • released : 01-10-2004 |