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Keegan's Video

Stale Mate

Stale Mate, Scene #01

It has been over a year since Rex whipped out that legendary, fat baseball bat of a cock outside at the pool, producing a load as thick as his Boston accent. Though we have seen Rex pound Antonio's hole into submission, prior to his last solo, Rex kept his hands, and everything else, to himself during the “Four Handed Jizz” though Aiden, Damien and even Anthony threw caution to the wind and got lost in the moment. What was never lost is the CircleJerkBoys,com rule # 69: the only thing that is better than seeing Rex's thick cock being fisted by his own hand is seeing it being inhaled by a tight man hole. Rex needed the cash, and as for Keegan, after discovering just how enjoyable having Christian's fat pole excavate the lower regions of his throat was, he was ready for Rex's cock to play hide and seek in his other hole. When the ladies find his cock too big for them, Rex looks directly at the camera and says “I can always make it fit…well almost always.” Keegan's eyes go right to Rex's crotch as he declares “I am up for the challenge. “ As a matter of fact, up is a very accurate statement for the condition of both of their cocks; and when you see what happens next, it will apply to yours as well. In an effort to move things along, Keegan helps Rex out of his shirt. We can immediately see that despite what good a shape he was always in before, Rex's fine body has never looked better. His arms are huge, his pecs full and rounded, and his wide, expansive chest tapers into a tight, trim waist that had never been so narrow. But as he stands up, even in his baggy shorts, his bulge is huge, and Keegan's mouth goes right to the meat through the fabric. Removing the shorts and now resuming his taste test one step closer to the entrée, through just Rex's underwear now, Keegan seems intent on exploring with his tongue every inch of the fat cock that is not only having an oral layover, but making in final stop – right up Keegan's hungry hole.Rex is not quite done with hole number one yet. Giving Keegan a solid skull fucking while standing over him, he keeps his cock firmly in place as they both settle down on the bed. Keegan spreads wide and rests his ankles on Rex's shoulders. Rex grabs his own cock by the base and, with no ceremony or pretense, rams it all the way home in one solid steady push. Keegan's face is contorted in that “careful when you wish for a big dick” look as you can practically feel the pain as his hole stretches out to try and accommodate the thickness of Rex's cock. The combination of this much penile real estate proved to be a lethal one for Keegan, who reluctantly surrendered to the pressure in his balls by dumping a huge load that continued to stream out of his cock as Rex stood over and him and added a massive serving of jizz that mixed with the considerable lake of sperm Keegan has just contributed. As Rex rubbed his cooling cock head against Keegan's, in what we are now calling the “straight guy's good bye kiss,” we learned that at time like this, it is ok to kiss and tell after all.

Starring Rex, Keegan
  • released : 10-19-2007 |

Easy Riders

Easy Riders, Scene #01

It is a long and winding road that leads guys to CircleJerkBoys.com, and no matter what path they take to get here, they all have the same final destination: the bank. The need for cold hard cash is the only reason a straight guy will enter the “man-to-man” arena. So today, Christian, a 23-year-old Cuban hottie, is looking to get the funds together so he can get home to see his girlfriend and daughter. Close cropped hair, a brilliant smile, and a naturally lean, smooth body, Christian has just the kind of engaging personality that draws you in before you even realize it. He is desperate to get home as soon as he can, and when we tell him there is only one way he can make the kind of ducats he needs, he opens up his empty wallet and says “bring it on!” Next we show 19-year-old Keegan—a bisexual Brazilian cutie with dark “I-will-suck-you-till-your-knees-buckle” eyes and an ass that belongs in a thong on the beach—into the studio to have a seat next to him. There is an instant “well-this-might-not-be-sooooo-bad” look in Christian's eyes that tells us what we already know: neither his wallet, nor Keegan's ass, will be empty for long.By the time we have the cameras rolling; Keegan has already gotten both himself and Christian out of their shirts and has sucked Christian's tongue down his throat. The lump in Christian's pants tells the rest of the story, but Keegan finds he wants a closer look. When his fishes out Christian's cock, it is a rock hard, lead pipe-thick, uncut tower of beauty that soon finds itself in the warm, wet confines of Keegan's mouth. Even though he grew up in the land of Amazon cocks, Keegan is having a difficult time fitting a cock this fat down his throat, and the damn thing just keeps getting fatter and fatter the more Keegan tries. Christian even reaches over and gives Keegan's own uncut meat a few tugs before standing up and feeding his own cock back into Keegan's mouth. Keegan keeps stroking away at his own cock as Christian tries to get as much of his into Keegan's mouth, until he sets his sites on a new path: he grabs a condom, leaves the drive through window, and positions himself for a rear delivery.Grabbing the fat sausage firmly by the base, Christian steadily pushes forward, inch by inch, until he is buried to the hilt in Keegan's hole. Though Christian's balls kissing Keegan's cheeks is a pretty good indicator how deep he is driving, the look on Keegan's face, a constant wash of waves of pleasure mixed with a touch of pain, is the best dip stick of them all on how far Christian is dipping his stick. Christian fucks in slow, steady, deliberate strokes as if he is revisiting what it felt to lose his cherry all over again. Keegan takes every thick inch Christian has to offer, keeping his ass high and tight for each waiting thrust. Settling back on the chair, Christian works his pole with both hands and soon shoots a load that flies up over his head and lands with a thud on his abs with Keegan's explosion just a minute later. We do not care what road leads them to CircleJerkBoys.com, as long as this is where they decide to get off! Well done guys!

  • released : 08-17-2007 |