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Kirk Cummings's Video

4 Boys 4 Cocks

4 Boys 4 Cocks

4 horny boys, 4 hard cocks full of cum waiting to explode all over Kirk's chest. This meat fest has so much cock sucking and ass eating that it will drive you to cum multiple times. Trent kicks back and his veiny cock is serviced multiple times with lots of spit dripping down his shaft. Blake and Kirk go to town on Jake's long thick cock and sharing is caring. Feast your eyes on the constant cock slurping and ass eating while the moans and groans from these sexy boys send you over the edge. Just wait 'til the end because two of these boys have so much cum shooting out that anyone can take a hit.


  • released : 02-14-2014 |

Cumming and Blowings

Cumming and Blowings, Scene #01

It's been far too long since we've seen this week's morsel, Kurt Wild. Kurt needs no introduction and it's nice to see him back after taking some time away to do the husbandly thing and help raise his brood. At 24, Kurt gets to have his cake and eat it too; having the wife and kids at home & all the dick he could want on set. We also have another blast from the past this week, Mr. Kirk Cummings. Kirk, now 23, is from Denver Colorado and we had the pleasure of shooting him in several scenes on the West Coast a couple years ago. Fortunately for us, he's in Florida now; and by the way Kurt's eyeing him up we're sure he's gonna get a warm reception. We asked these studs if they preferred cats or dogs. Kurt likes dogs because they are loyal. He doesn't think cats have that in them. Kirk laughs because he actually has a cat. Meow! We then asked if they could have any exotic pet what that would be. Kurt wants a wolf while Kirk wants a tiger. Kirk is now exploring a new look after returning to porn. He's no longer that twink we met and has become quite the college jock. We wondered if he'd always play the receiving role or explore other options. “I go with the flow and do whatever…but I do like taking it!”“So, how long has it been since you've had some man on man sex?” asks Kirk as Kurt tells him it's been over a year. “You sure you like it?” Kirk asks seconds before Kurt moves in to show him just how much. They start to make out as their clothes start to come off. The chemistry between these two is on fire as their hands roam all over each other. Kirk licks at Kurt's happy trail before getting his pants off. He licks at Kurt's thick cock through his briefs for a few minutes before hauling out to give it the attention it deserves. Soon Kurt's extra thick cock finds a new home as Kirk shoves it all the way down his throat. Kurt groans as he starts to fuck Kirk's hot mouth. Kurt bounces Kirk's head up and down on his cock furiously. Kirk doesn't miss a beat as he spit polishes that dick. Kurt then gets Kirk up so he can check out the equipment. They compare cocks as they rub them together. Both of these boys are packing serious meat and Kurt wants to return the favor. Kurt kneels between Kirk's legs and goes to work on his fat cock. Kirk can't get enough of Kurt's hot mouth and it's making his eyes roll back. Kurt's interests move south as he gets Kirk on all fours so he can eat that smooth ass. He licks that hole out good before asking the rhetorical question, “Do you wanna get fucked?” …duh!He moves into position and glides his thick cock inside that spit-lubed hole. He holds both of Kirk's hands back as he uses them to impale him repeatedly back onto his throbbing cock. He's riding him from behind so furiously that it looks like he's in the final stretch of a chariot race. Kirk's ass is getting a pounding and he wouldn't want it any other way. Kurt fucks that ass harder as he smacks that ass. His heavy balls slap away at that ass doggy style before he switches things up. He sits back and watches as Kirk sits on his dick. Kirk grinds that hot ass onto Kurt's cock and it just makes Kurt slam his dick up into that hot ass even harder. . Kirk wraps his arms around Kurt's neck as he holds on and starts to ride that dick like a pogo stick. Kurt grabs him by the waist and starts to slam him down on his cock faster and harder. Daddy likes it rough! We like. Kirk then gets put on his back as his ass gets filled to capacity as Kurt shoves back in. Kirk holds his legs up so that Kurt can pound his hole. Kurt knows he's hitting Kirk in all the right spots and as Kirk gets closer to cumming, Kurt fucks him harder making him explode all over himself. Kurt isn't far behind as he pulls out & dumps a massive load all over one already cum-drenched Cummings. Yeah, Kurt was right… it had been WAY too long.

Starring Kirk Cummings
  • released : 12-10-2010 |

Finished Biz

Finished Biz, Scene #01

Southern Hunk, Jason Talon has found his way back to our studios after his last “episode” on CircleJerkBoys. Last time he was here, Jason was more than a little reluctant to let another guy suck his dick, so reluctant he picked up and walked off. In this case, hottie Kirk Cummings, eager to give it a go, was left behind wandering what was going on. After some strong words of “encouragement” (i.e. put out …or get out) he decided it was in his best interest to follow through with the deed. After all, it would be a long walk to the airport. Once things got started, Jason ended up fucking Kirk's face like a wet snatch and ended up busting his thick nut all over Kirk. He admitted it wasn't as bad as he thought. In the last few weeks he's been getting ready to go back to school. He's majoring in Biology with his mind set on one day becoming a doctor. After a few weeks to think it over he called us back wanting to do “whatever”. He basically wants to give fucking a guy in the ass a shot. We figured to make the transition easier we'd get Kirk back to help out. Kirk loves taking str8 dick so he was all over that. Kirk, too, has been getting ready for school taking psych classes. He wants to be a Sex Therapist when he grows up. He's still single and hats all boys equally! Meanwhile, back in Virginia, Jason's trusting girlfriend thinks he's come back to Cali for yet another business trip. If only she knew…This shoot starts off with a lot less tension than the one before. They strip their tees off as they grope themselves. In no time the jeans come off and Kirk, who's already rock hard, immediately begins to fondle a now willing Jason. He peels off his underwear to get at that cock of his. Jason's in heaven as he fucks up into Kirk's expert mouth. His face tells us everything we need to know. From there as they go to switch positions, we encourage Jason to give it a shot himself—and he goes for it! Kirk's eyes light up in amazement as the str8 boy takes his first cock in his mouth. Kirk guides him through it as he does. “Suck it harder…yeah like that” he coos as Jason bobs up and down on his fat cock. We tell him to suck on Kirk's cock the way he'd want his girlfriend to suck on his. That was all the direction he needed as he grinned and went right back to work. From there Jason gets Kirk on all four and starts eating his ass. His tongue dives in and out of Kirk's smooth ass while Kirk moans in ecstasy. He knows if he's getting his ass eaten out there's only one thing left to do to that sweet ass of his once he's done…FUCK IT! Kirk is on his back holding his legs up in the air as Jason aims his throbbing cock towards his wet hole. He shoves inside with the grace of a bull in a China Shop. He wants in. Kirk tries to brace himself and grimaces as our straight boy start fucking him hard. Jason's sweet ass looks hot as it rises and falls as he fucks away at Kirk's ass. Kirk is now grabbing at Jason's ass pushing him further inside him as Jason's heavy balls bounce on his ass. Jason is loving it as he just pile drives into our willing bottom boy. They change positions as Jason puts Kirk back on all four and enters him from behind. He holds both of Kirks ankles as he fucks his ass deep and hard. Jason's face is in rapture as he plows Kirk's ass, the sounds of his balls and cock slapping Kirk's ass fill the room co-mingled with their grunts and groans. Jason's holding Kirk down as he continues to use his tight ass. Kirk wants more control as he sits Jason down and rides his cock. He bounces up and down, grinding his sweet ass on Jason's fuck pole. It isn't long before this straight dick, hitting the right spot, makes Kirk blow his wad all over himself. Jason isn't far behind as Kirk, still straddling him, feels Jason's straight load blast all over his balls and freshly fucked ass. They're both spent when Jason comes out with “It's just like fucking a girl!” he sighs. If that wasn't classic enough, the “Oh HELL No!” look on Kirk's face was.

Starring Kirk Cummings
  • released : 09-12-2008 |

Oral Fixation

Oral Fixation, Scene #01

This week, we brought back sexy Jason Talon, the hot 26 year-old str8 boy from Virginia. He currently has a girlfriend who's been taking care of his needs, and last week was the first time he jerked off in 2 years. You see, last week, Jason was featured in a hot combo in which we hinted we'd be putting him together with another guy to see what would happen —even if it's just jerkin off side by side. “Yeah, We'll talk about it.” He replied with one eyebrow raised. They always fall for that one. Well, here we are, and we just happen to have another guy to do a scene with our apparently hesitant str8 boy. Well, we felt bad making him jerk off when he's obviously used to having someone else take care of it for him. That “someone” we brought to help us out is sexy Kirk Cummings. Kirk is no stranger to our sites. He has been featured on both our brother sites ExtraBigDicks and BoyzParty. Those baby blue eyes and fat 8” cock make quite the combo. As they sit next to each other, Jason looks apprehensive as we get reacquainted. Kirk confesses every guy he's ever been with has been “straight” so he doesn't believe straight men exist. If that's not an ice-breaker, we don't know what is! Sadly, Kirk, str8 men never wanna date, they just wanna fuck your mouth when they're drunk. “I'm not drunk!” chimes in Jason (though he wishes he was at this point). We figure we got nothing to lose but a couple of loads, and we like them odds! We figure once we get these two jerkin' off side by side, things might take a turn for the better. Even Pasta's “str8” …til it gets hot! Step 1: Bring unsuspecting Str8 boy to a gentle boil, Step 2: Seduce. Step 3: Enjoy!As we start off and ask them to take off their tees, Jason already has a nervous grin on his face. Kirk immediately pulls his off, forcing Jason to follow suit. From there, we see Jason and Kirk shirtless side by side, groping their chests and crotches. Jason's eyes are glued on the titty porn in the distance as Kirk can't help but blatantly eye his str8 prize like a famished cheetah about to descend on a clueless gazelle. You just know any minute this is gonna get really good! Ugh …Where's that voiceover guy when you need him? Kirk sticks to his “Monkey see: Monkey do” tactic as he pulls off his jeans. Jason again has no choice but to do the same. Kirk's eyes are trained on Jason's every move. His tactic is working brilliantly, and soon he'll have Jason right where he wants him. They are now stroking their cocks through their underwear as Kirk hauls his out and plays with it where Jason can see it. Jason reluctantly pulls his boxer briefs down far enough to take his own cock out. Kirk is working his hard cock now while Jason, visibly nervous, is still at half mast. Kirk strips completely, forcing Jason to do the same. He's got him. Now all he has to do is wait for the right moment to strike. Kirk angles into position, and when he has an opening …he goes for it—only to have Jason bolt! “I'm str8 I can't do that, man” as he literally picks up his stuff and heads out. After some strong coaxing from us and an ultimatum he wouldn't enjoy he begrudgingly agrees to let Kirk suck his cock.He heads back in with a defeated look as he drops his jeans and sits back to let Kirk have his way. Kirk wastes no time and immediately starts working on Jason's now-growing bone. Jason's initial look is vacant as he grins and bares it. That look, however, isn't long lived. In no time, his eyes are shut and his mouth gaping as he gets his cock worshipped. He repositions himself, kneeling to give Kirk better access, as he starts to face fuck our lean cutie. When asked how it feels, his heavy hangers never stop bouncing on Kirks chin, as he mumbles “Feels alright”. Apparently Kirk was better than he expected. From there, Kirk flips over on his back and offers his mouth and throat up again to our first timer who wastes little time before going down on all four over Kirk in order to fuck his face deeper. His hot ass and taught waist rise and fall as he fucks Kirk's hot mouth like a twat. The oral proves hotter than expected as he pulls out and kneels over Kirk's face pumping his thick nut all over Kirk's face. Kirk's beaming, face-covered in load and Jason has a spent look on his face. He then reluctantly admits it was better than he expected. —No Shit!?

Starring Kirk Cummings
  • released : 08-08-2008 |