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Kameron Scott's Video

Southern Heat

Southern Heat, Scene #01

Six Degrees of separation refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is an average of six \'steps\' away from each person on Earth. While you digest that, we're glad to say we didn't need all six. With a grin that only a blind man would trust, 23yo Texan, MJ Cash is back in the house. It seems MJ is our one degree this afternoon. When we went to introduce him to his co-stars, he was actually shocked that —not only did he know them both—but he'd “known” them both (Biblically speaking) as well. Imagine that! What are the odds? lol With over 80+ films to his credit, 28yo Atlanta son Justin Wells is back; and we brought back Virginia's finest, Kameron Scott as he makes his second appearance on film. Both of these studs are in for more of the same; and by more of the same we mean MJ. All three claim that they've been nothing but angels since we last saw them but we'll leave that up to you to believe. Whether you believe that load or not, it's easy to believe that these guys love what they do. “I love the network I've created and the friendships I've managed to build meeting guys all over the country.” Says Kameron of why he loves what he does. “I love that I get to travel and I get to meet such a diverse (pronounced: die-verse …He's from Georgia) group of people.” Then all eyes turn to MJ who is just laying there awaiting his turn; sporting the biggest shit-eating grin ever as he delivers his wide-eyed response “—I just love to show off!” …C'mon, tell us something we don't know! All hands on deck as both boys turn to Justin as they begin kissing either side of his neck. These boys have the familiarity that leads itself to hot sex. Nothing is stopping them from freely exploring each other. They kneel as they kiss each other, slowly stripping off their clothes until they are brief clad. MJ's ass is the first to get attention as they pull his briefs down to get a taste. Kam and Justin lap at his sweet ass a bit before turning him around to free his aching cock. Both hot mouths lap and suck on his throbbing knob. Justin then lies back to give the other two all the room they need to suck his thick dick. Tongues abound as they shower his bone with love. MJ then decides he isn't done with Justin's mouth as he straddles his chest and buries his dick deep. Kameron is busy working Justin's meat himself. Some things were not meant to be shared. The reposition themselves so that MJ is now servicing Justin as he gets face-fucked by his thick dick. Justin's face contorts in ecstasy as he watches MJ struggle to take the thick dick he's pounding into his throat. Kameron is busy shoving his tongue deep inside his other end. Kameron is prepping that sweet ass for the hard fucking he's in for. MJ's ass is getting a royal tonguing and it's only making our Texan even hornier for dick. We wonder if he's having flashbacks of his prison shower scene. Nah—there were 5 guys doin' him that time.Already in the neighborhood, Kameron suits up and pulls MJ up into position as he slides his thick meat inside. MJ moans with a mouth full of dick as he services Justin who has a front row seat as he watches Kameron start to pound his ass. MJ is caught in a Chinese cuff as he has two dicks locked on either end. Kameron, ball deep in MJ, falls forward onto MJ to help him suck Justin's throbbing meat. Next we see MJ's thick dick slowly pushing inside Kameron's perfect ass as he moans trying to accommodate him. Once he has a steady pace going, Justin moves into position behind him and easily slides his cock in for not-so-sloppy seconds. Justin and Kam hold still as MJ becomes the rapid-driving piston in a well-oiled fuck machine. His cock sinks deep into Kameron's ass as his own still holds Justin's knob almost gives up Justin's meat. Once buried, he pulls his shaft out of Kam's hot ass as his own gives way, welcoming Justin's shaft back in. Queue the Soundtrack …It's the “Circle of Ass”. MJ is driving as he ricochets between a rock and a tight place. They can't hold back much longer and kneel on either side of MJ's face (the perfect landing pad for 2 thick loads.) Kameron is the first to blow, grunting as he coats MJ's face & lips followed by Justin who covers the rest of it in a “Dual-layered Protein Facial”. (Available at a Spa near you—NOT!) The hot jizz drench sends MJ over the edge as well shooting his thick nut all over his taught abs. —Anyone for Clean up?

  • released : 01-16-2009 |

The Team Won't Know...

The Team Won't Know..., Scene #01

This week we have a new face in the studio along with a more familiar one. M.J. Cash, the infamous Texan is back with us. Only steers and queers come from Texas and well, M.J. doesn't really look like a steer at all. lol Twenty three year old M.J. is originally from Houston, TX. He was here a few weeks ago and M.J. had a hot session with a str8 latin stud, Mario Truillo who was horny enough to let him taste his breeder dick for the first time. M.J. never disappoints no matter what end of the stick he lands on. We first met MJ when he was merely 19 and we can attest he's come a long way since then. He's had many experiences that have given him a better “appreciation” for man-on-man sex (i.e. group sex in prison showers). That does it every time! lol Regardless, M.J. isn't the shy, somewhat curious str8 boy he was when we found him. —Obviously! Kameron Scott makes his debut with us as we introduce him to MJ. The chemistry between the two was apparent even before the cameras started to roll. Kameron, however, is not a new face on our brother site ExtraBigDicks.com. The Virginia Beach, VA, native made his debut getting Chinese-cuffed by two hot str8 boys both needing of a warm hole to shove their thick meat into. When asked if he'd ever been with 2 str8 guys, Kameron grinned and said, “...Not on camera.” We bet. He's tall, naturally smooth, Baby faced and equipped with everything you'd want in an All-American hottie. At 21, Kameron can only get better with time—and he's lookin' pretty damn good already. We can't wait to see a lot more of him.n They begin sitting on the gym bench facing each other as they explore each other. Kissing passionately, their hands begin to roam and it isn't long before these two are pulling at their belt buckles wanting to get the party started. Kameron stands to help MJ out as MJ tries to pull off Kameron's pants. They both get up to undress and as they do, they begin to make out up against the lockers. Their stiffening cocks are beginning to tent their underwear as they slowly begin to tug on the other's briefs getting them lower and lower as they go. Once the briefs come off, M.J. wastes no time before going down on Kameron's thick jock cock. Kameron moans softly as MJ expertly devours his dick. MJ holds Kameron's hot bubble butt with one hand, his balls with the other as he bobs up and down taking every inch of his dick down his throat. Kameron wants to get a little himself so he kneels between MJ's legs as he goes for it as well. MJ spreads his legs wide open giving Kameron better access to his stiff wood. Kameron licks his balls and savors his meat, taking it all the way down til his bottom lip is pressed into MJ's nut sack. MJ watches in amazement as Kameron works his magic on his cock. These two are really enjoying their oral session and move into a steamy 69 so that they can both have what they want at the same time. Kameron is on his back with MJ's cock in his throat while MJ licks Kameron's cock and begins to explore his smooth ass. MJ begins to explore more of Kameron's tight ass which is only making Kameron hornier for more than a finger or two. Sure enough, the camera cuts to Kameron's sweet ass as he steadies himself, impaling his tight ass on MJ's thick cock. He moans and groans as he tries to accommodate the massive intrusion. Once inside, Kameron begins to slowly ride MJ. They both moan as they begin to pick up the pace. As good as it's feeling on MJ's throbbing cock, he wants more control. He stands up and bends Kameron over before slamming back inside. Kameron grunts and braces as MJ begins fucking him deep. The view from below is intense as we see MJ's balls slapping Kameron's smooth ass. “Fuck my ass!” Kameron grunts as MJ obliges with pleasure. The sounds of MJ's ball slapping his ass fill the locker room as they both grunt and groan . MJ can't get enough of Kameron's ass. He has them both straddle the bench and then slides Kameron's ass back onto his dick again. Kameron is bent over holding on to the bench as MJ bounces his sweet ass back and forth using his sweet ass. This does the trick and in no time MJ has to pull out b4 exploding. he busts his load all over Kameron's smooth ass. Kameron isn't far behind and jacks his own massive load all over the bench. Volley after volley of his thick cum shoot across the polished wood. Whew. Now it's definitely time for these 2 to hit the showers!

Starring Kameron Scott
  • released : 12-12-2008 |