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Luke's Video

The British Are Cumming

The British Are Cumming, Scene #01

Looking like a rock star and hung like a porn star, we had to get Luke in front of our lens before he took that perfectly flawless, ribbed body and mighty “Big Ben” tower of cock home. Hoping to score another notch on his belt before departing he stopped by before a date right after a tennis game, all sweaty and scruffy.The bulge in his sweats was unmistakable as our sandy haired heart throb shaved off a surprisingly thick beard on that baby face of his. Freshly sunburn for his match, the the snowy white skin of his tan line and the top of his lusciously thick bush peeked over his waistband, quickly reminding us that his beard isn't the only think that is thick and you know from a few weeks ago, we're not just talking about his accent either! That fat uncut slab is so out in all of its considerable glory and he is so hard, the meaty veins are visibly throbbing as he shakes that might pole as it drips a steady stream.The camera doesn't so much record his movements as it makes love to every inch of tender flesh. Standing, sitting, on his knees, showing off his ass until he finally lays back, curls his toes, flexes those abs and spews forth a whopping load of cream teaching us that no only is there such a thing as the Lockness Monster, but that when it gets mad, it spits!

Starring Luke
  • released : 07-30-2005 |