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It's The Eyes

  • Updated : 07-12-2003 |
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Starring Randy

Randy is the lead singer in a local band. When I met him about a year ago he had a Ďboy bandí appeal about him. He has since transformed into is current Ďbad assí image that I love so much. The day of filming, Randy was still 18. The very next day he turned 19.Iíll admit, I like Randy a lot. He has a nice lean body and is naturally smooth. He has the most gorgeous eyes that pierce right through you. Of course that nice round ass and beautiful cock is a big turn on too!In his bio, Randy tells us how much of a gentleman he is and how much he caters to his woman during sex. He would rather have 45 minutes of foreplay and his happy with 15 minutes of sex. Randy is the real deal and just a super guy. Keep your eyes out for this stud. Iím sure heíll be on CJBoys again!