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Josh Long's Video

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities
  • released : 03-22-2013 |

Beary Furry

Beary Furry, Scene #01

We have a hot scene this afternoon, fur real, as we welcome back Josh Long. Josh is 20; furry and, if that wasn't hot enough, he has left Tennessee and moved down to Tampa. Florida just gets hotter and hotter. His costar today is another fan favorite, Mr. Devin Adams. Devin is 24 originally from Maryland and also a recent addition to the Sunshine State. These studs are hot, so we asked them what makes them feel sexy. For Josh, a good haircut makes him feel sexy. He doesn't know why but he loves looking nice. For Devin, he loves running on the beach and having guys check him out. Well we can see how watching this 6'3 hottie running anywhere half naked would be a show stopper. When it comes to watching porn we wondered what kind of porn they like to watch since they are in the industry. For Devin he loves watching amateur porn since he likes seeing a newbie all nervous on set. For Josh he loves to watch porn just to watch porn. 'I watch porn like other people watch TV,' he laughs, 'it's fun when I catch them looking right at the camera and I know they have to be new at this.' Was it not Shakespeare who penned, 'All the world's a stage, and all the men are merely porn actors'...or were they critics? lol Well-he was probably thinking it. lolDevin is horny for dick so he lines up a booty call via text with his hot friend Josh. It doesn't take long before he hears a knock on the door. Lunch is served. He lets Josh in and pins him against the wall as he goes in for a kiss. 'You are hairy, huh?' he teases looking at Josh's furry chest in that tank he's wearing. He drops to his knees, hauls out his cock and goes to work. He swallows that dick to the hilt as Josh just watches his cock disappear. 'I bet that ass is hairy, too' Devin smiles as he turns Josh around to check out that ass. He isn't disappointed as he spreads Josh's furry cheeks apart and slips his tongue as deep as he can into that follicle forest. Josh just moans as he gets that ass eaten out. Devin then gets on his feet and drops his briefs finally freeing his own throbbing cock. He sits back and directs Josh's head to his cock as he helps bob Josh's hot mouth up and down on it. Josh swallows Devin's cock with ease getting Devin super hard and horny for more; which is just what Josh wants.Devin is soon in position on the couch as Josh's cock slowly makes its way inside his tight ass. 'Aww yeah, Fuck that ass' Devin moans as Josh picks up the pace. Josh is fucking that ass nice and steady as Devin jacks his fat cock. Josh gets that cock of his nice and deep fucking him doggy style. Devin then takes control as they take the party to the floor. Devin straddles Josh and impales himself on that hard dick. He gets right to work riding that cock as he bounces on it. Josh jacks Devin's cock as he watches his own getting swallowed up by that hot ass. Devin can't get enough as he leans back and mounts that cock like a seasoned jockey. But wait, there's more. Missionary is next as Josh gets Devin on his back and slides his rock hard cock back inside for more. He holds one leg up as he pounds away at that ass. Devin's cock is rock hard as he gets that prostate prodded. That's gonna do the trick and Devin can't help but explode all over himself as Josh literally fucks a huge load out of him. Josh isn't far behind as he pulls out and busts his nut all over Devin's cum-covered cock.

Starring Josh Long
  • released : 12-06-2012 |

Super Cooper

Super Cooper, Scene #01

Fur is all the rage these days and this week we've got plenty. Josh Long is back and au natural not having trimmed his sexy chest. Josh is 24yo and though originally from Tennessee, he's since relocated to Florida's west coast and now calls Tampa home. His costar this week is making his debut with us, Mr. Joey Cooper. Joey is 23yo and is from Portland, ME. We decided to stray into the sexual arena and asked these two when they first started jerking off. Both of them got off to an early start at about the age of 10. DAMN! Idle hands are definitely the Devil's playground. When it comes to what they use to get off when they have to depend on just their imaginations, Joey just thinks about some hot guy pounding his ass. Josh blushes and says that wouldn't exactly work for him. Str8 boys! Pffff! He just likes to think of the first beautiful person that comes to mind and fantasizes about doing dirty things to them. We then brought it home with what they'd been asked to do in the sexual arena that they flat out refused to do. 'Pee on me' scoffs Joey who admits he's just not into that kind of stuff. Josh isn't as shy when it comes to sex but the one thing he won't do is bottom for a really big top. (...amateurs.) lolJosh is telling Joey about getting picked on by his friends for having so much chest hair. 'They were telling me to take off my shirt', he says pulling off his shirt 'even though I was shirtless.' Joey reaches over and feels his chest and tells him he likes his hairy chest before pulling off his own shirt to show Josh his is completely smooth. Joey then moves in for a closer look as he licks Josh's nipple. One thing leads to another and soon Joey is on his knees with Josh's rock hard cock in his mouth. Josh moans as he slides his dick deep into Joey's mouth. Josh's furry frame looks delicious with his hairy chest and abs sporting a very happy trail leading down to his sexy bush-sporting cock. Josh then gets Joey on his feet so that he can give him some of the same. He slurps on Joey's cock slobbering all over his rock hard cock. After getting his fill he stands up as they start to make out while rubbing their hard cocks together. Josh's cock still needs some attention so he gets Joey on his floor so that he can fuck that mouth some more. His hairy ass is on display as he straddles Joey's face and as his cock slides down Joey's throat his hairy nut sack slaps against Joey's chin.Josh is ready for more as he gets Joey on all four. He kneels behind him and slides his hard cock up that tight ass. 'You got such a nice tight ass' Josh groans as he starts to fuck that hole fast and deep. Joey loves it as he begs for more. Josh watches as his thick cock slides in and out of Joey's hungry hole. They stand up as Josh bends Joey over and keeps tapping that smooth ass doggy style. His low hanging balls slap away as he buries that dick deeper and deeper. Josh slaps that ass as he pounds him harder. The chemistry between these two is on fire. Josh then switches things up and lies back on the floor as Joey straddles that dick. He starts to ride him in a reverse cowgirl as he leans back and bounces that tight hole on Josh's rock hard cock. The only thing in the room not getting a workout is the incline bench they're fucking right next to. lol Josh then gets Joey on his back and gets right back in that ass missionary to bring it home. He fucks him faster and hits Joey's sweet spot. That does the trick and sends Joey over the edge as his cock explodes all over him. He shoots wave after wave of cum all over his smooth chest and navel. Josh isn't far behind as he pulls out and jacks his own thick load all over Josh's cum-covered cock and abs.

  • released : 10-19-2012 |

Taking Care of Business

Taking Care of Business, Scene #01

Sit back and give yourselves some leg room. Your pants may be getting tighter by the second as we introduce this week's newest member to the family, Mr. Josh Long. Josh is here making a special appearance on CircleJerkBoys after wowing all of our members on our brother site MenOver30.com a couple weeks ago. This str8 top boy put that dick to good use adding boxer Brenn Wyson to his list of conquests. Josh is 24 years young and it's no surprise this furry stud has broken his fair share of hearts along the way; specially since he hails from the very place Elvis recorded his own “Heartbreak Hotel” back in 1956. Nashville, 'the Buckle of the Bible Belt' has outdone itself when it produced this baby faced hottie with a glimmer of naughty in those eyes. Josh loves to spend money on nice clothes to always look his best; but clothes aren't everything. His prize possessions are his 2 pit bull puppies, Bonnie & Clyde. Awww. This hottie lost his cherry in junior high with an older girl and has been perfecting his craft ever since. He jacks off regularly and as long as they're hot he'll use them as reference for example Jessica Alba. Mmhmm. Well today we plan on giving our members something to jack off to. Josh comes home after a long day and decides to slip into something more “comfortable”. He peels off his tee as we get out first glimpse at his sexy hairy chest with a happy highway that disappears into his boxers. His jeans are next to hit the floor as Josh's hand disappears into his briefs. He starts to tug on his growing cock as he lies on the couch. Josh has a sexy beard he keeps cropped short that frames that baby face of his. He has full lips and bedroom brown eyes you can't help but notice and he sighs softly as he plays with his growing cock. He decides to give his dick some breathing room as he finally pulls it out of his boxers. It's hard as a rock as he starts to jerk that dick. He waves it around showing it off as he uses both hands to stroke and tease it. He pulls his heavy nuts out as well as they bounce in tune to his stroking. Josh then stands up to jerk off and to give us a better view of his cock and furry ass. His ass is furr-fection, perfectly round hairy bubble butt you just wanna explore. Don't get too excited this str8 boy ain't about to let that happen…He groans as he continues to jerk off as we get a great view from below. His balls rock back and forth as he jerks faster. Josh then sits back on the couch; spreads his legs and starts to play with that furry hole. He teases his ass with 2 fingers just outside his hole before finally slipping a finger inside. He lets out a soft moan as he fingers that hot ass and strokes his cock that by now is throbbing. It feels too good to stop as Josh gives in to his desire. He strokes that dick harder as he lies back. All this stimulation has josh horny as hell as he slides halfway off the couch and gets ready to bust a nut. With his back on the floor Josh throws his legs up towards his head as he jacks his cock off faster. “Oh, I'm gonna cum!” he moans as he aims his rock hard cock at his open mouth and is about to say “Aaah” when he shoots his thick wad all over his face, furry chest and that sexy tongue sticking out hoping to catch some cream.

Starring Josh Long
  • released : 09-07-2012 |