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Justin's Video

Big Ten Inch

Big Ten Inch, Scene #01

Our straight CircleJerkBoys's have dropped trou to show every variety of the penis there is. There's been long, short, thin, fat, circumcised and uncut. Then there's FRICKING HUGE and that could only apply to Justin! During Justin's first visit to CJB's, when he unveiled that massive pole, it was the first time a bona fide ten incher graced our lenses. True to form, he was so horny during his interview, hearing how much fan mail he received, he started rubbing that impossibly long until the bulge looked like a small mountain. He teased us but starting in a pair of loose boxers, the huge head poking out the bottom while he was still soft. He slipped into a pair of boxer briefs next which didn't look as much like a tent in there as a lead pipe then finally popped on a pair of black bvd's that couldn't even hold his big long hanging balls must less that huge meat. We were dying to see that hose in all its glory again.He grabbed a full sized stapler off the desk and it looked like a pen knife compared to that hose and he was still soft...but not for long. All ten inches stuck out like the mighty tower that is. He walked over and made a scan of that giant meat, hopped on the table and covered the print out of his own cock with a white gusher that shot from his cock like a pressure cooker ready to explode while he bodied trembled from the sheer force of expelling that much cum out a dick that long!

Starring Justin
  • released : 01-08-2005 |

The Human Kick Stand

The Human Kick Stand, Scene #01

One the camera starts clicking away, it's not uncommon for a case of stage fright to freeze models in their tracks: then there's Justin! This 21 year old doesn't have a shy bone in his body - especially that ten inch one in his pants. As amazing as the length is, its how unbelievably thick it is as well that's the real jaw breaker.Even totally soft, especially hanging on that tight, lean young frame, his cock has many a guy's hard ons beat in size and as horny as he is, it's not soft all that often. He got so turned during the biography chat, he started reaching up his shirt to rub that smooth chest while the other hand went down his pants to give that huge spike the attention it deserved, creating a tent that could provide shelter for a family of four. Those pants came down and though far from rock hard, the head of his cock already hung a good inch or two beyond the fabric of his boxer. He gave the “shorts” in boxers shorts a very literal meaning and a hell of a visual. He showed off that tight little butt and pounded that beefsteak until he covered his abs with one major load of jizz. He got so worked up and pumped out so much juice, he needed to take a shower after...and he wasn't the only one!

Starring Justin
  • released : 09-11-2004 |