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Kody's Video

All American Cream

All American Cream, Scene #01

Kody has us at “hello” when he told us on the phone he was a personal trainer who got into exercise to build up his legs to make his dick look smaller so it didn't scare so many girls off. This was just the sort of BIG finish we were looking for before we left California and ended up wanting to grab that thick, cut, thick and meaty 9” inch cock on this handsome, lean, chiseled hunk and drag him back to Florida with us!With a twinkle in his eyes and a toothpaste ad smile, Kody is the charming All American right off the Wheaties box and stepping right into your wet dreams with that etched, flawless smooth body. He brought his girlfriend with him to the photo shoot, which is not usually something we encourage, but hell, with a guy like this, you would never let him out of your sight either. While she knew what was happening behind that door of the studio, what came out of his mouth and what went into his ass would shock her and sure sent our jaws dropping too.Right off the bat he revealed without the slightest hesitation or shame that his first sexual encounter was some adolescent experimentation with a buddy and how they spent some times jacking together in the car, though his encounters since have been of the female kind. He stood, his biceps bulging out of the sleeves of his shirt, to reveal a set of pecs right from anatomy class. Just recalling old times seems to have stirred up more then just memories as he dropped his jeans, that cock was at full mast and even through the baggy gray boxers, we could see this was one thick club of meat with a helmet head that was begging for attention! When that massive meat stood straight out and bobbed and weaved like a palm tree in a hurricane, we knew we had finally found the perfect storm! Lying back like a lion in his den, he spread his legs wide and that meat stayed rock hard as his fingers not just rubbed his hole, but spread those cheeks and began to explore inside.

Starring Kody
  • released : 01-01-2010 |

Casanova Kody

Casanova Kody, Scene #01

Like the All-American boy with the killer smile, ripped abs, and 9” cock that gets hard when the wind blows, we could not wait to get Kody back for an encore! Even leaner than before, with a bit more hair on top, those lips curled into a devilish smile as he makes history of his t-shirt, he shows off that marble-smooth chest, those pumped arms, and an ultra-lean torso above the deep ridges of his obliques which, looking like angels' wings, draw your eyes to the promised land in the middle. His boxers fall low on those trim hips, and that heavy hung lump promises that big meat is ready to come out and play. Looking at that neatly trimmed patch above that beautiful pale spear of a cock, we said a private prayer of gratitude in seeing it was not just the locks on top of his head he had let grow out since his last visit. That smooth sack is already tightening, causing that now full nine incher to bob and weave over those bloated balls in a profile shot of what the perfect man is all about. Bending over, the vision of those perfectly smooth, impossibly rounded and granite-hard ass cheeks, with that illusive but oh so tight hole in the center before us, Kody shows us a vista that would make any meat lover drop to their knees and toss that boy's salad until he begged for mercy. Leaning back, stroking that hard cock with one hand and working his equally hard nips with the other, he looks directly into the camera and flashes those “I wanna fuck you silly” eyes with the power of ultimate seduction. Spreading one leg out to the side, giving the perfect view of the valley between his ass right up to that double hander of a cock, Kody allows the camera to drink him like a wine and worship every perfect inch of flesh, especially those nine throbbing inches in the middle. As his body begins to tense, his chest and stomach looking like an anatomy chart of muscle, with a low, guttural, toe-curling moan, his lip quivers and immediately after “I'm gonna cum” leaves his lips, a torrent of sperm leaves that cock, the first jet landing in the middle of his pecs, the second almost hitting his chin and third filling in the middle. Oh Kody, he's so fine…he can do us anytime!

Starring Kody
  • released : 06-03-2006 |