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Lance's Video

Strawberry Bomb

Strawberry Bomb, Scene #01

With that handsome face, smooth tight body and rock hard, mushroom-headed spear of a dick that never seems to go down, Lance was a favorite since he first appeared in CircleJerkBoys.He's been on tour with his band & not that he was ever shy, but life on the road seems to have broken down what few inhibitions he had left. He was more then eager to roll over & spread that delicious white ass. From the river of precum and from he way he humped the mattress, seemed to be a positon he enjoyed a lot and frankly, I sure enjoyed the view.Lance treats us to a guided tour that magnificent body and cock in the shower first. But after you see those balls tighten up like twin red eggs and the lake of thick white cum he shoots over those abs, you won't be suprised to learn we both needed showers afterwards: his to clean up and mine to cool down!

Starring Lance
  • released : 04-10-2004 |

Mr. Good Time

Mr. Good Time, Scene #01

Naturally muscular, perpetually horny & friendly as hell, Lance is a wet dream come true. And it's not that he's just photogenic” he really is as hot as he looks and then some! From his low slung jeans, it was obvious he also had three other things going for him; he had leans abs, he wasn't wearing underwear and he was already hard as a rock. Not that's a winning trifecta if I ever saw one.If that wasn't enough, he has a ready smile, a good sence of humor and isn't just a hot guy - he's a nice guy too.Seeing the pleasure on that handsome face as he recounts some of his wild sexpolits is almost as hot as the effect it has on him. He doesn't just whip off a load, he makes loves to that mouth watering cock & lets loose a shower of jizz we're still trying to clean off the walls!

Starring Lance
  • released : 08-09-2003 |