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Krist Cummings's Video

Tommy's Salami

Tommy's Salami, Scene #01

Back with us this week is Chicago's infamous meat packer, Tommy Defendi. Tommy who is now 22, was a late bloomer and he knows to take his time with his partners so not to hurt them with the 9.5' cock he's packin'. This will come in handy with a cutie from Nebraska that's with us today, Krist Cummings. Krist is 23 and now lives in Miami. Krist is currently dating and he beams when he admits he's dating his perfect guy. He's 5'4, just like him, and a twink with a really big dick which he loves. The down side is that his beau lives in Arizona...for now. They've been dating for a bit and Krist assures us he loves him and they're gonna make it work. Aahh, young love. We then asked them to turn it up and give us the hottest sex they'd had to date. Tommy tells us his hottest sex was with a str8 couple. He fucked them both and he loved knowing that she was totally turned on watching him pound her husband. Tommy loves masculine guys and likes to dominate and be a man with a woman but loves to feel like he's with a 'man' when he's with a man. When asked, Krist blushes and admits his hottest was his first time with Phillip, you know 'the one', and how they had sex for 3 hours str8 and it was all 'romantical' and there were angels and harps playing...yeah, he's got it bad!They begin to kiss, breaking the ice as we prepare to give Krist something else to love. He wastes little time before undoing Tommy's shorts to get at that thick dick he's heard so much about. They kiss and grope each other as they slowly explore the other. By the time Tommy's shorts hit the floor, his thick dick is straining to be free. Once it is, Krist takes his place on his knees and immediately wraps his lips around Tommy's massive meat sending out boy Tommy into a moaning frenzy. 'Aaww, that feels so good' he coos as Krist works his thick dick with his hand and mouth. Tommy isn't a selfish top so he gets Krist up and gets on his knees to give Krist a little of what he'd been getting. Krist's eyes roll back as he gets some help on his own meat. Tommy then lays Krist back down on the couch and straddles his chest, dropping his horse hung cock back into Krist's hungry mouth. Krist can't seem to get enough of his thick dick (and who could blame him?) From there, they switch over into a hot 69 with Krist nursing on Tommy's dick like a milk-starved calf and Tommy bobbing for Krist apples. Tommy then gets up and continues to feed Krist his dick, telling him to get that fat cock wet for what's to come.'You want that cock in your ass?' Tommy teases before putting little Krist on his back and sliding ball deep into Nebraska's back woods. Krist may be a compact 5'4 but he sure can accommodate some thick dick. Tommy is moaning as he feels Krist's tight ass slowly begin to milk his meat. Krist's face says it all as Tommy begins to slowly pull his cock almost all the way out before slowly sliding it back inside. Tommy wasn't kidding when he said he likes to take his time fucking a hot ass so that his partner gets the best experience on the end of his dick. He then orders Krist to get on his stomach and once he does, Tommy lines his thick cock up with that sweet ass and lowers himself into Krist. Krist's mouth gapes open as he feels every thick inch of Tommy's cock sink even deeper inside him. Tommy's sexy ass goes into a blur as he now fucks that ass faster and faster driving Krist nuts. He fucks him deep for a bit then jack rabbits that cock and repeats. The combination is insane. He then pulls out, lays back and has Krist ride his meat. Krist's ass is getting the impaling of a lifetime as Tommy pounds up into him. Tommy's fucking Krist and watching him stroke when he suddenly realizes he's about to nut. He quickly pulls out and explodes all over Krist's back and ass as load after heavy load go airborne. Krist then unloads his own load all over Tommy's chest.

Starring Krist Cummings
  • released : 04-20-2012 |

Aiden & Abetting

Aiden & Abetting, Scene #01

Cinq, cinco, cinque: no matter how you say it, it's how long we had to wait to have this week's stud back in our studios. After five long years, we finally have Aiden Lane back with us and we couldn't be happier. Aiden is looking better than ever. Even though when we first met Aiden, he had a girlfriend; we talked him into having a go at smooth Sebastian, who would later go on to porn infamy, becoming furry, dark and delicious Damien Crosse. He's someone the dreamy Scott Foley look-alike still communicates with from time to time. In order to make his debut spectacular, Aiden had a special request, and we were more than happy to provide him with his costar of choice. After seeing the toe-curling scene with all-male first timer, Phillip Heritage, Aiden knew he had to have Krist Cummings involved. Krist is always happy to help us out, and could you blame him? Aiden had started off as a top with us years ago, but now he admits his horizons have expanded. Krist usually bottoms on cam, and for the most part, he likes that role at home as well. Today, art will imitate life as Aiden makes his much-anticipated debut, and he will be using the backdoor to do it! Krist's back door to be specific. They break the ice, throwing around a basketball. But that's short lived, as Krist goes in for a kiss. They start kissing softly as they begin to undress. The chemistry between them is unmistakable as they slowly suck face and allow their hands to explore each other. Aiden is the first one in the buff, and Krist's lips soon find his rock hard cock. Aiden is smooth from head to toe, and even his balls and crotch are hair free. Krist goes to work on Aiden's meaty shaft as he laps and sucks his cock, swirling his fist on it before slapping his face with it. Krist loves sucking Aiden's fat cock, and Aiden loves the visual as Krist gets lost in his own lust. Then it's Aiden's turn, as he gets between Krist's legs and goes to work on his cock. Aiden blows Krist for a few, but the lure of that sweet ass is too much to resist. He flips Krist over and goes to work, exploring that hot hole he will soon bury his throbbing meat into. Krist moans as Aiden's tongue explores his back door. Aiden spreads his cheeks wide open as his love hole winks at Aiden, beckoning him to make himself at home. Don't you love when that happens!?Unable to resist its charm, Aiden suits up, lubes that sweet ass, and dives right in. He shoves his cock in and starts fucking Krist deep. Aiden buries his dick to the sound of Krist begging him for more. “Ohhh, Pound me!”, he groans, as Aiden fucks him harder. Aiden then lies back on the couch and has Krist sit on his dick as Krist starts to ride his cock. Krist, an avid wrestler, easily grinds his hot ass up and down on Aiden's aching meat. The look on Aiden's face says it all as he gets his cock serviced by one talented ass. Aiden then wants his control back, and puts Krist on his back and starts to fuck him missionary. A view from behind these two gives us an amazing view of Aiden's own spectacular ass as it rises and falls, fucking the hell out of Krist's receptive ass. “I want you to cum”, Aiden coos. “I wanna see you shoot all over your chest.” Aiden picks up the pace and fucks Krist faster and deeper. That does the trick. Once Krist is close to cumming, Aiden hauls his own meat out and fingers Krist to orgasm as he splatters his hot load all over his smooth navel. Aiden isn't far behind, as he quickly straddles Krist's chest and orders him to turn his face as he coats his chest and face with his thick load. Krist got a fuck—and a facial! Some guys have all the luck.

Starring Krist Cummings
  • released : 01-28-2010 |

Costume Balls

Costume Balls, Scene #01

This week, we have Phillip Heritage back in the house and doing his first shoot where he'll be trying the fruits from the forbidden tree. Phillip is 24 and from Valparaiso, IN. Totally straight, but willing to try new things, we never saw this coming. But Phillip likes to try new things and has even jumped out of a plane, so even though this wasn't anything he'd ever anticipated, he isn't all that terrified to try it. Who knew!? -America needs more boys like Phillip Heritage. In the spirit of Halloween, his dick will be getting a treat, but we'll be tricking it as to what it's going to do. Fortunately, we got the perfect 21 year-old boy for the job, Mr. Krist Cummings. Krist is on the job and more than willing to help our inked lover lose his man cherry. You won't find those in your trick or treat goody bag. Today Krist, who has some experience with those straight boys that feel the urge to dabble, will boldly take Phillip's 'ship' deep into uncharted territory as it makes its maiden voyage into man to man sex land. This is sure to be an unexpected Halloween surprise...on so many levels. LolWearing their Halloween masks, these two ghouls begin to grope each other as they play around. Phillip unmasks Krist; knowing full well he'll need that mouth available for his growing meat. Krist wrestles a bit before freeing Phillips cock and going down on it. He bobs up and down on Phillips meat as it slowly grows inside Krist's expert mouth. Phillip then takes off his mask for a better view as he watches his dick being worshipped by a dude for the first time. He likes the view and stands up to give Krist better access as he leans over Krist's hungry mouth. Krist works his cock like a pro as Phillip begins to face fuck his sweet mouth. Phillip then strips Krist before sitting behind him on the couch and giving him more dick to work. By now, Phillip's cock has realized a mouth is a mouth, and it's at attention as it dives in and out of Krist's throat. 'Suck on it-suck my balls', Phillip orders, as he watches Krist on his knees submitting to his every desire. Phillip strokes his meat inches from Krist's face as he teases him saying, 'You want me to fuck you with that huh?' Who knew he had it in him as he slams his cock deep into Krist's mouth egging him on so that Krist will suck him even harder.Phillip suddenly takes Krist and throws him back on the couch before putting his mask back on him and teasing his ass with his knob. 'I'm gonna cum all over you' he says before slamming his straight meat inside his first boy ass. Krist's ass gives way as Phillip begins to fuck him. Once inside, he gets his rhythm, and he's pounding away at that ass like a champ. Phillip's pecs flex, as do his biceps, as he pummels his dick deep into his first piece of man ass. Krist then climbs aboard as he rides Phillips dick. As he bounces on his dick we see Phillip's balls begin to pull tight around the base as he continues to fuck that ass. 'Gimme MORE' Phillip grunts,' Look at me, Bitch!' This hottie is a verbal one as he impales Krist onto his throbbing meat. The chemistry is animalistic as these two go at it. Phillip can't seem to get enough of Krist's smooth ass. After he gets his cock ridden for a while, he puts Krist on his back and aims his meat south. He slides his cock deep into Krist and starts fucking him deep like an oil rigger digging for crude. Krist's shoulders on the floor and his ass in the air as Phillip piston-fucks that hungry ass. Phillip can't hold back any longer and pulls out before shooting his load all over Krist's freshly fucked hole. (Well, he did warn him that that was coming) The feel of Phillips hot load all over his ass and cock sends Krist over the edge as he too explodes all over himself. Trick or treat? ...You decide. Happy Halloween.

Starring Krist Cummings
  • released : 10-30-2009 |

Davey & Goliath

Davey & Goliath, Scene #01

We have two new faces on CircleJerkBoys. Krist Cummings is here for his first time; but he's not exactly a first timer. Krist has become a regular on our brother site, ExtraBigDicks. Krist has been paired up with many a hung hottie and we figured we should see his talents on our site. Krist, who is originally from Texas but now calls South Florida home, brought along a friend. The jock looks and the thick 8' cock Krist brought along belong to 25yo Micah Matthews. Micah is originally from Memphis, Tennessee. He's been down here for about 5 years and has no plans of leaving Florida anytime soon. We decided to ask these two what their guilty pleasures are on TV. That one thing we watch that we may not want anyone else to know we love to watch. Micah admits his guilty pleasure would be watching 'Xena, Warrior Princess' and Krist chimes in with 'Golden Girls' as his favorite. We then asked them to tell us which male actor they find attractive even though they may not be the conventional 'ideal'. Krist admits he's into Will Wheaton from Star Trek and for Micah he's into that guy from Juno. He loved the shorts he wore. Different strokes we guess. Speakin' of strokes we should probably get these two 'strokin' to say the least. :)They kick back flipping through dick magz which sets the mood for the fun to follow. Krist makes his move as he leans over to make out with Micah. Micah is more than willing as they begin to make out and get better acquainted. Their tees come off and Krist isn't stopping there. He slides off Micah's pants and goes right to work on his growing bone. Micah goos his approval as Krist bobs his head on his now hard meat. Krist strips off what's left of his clothes as they continue tasting and licking each other. Micah wants some and he starts by licking Krist's growing cock through his underwear seconds before yanking them off & engulfing his shaft to the hilt. He works Krist's cock with his fist up and down while he swirls his tongue around the shaft. Krist moans softly as he looks down to watch Micah, on his knees, going to town on his spit-shined cock. Micah can't seem to get enough of his dick as he repeatedly swallows Krist's cock all the way down til his chin meets Krist's smooth balls. 'Mmm, you taste so good' he says just as Krist pulls his meat out and puts Micah on his back. Krist wasn't done with Micah's thick shaft and he wants some more as well. All the oral action is getting these two hot and ready for more than just a little cock sucking. Krist continues to suck on Micah's cock as he licks on his sexy abs and nips. Krist wants more than a mouth fucking as he suits up Micah and readies himself for a fucking. Micah gets between his legs and readily glides his rock hard cock deep inside Krist. Micah's balls are soon slapping away at Krist's hungry ass as he fucks him harder and harder. 'Feels amazing' Krist groans as Micah continues to shove his cock deep inside his smooth ass. The chemistry between these two is intense and Krist wants more as he impales himself on Micah and begins to ride Micah's cock. 'Like riding my cock?' Micah teases as Krist fucks himself silly. Micah has quite the view as he watches Krist's sweet ass playing 'Now you see it; now you don't!' with his cock that's already begging for release. Micah's cock is hitting Krist in all he right places as he shoves himself deeper and grinds down on Micah's cock. 'Awww, I'm gonna cum' Warns Krist as his cock erupts sending his load all over the comforter. Micah then jacks his own massive load sending blast after thick blast all over his smooth chest and abs. What a (creamy) mess!

Starring Krist Cummings
  • released : 09-11-2009 |