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Justin Wells's Video

Taking Turns

Taking Turns, Scene #01

Anybody who's been with us here at CircleJerkBoys knows that, though for some 3 may be a crowd, here at CJB—3 is a party! Today we have three alumni each, in their own right, a “fan favorite”. We start off today's smorgasbord with a Cuban “papi” that's consistently made many men swoon with his bedroom eyes, latin accent and thick uncut dick. He goes by the name of Christian Castillo; and at 23, he's breaking lots of hearts—and asses—on both sides of the Florida straights. He recently returned from visiting his wife in Cuba and admits he does what he needs to; to keep his 'pingón' satisfied. The rest of our equation is lying intertwined on the couch a tad comfortable with each other. That happens when you've had the chance to get to “know” each other. (Biblically) They are none other than Atlanta's own Justin Wells and the young and hung Troy Montgomery. These two were just here a few weeks ago and took turns honing their skills in both “Pleasure Giving” as well as “Oral dissertation”. Fun was had by all and now they're back to explore many subjects left unfuc—err 'untouched'. Throw in some extra Caribbean spice for good measure and we are guaranteed one intense session where more than the plantains will end up stuffed. Watch as Christian teaches our Southern boy how to play a game he used to play back on the Island called “Esconde el Platano”. You'll soon see just where both these hung tops will “Hide the Banana” Troy and Justin begin making out still intertwined on the couch as Christian gets up to get in on the action. Justin and Christian both help Troy strip down as they make themselves comfortable as well. Try gets his first taste of Christian's cock as Justin gets reacquainted with Troy's thick 8” dick. Christian is rock hard as Troy works the end of his thick knob. Christian and Justin then sit back on the couch side by side as Troy takes both of their cocks and continues to pleasure them. His head bobs up and down on one and quickly moves over to the other as they make out. Troy's mouth is working its magic and these studs can't get enough of his oral skills. Troy then gets sat down as Christian and Justin climb on the couch and take their positions on either side of him and feed him their thick meat. Troy's mouth is at their service as his sexy face gets fucked by both hung top studs. His chin bearing the brunt of a heavy barrage of ball slapping as they forcefully feed him their dicks. Troy doesn't miss a beat as he greedily chows down on all the dick they give him and it's only making him hornier for all the dick that is yet to cum.(pun intended) …duh! While on all four and sucking on Christian's pole, Justin seizes the opportunity and begins to slide his thick dick in Troy's tight ass. Troy grunts as Justin gains ground burying his dick deeper and deeper. Troy does his best to suck Christian as he winces from the pounding Justin is giving him. Like a Chinese Cuff, Troy has both holes occupied and he's taking a pounding on both ends. Troy loves it and he takes every inch like a champ. It's Christian's turn as Justin moves back up to Troy's mouth for more oral while Christian slides his meaty baby maker inside his receptive ass. Christian's cock stretches Troy's ass even wider as he fucks away at his hungry hole. Justin is jerking his cock watching Christian get his nut as Troy laps and sucks his dick between grunts. Christian's balls slap at Troy's smooth ass and the sounds of sex fill the room. Balls slapping, cock sucking, and grunting all combine to create quite the aphrodisiac. Justin isn't done and he orders Troy back on his dick which he straddles and begins to ride as he grinds down on it sending Justin into orbit. Troy's not taking any prisoners as he rides Justin hard, slamming his ass all the way to the hilt repeatedly. The visual alone has Christian about to nut as they lay back and stroke off. Christian, kneeling on the couch is the first to nut sending his Leche all over Justin, jackin below him, who, in turn, explodes all over himself. Troy is last but not least with the most impressive load; sending geyser after geyser of thick cream all over his defined abs and chest.

Starring Justin Wells
  • released : 04-17-2009 |

Insert Here!

Insert Here!, Scene #01

Both of the studs here today have been featured on our site(s) more than once and each have an extensive following as well as impressive repertoire in the industry. So, today we decided to see what sparks would happen if we put these two together and just let things happen. Well, that's exactly what we intend to do as we let Atlanta's own Justin Wells have his first taste of the magic ass, who honestly needs no introduction, Mr. Tony Michaels to be good. No seriously. Justin has no idea what kind of theme park we've just dropped him into and Tony had got to be the best ride by far. Tony has been up to the usual, hanging out and chillin' with his friends. He loves trouble and let's face it, trouble comes a'callin often. Tony loves dark Latin boys and if there's a NY thuggish air about him—even better. Justin doesn't have a set type though he does prefer bigger guys than him. These two are more than the average handful and they have several secrets the likes of which we'd never imagine. For example, Justin confessed he accidentally fucked his roommate's boyfriend—twice! Tony likes to relieve himself in odd places whenever the mood strikes. He grins when he confesses he at times will beat his meat in the bathroom at work due to his high sex drive. …Poor, poor lad. If ever there was any doubt these two wouldn't have chemistry well the immediate make out session quickly dispelled those. It isn't long before Tony is down to his sexy briefs and he's helping Justin out of his. Next thing we see is Tony getting his first taste of the Georgian gent's thick dick as he bobs up and down on his meat. A sort of homecoming for the boy born in GA but raised in Florida; Tony's is getting reacquainted without a problem. They both lick and suck all over each other eventually landing in a steamy 69 session, laying side by side as each continues to service the surplus of cock before them. Tony can't get enough of Justin's meat as he straddles him to get better access as they continue to 69. Justin doesn't mind one bit and this new position gets Tony's throat deeper on his dick and also gives him easy access to begin exploring that ass he's heard so much about. He begins to finger fuck Tony's tight ass. It seems the more ass play Tony gets the more he's fueled to suck Justin's cock. Who could go wrong with that combination? “Not I” said the goose. —Oops! …that's the wrong story altogether. We digress,Oral is merely the appetizer to the fucking Justin has in store for Tony. Oh Goody! Tony braces himself as Justin bends him over up against the wall. Tony's lip snarls as he gives us his signature grimace as Justin slowly invades his ass. There's no learning curve here and Justin's pounding Tony's ass right out of the starting gate and all Tony can do is try to keep up. The ever-consummate professional, Tony doesn't miss a beat. A shot from below gives us an insane view as Justin's sweet ass as it rises and falls burying his thick dick in and out of Tony's willing hole. FUCK! From there, Tony goes doggy and all Justin has to do is hold still while Tony backs up on his dick. Justin is in awe as Tony practically fucks himself with Justin's bone. Tony can't get enough and soon he straddles Justin and slides his hot ass back onto his meat, mounting him reverse cow girl. A close up of Justin's cock looks sinful as Tony bounces up and down on it unable to get his fill. The hottest part of that shot is the look on Justin's face, off in the background, as he just watches his throbbing dick get the ride of its life. He had it cummin'…and 'cummin' is what's in store for these two and soon as Tony, now facing Justin, continues to ride and ride hard. As they near climax, they both lay down with their cocks near the others and stroke off. Tony's the first to quietly spew as his thick nut cascades over his wrist onto his porcelain skin. Justin isn't far behind as he grunts and groans aloud blasting his thick cargo all over his tones abs. Our work here is done, Gentlemen.

  • released : 03-20-2009 |

Oral Exams

Oral Exams, Scene #01

This week we have a hot local boy making his debut on CJB. He's a familiar face to those ExtraBigDick lovers who have made him quite popular on our brother site that goes by that very name. Yes, ExtraBigDicks can be a lot of fun and if nothing else serve as a constant reminder that 'less' isn't always more. That being said, who could ever get enough of Ft. Lauderdale's own Troy Montgomery? Troy has a smile that lights up a room and you wouldn't think you'd have much to worry about, until he hauls out his thick 8'. Being the hot 22yo boy he is, we figured that CJB would be as fitting a home for Troy and his 'package' Since we last saw him; he dated briefly but is single again. Troy's always up for trying new things. Don't you just LOVE that?—wait for it— So then Troy blushes when he tells us he recently tried 'DP'…DP as in Double Penetration. You know, 2 guys fuckin the same (once) tight ass! —that's hot. Turns out our lil trooper was on the accommodating end of that transaction. It turned out pretty well; but he's in no hurry to try it again. Hanging on his every word, is Atlanta's own Justin Wells. At 29 and having an extensive resume in the adult industry, Justin is no stranger to 3ways or DP's himself. 'They can be fun, but they're a lot of work' he confesses. It seems it's not as easy to find the right position to have two cock sliding into the same hole without jockeying for position. It was tighter and everything but it was better in theory. Troy is just grinning ear to ear. 'I enjoyed it', he says; prompting Justin to ask, 'So, was it worth all the extra (work)...?' Troy smiles and says, 'It wasn't so strenuous for me; I just...kinda sat there.' Oh-no-he-di-unt! Well it looks like there was Troy had by all and that can't be a bad thing. Sitting next to each other on the bench they begin to kiss. It isn't long before they each begin to strip. Troy leans Justin back down onto the bench as he leans over him and kisses him and lets his mouth wonder south. He pulls Justin's trunks off before pulling off his jeans. Left in their sexy briefs, they take the game to the wall as Troy leans up against them and offers his sexy ass to Justin who's on his knees behind him as he peels off his underwear. Justin kisses Troy's sweet ass a bit before standing back up and allowing Troy to take off his briefs. Troy goes down and as he slides off Justin's underwear goes down on the thick dick that sprung free. Justin helps Troy along as he grabs the back of his head and starts face fucking him. Troy doesn't miss a beat as he works his thickening rod. Justin moans as Troy spit shines his meat and it isn't long before Justin wants some too. Troy sits on the floor as Justin kneels over him and starts to suck his thick dick. Troy caresses his back as his eyes close with delight as Justin laps and swallows his thick 8' meat. Justin slowly swallows and savors his Latin dick as he holds it steady by its thick base. Troy's practically smooth all over with the exception of his short cropped pubes and some tufts peaking out from under his pits. Justin kneads his balls as he continues to tease Troy all the while working his knob with his mouth. Troy's mouth is half open in awe of the head he's getting from Justin and the chemistry between them is more than apparent. Back to the bench they go as Justin straddles Troy's chest and aims his thick dick South—right into Troy's mouth. He slaps and teases Troy with his thick dick making him wont it even more. Troy opens wide as Justin begins to fuck his face. Justin's heavy balls slap Troy's sexy goatee and as Justin face-fucks him he reaches back and strokes on his thick dick which is throbbing and dancing in the air as it too seeks attention. Justin's ass looks hot as hell as he humps Troy's face. From there, these two land in a hot 69 position with Justin on the bench and Troy taking top-bunk as he feeds Justin his dick as well as goes down for more of Justin's meat. The 69 action is hot but short-lived and Justin is soon on the floor with a thick dick being shoved down his throat as Troy takes his turn face-fucking Justin. Justin swallows his swollen dick with ease as Troy gives him every inch of his fat dick. Justin's cock is throbbing as Justin strokes his dick while sucking on Troy's. His dick looks like it could cum at any minute and judging by the look on Troy's face it looks like they are both nearing their climax. They sit on the floor and side by side, just like they started, they stroke off until they can't hold back. Justin is the first to go, exploding with a series of short thick spurts that coat his navel and cock. Troy's the finale with a massive load that lands his first two blasts on his neck, then face. the remaining jizz lands on his smooth abs. Definite fireworks for these two and a warm welcome to Mr. Troy Montgomery!

Starring Justin Wells
  • released : 02-27-2009 |

Southern Heat

Southern Heat, Scene #01

Six Degrees of separation refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is an average of six \'steps\' away from each person on Earth. While you digest that, we're glad to say we didn't need all six. With a grin that only a blind man would trust, 23yo Texan, MJ Cash is back in the house. It seems MJ is our one degree this afternoon. When we went to introduce him to his co-stars, he was actually shocked that —not only did he know them both—but he'd “known” them both (Biblically speaking) as well. Imagine that! What are the odds? lol With over 80+ films to his credit, 28yo Atlanta son Justin Wells is back; and we brought back Virginia's finest, Kameron Scott as he makes his second appearance on film. Both of these studs are in for more of the same; and by more of the same we mean MJ. All three claim that they've been nothing but angels since we last saw them but we'll leave that up to you to believe. Whether you believe that load or not, it's easy to believe that these guys love what they do. “I love the network I've created and the friendships I've managed to build meeting guys all over the country.” Says Kameron of why he loves what he does. “I love that I get to travel and I get to meet such a diverse (pronounced: die-verse …He's from Georgia) group of people.” Then all eyes turn to MJ who is just laying there awaiting his turn; sporting the biggest shit-eating grin ever as he delivers his wide-eyed response “—I just love to show off!” …C'mon, tell us something we don't know! All hands on deck as both boys turn to Justin as they begin kissing either side of his neck. These boys have the familiarity that leads itself to hot sex. Nothing is stopping them from freely exploring each other. They kneel as they kiss each other, slowly stripping off their clothes until they are brief clad. MJ's ass is the first to get attention as they pull his briefs down to get a taste. Kam and Justin lap at his sweet ass a bit before turning him around to free his aching cock. Both hot mouths lap and suck on his throbbing knob. Justin then lies back to give the other two all the room they need to suck his thick dick. Tongues abound as they shower his bone with love. MJ then decides he isn't done with Justin's mouth as he straddles his chest and buries his dick deep. Kameron is busy working Justin's meat himself. Some things were not meant to be shared. The reposition themselves so that MJ is now servicing Justin as he gets face-fucked by his thick dick. Justin's face contorts in ecstasy as he watches MJ struggle to take the thick dick he's pounding into his throat. Kameron is busy shoving his tongue deep inside his other end. Kameron is prepping that sweet ass for the hard fucking he's in for. MJ's ass is getting a royal tonguing and it's only making our Texan even hornier for dick. We wonder if he's having flashbacks of his prison shower scene. Nah—there were 5 guys doin' him that time.Already in the neighborhood, Kameron suits up and pulls MJ up into position as he slides his thick meat inside. MJ moans with a mouth full of dick as he services Justin who has a front row seat as he watches Kameron start to pound his ass. MJ is caught in a Chinese cuff as he has two dicks locked on either end. Kameron, ball deep in MJ, falls forward onto MJ to help him suck Justin's throbbing meat. Next we see MJ's thick dick slowly pushing inside Kameron's perfect ass as he moans trying to accommodate him. Once he has a steady pace going, Justin moves into position behind him and easily slides his cock in for not-so-sloppy seconds. Justin and Kam hold still as MJ becomes the rapid-driving piston in a well-oiled fuck machine. His cock sinks deep into Kameron's ass as his own still holds Justin's knob almost gives up Justin's meat. Once buried, he pulls his shaft out of Kam's hot ass as his own gives way, welcoming Justin's shaft back in. Queue the Soundtrack …It's the “Circle of Ass”. MJ is driving as he ricochets between a rock and a tight place. They can't hold back much longer and kneel on either side of MJ's face (the perfect landing pad for 2 thick loads.) Kameron is the first to blow, grunting as he coats MJ's face & lips followed by Justin who covers the rest of it in a “Dual-layered Protein Facial”. (Available at a Spa near you—NOT!) The hot jizz drench sends MJ over the edge as well shooting his thick nut all over his taught abs. —Anyone for Clean up?

  • released : 01-16-2009 |
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