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Johnny Castle's Video

The House Always Wins

The House Always Wins, Scene #01

Perfection means a lot of things to a lot of people, and here at CircleJerkBoys.com, there has been the occasional exceptional stud who is as handsome as he is horny, and as hard bodied as he is hung. Some of these have even been as perfect as Johnny Castle, but more perfect…never. We only had the chance to work with Johnny once before, and even though he arrived directly at the studio from a red-eye flight the night before, the fact that he had not yet had the chance to unpack his bags did not stop anyone from deciding immediately that this was the man you needed to pack your fudge. His smile lights up a room, his strong arms could use you to bench press with, his irresistible manner is the result of the perfect mix of forceful gentility, and of course, that cock is big enough to make even the most well-worked hole tight all over again: Johnny Castle is the wet dream straight guy come true. Even better, he is here today for you with one singular purpose; to show off every inch of that incredible body and mouth-watering cock in a way that will make you feel he knows just how badly you need it - and there is no one else who can deliver it to you like Johnny can.“I get turned on being by myself and just doing my thing,” Johnny says into the camera with a sexy, heavy-lidded smile as he lazily rubs the head of his cock right through his jeans. Those lips form the perfect “I-will-give-you-the-ride-of-your-life” pout as his face shines between those perfect guns as he raises his big arms up over his head, allowing the trail on those chiseled abs to peek over the waistband of his jeans. After flashing that wide, well-worked back, Johnny's cock is already so hard, he barely hoists it out of his fly. With all thick, eight inches at attention, the head gleaming, and his balls hanging heavy, he kicks his jeans off, spreads his legs wide, and invites the lens in close as he works that pole with one hand, then two and finally hands-free, allowing every throbbing inch to stand tall under its own power and in a way that will have you powerless to do anything but beg for more.The deep cuts of those chiseled abs become like channels for water as Johnny moves and cools off under the shower while you heat up just watching as shower spray clings to every curve on that hard body, especially the eight throbbing inches in the front. With the beads of water still dripping down his pecs, Johnny moves back to the bedroom, takes a seat on the back of the chair, and proceeds to work his pole like it's the steering wheel that will take him to a sexual nirvana he only gets to when he is alone and able to enjoy you watching him do what he does best: work his own body into an instrument capable of delivering the most intense sexual release known to man. When Johnny gets into his zone where everything else but the pleasure he is getting from his cock seems to disappear, he has a way of seeming like he is totally unaware of the camera while still making you feel like he is doing what he is doing only for you. Johnny delights in giving you exactly what you need to see and exactly how you need to see it: perfectly, with balls to the wall confidence and any shame replaced tenfold with sheer primal joy.

Starring Johnny Castle
  • released : 08-03-2007 |

Sense & Sensuality

Sense & Sensuality, Scene #01

We have seen less-developed bodies on the cover of a fitness magazine than Johnny Castle's. We have been dazzled by smiles that are only half as bright. We have longed to kiss lips that are not nearly as sensuously pouty as his, and have called cocks a couple of inches smaller than his “big.” Just from the view of him relaxing on the couch, it is impossible to think the view is anything less than sheer perfection in a tank top and a pair of jeans. Johnny is one of those rare actors in the industry that the hottest porn nymphet's demand to have as their costar; but today, away from the trappings of the big west coast studios where Johnny has spent the last two years making some of the best selling straight films of the new millennium, Johnny unplugged is a smoldering hot California stud who found a way to make a living off the one thing he has in more abundance than good looks and charm: a sexual appetite that would give credit to an entire platoon of soldiers after a year-long deployment. “No one can take care of myself better than I can,” he said directly into the camera. He went on to reveal, with a disarming shyness that still has us wishing we were adding his initials to our monogram, “I love to rub off a load before I go to the gym, especially.” One look at that body and you know he goes to the gym a lot. When he arrived at the CircleJerkBoys.com studio, he had not been to the gym yet, and for the perfect location for his pre-work ritual, he has certainly come to the right place.With eyes that are both heavy-lidded - yet wide open at the same time - in the center of a face with a profile last found on a Roman coin, Johnny raises the bottom of his shirt, revealing a flawless anatomy lesson in what a perfect six-pack should look like. Rubbing his baseball-sized upper arms with an appreciative reverence that echoes exactly our sentiments as well, his hand snakes its way under the open tab of his jeans and into the nirvana waiting below, like a well-orchestrated ballet of seduction ripped from our fantasies and being brought to life right in front of our eyes. With just a whisper remaining of his sandy-brown pubes, the shiny pink knob of that already fully-hard cock snakes over the undone top button of his jeans while the rest of the waistband clings to those chiseled obliques like a welcome mat of promise. Stripping off his jeans and laying still for the camera, his cock dances as if inviting us in for a close-up - and we surely do not need to be asked twice.With the kind of effortless, passive seduction we have never seen before, Johnny periodically looks into the camera as if he is making sure not only if we are still there, but if we can sense of the apex of pleasure only he can produce by working every flawless inch of his body like the fine instrument it is. When he rolls over and begins to grind onto the couch, there is a graceful power in every thrust that makes whoever is lucky enough to be on the other end of expert lovemaking feel anointed afterwards by the gods themselves. Standing up, laying down, from any angle and every angle, Johnny works his cock. As his balls begin to contract, the playful smile melts into a primal mask of a man on the crest. Soon, a load that seems to have a spent a week in the making covers his chest and abs. We told you Johnny had cum to the right place, and oh yes guys, he will be back!

Starring Johnny Castle
  • released : 06-08-2007 |