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Jordan's Video

Rear Entry

Rear Entry, Scene #01

Few guys I've ever photographed love the camera as much as Anthony does and even fewer have the camera love them back even more. The only thing hotter than the sperm-a-thon in Anthony's first appearance was seeing his sweaty, buffed, fresh from a work out, body covered in an even bigger load of jizz in Anthony's Encore performance. 18 year-old Jordan, as slim as Anthony is bulked up, really liked his stint in front of the camera and wanted to do another one.I remembered him telling me how much he loved having girls play with his ass, and knew, like any good marine, Anthony would fuck anything with a hole. I decided to roll the dice and see if enough beer, some new porn and the lure of some extra cash could make them go where no CircleJerkBoy has gone before! Jordan loves showing off his tight little ass cheeks and wasn't long before Anthony had that little show-off across his lap and giving him a solid spanking for being such a ham. Spanking led to a little fingering and before I knew it, that little 18 year-old found himself on all fours and about to pummeled with the business end of a eight solid inches of man muscle. Seeing a horny, hung, built Marine give a straight guy's ass a through fucking is hot as it gets. Jordan took it like a champ and from the size of the loads they both blow all over each other...they may have only done it for the money...but they both left with empty balls and big smiles!

Starring Jordan, Anthony
  • released : 12-04-2004 |

Bonerfied Boy Toy

Bonerfied Boy Toy, Scene #01

As the summer starts to wind down, some of the last blossoms are the sweetest and that sure describes freshly 18 year old Jordan. He must have been dreaming about this moment from his first dick hair because he couldn't wait to trou for a camera and who's better then ours!So naturally slim you can see every muscle on those lean abs but definitely equipped with a man-size pole that never went soft, he also posses one the roundest, tightest cute little set of buns we've seen in a long time. When it come to butt shots, that is when straight guys really get nervous but Jordan has already had a lady or two show him that a guy's ass is another source of pleasure and he sure wasn't shy about showing it off. He spanked, fingered and then whacked that dick like champion, spilling out a nice serving of white swimmers all over that sexy flat belly.

Starring Jordan
  • released : 11-06-2004 |