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Hunter Vance's Video

Bone Breaker

Bone Breaker, Scene #01

Have we got a hot episode in the making this week as we welcome back Hunter Vance. Hunter couldn't have come at a better time as we introduce recent discovery Cliff Jensen to the site. Cliff, the hot 21 year old Florida boy made his debut last week on ExtraBigDicks.com and we figured that at 6'3 there would be more than enough of him to go around. Trust us. For those of you not familiar with Hunter, Hunter is now 27 and is originally from Tampa, FL. We asked these two what their fantasy cars would be. For Hunter it would have to be a Lamborghini. It would have to be white with a black interior. Cliff keeps it simple and just wants to kick it with a sweet JEEP Wrangler. “I don't care what color it would be—it's gonna be dirty!” he grins. Gotta love that. We then asked them if they had $1K in their pocket and had 3 days off where they would take their car on a trip. “I'm pretty sure he's gonna pay his car insurance for the week' laughs Cliff 'and I'm going to the beach, maybe California to go surfing” Vance is grinning ear to ear and admits after paying his car insurance he'd probably head to Vegas. 'Trouble' this one. We then asked what the biggest difference between being with a guy vs. a girl is being as they're both bisexual. “The smell.” answers Vance before cracking up. The smell! Really!? How do you follow that? ——you don't. lolCliff is chillin with Hunter and tells him it's been hard to deal with the cast on his broken arm. There are so many things he can't do alone. Hunter offers to help out any way he can. Cliff asks him to help him out of his clothes cuz he'd love a shower. As his shorts come off Hunter notices Cliff does need help—on his growing dick. Hunter squeezes it and takes it out of his boxer briefs. Cliff is throbbing by the time Hunter goes down on him. He sucks on his thick cock finally giving Cliff the relief he's needed. Hunter kneels and goes to work again. He shoves as much as he can down his throat without gagging. Cliff groans as he helps bob Hunter's head on his cock. Hunter then stands to kiss Cliff a bit before sitting on the couch and giving Cliff access to his own aching cock. Hunter can only moan with pleasure as Cliff deep throats every inch of his cock with ease. Some one's done this before. “Your mouth feels so good” coos Hunter seconds before he bends over on the weight bench. Cliff moves into position as he starts to tease that hot ass. He fingers that smooth hole getting Hunter horny for his thick dick.Hunter grimaces as Cliff starts sliding his thick 8?˝” cock deep inside his tight ass. “Oh my God, that dick's SO big” grunts Hunter as Cliff starts giving him the dick he needs. It isn't long before Cliff has all of his massive cock buried deep inside Hunter. Cliff latches onto Hunter's broad shoulders as he starts to impale him even deeper. Cliff then sits back on the couch as Hunter sits on his cock in a reverse cowgirl position. Cliff licks Hunters nips and lats as he watches him ride his cock. Cliff then moves to the floor as Hunter squats right back down on that dick. Cliff's cock is rock hard and sliding deep into that hole as Cliff slams his cock up into Hunter's tight ass. Hunter is in ecstasy as Cliff fills that tight ass up. Cliff slams his cock deeper and deeper inside Hunter who does his best to steady himself. Cliff's cock is hitting Hunter in all the right spots and it doesn't take too long before Hunter is on the verge of creamin'. Hunter explodes all over his cock as volley after volley of thick jizz fly up into the air and splatter back all over it. Cliff isn't far behind and once Hunter's done he too jerks his cock off all over his defined frame.

  • released : 11-12-2010 |

Happy Hole-A-Days

Happy Hole-A-Days, Scene #01

The Joker's wild this week, and we ain't kidding. Kurt Wild is back with us to help us ring in the holiday. There are few things that could top finding a naked Kurt under your tree Christmas morning. Now, that's not to say we couldn't find a myriad of boys willing to 'top' Kurt under a Christmas tree—but we're getting ahead of ourselves. Kurt, the unabashedly 'gay for pay' boy lives in Missouri with his wife and 3 toddlers. Yeah, he's done a lot for a baby faced 23 year old. This week, we decided to pair him up with some Hunter Vance. Hunter also likes to play on both ends of the pool, so these two should get along fine. These are just two regular buds and much like the guys at home. Kurt loves Baseball, while Hunter says playing in bed is more his sport. We asked Kurt about the Mrs. at home and how she deals with his career path. He says she smacks him on the ass and says “Go get some”. Kurt admits he gets horny for dick between shoots since he only bottoms on cam. Getting fucked is pretty addicting, so he definitely looks forward to those back door deliveries. Well, it's not really Christmas 'til something gets stuffed, and today Kurt will be doing the honors. So away we go…The start kissing softly as they begin to undress each other. Kurt's tongue begins to explore Hunter's smooth chest and nips as his hand make its way into his jeans. Their jeans come off next as they are left exploring the other in their underwear which is short lived. They stumble upon a box of fleshjacks and decide to have a little fun with them. Kurt is the first to slide his extra thick cock inside as he begins to fuck his. He pounds it up and down on his swollen meat before Hunter takes over for him jackin him with the fleshjack. Hunter then gives him the real thing as he takes his fat cock down his throat. Kurt teases Hunter as he shakes his meat around before slamming it back in his mouth. Kurt then returns the favor as he gets on his knees and starts to work on Hunter's thick dick. Kurt spits on his meat before going back down on it for more. Hunter loves the attention Kurt's giving his meat and knows soon enough Kurt will be giving other parts of his delicious frame some special “attention”. All this oral action is getting Kurt's cock rock hard and ready for a lot more than just head.“You want me to fuck your ass?” Kurt teases, as we see Hunter begin to straddle his beer can cock. Hunter does his best to accommodate Kurt's cock that wants in. He whimpers as he impales himself all the way down to the hilt. Hunter than does his best to ride that thick dick, slowly getting used to its massive girth. Kurt just looks up at him with that baby face of his as Hunter's pain slowly turns to pleasure. Kurt then gets Hunter to kneel on a chair so he can fuck him doggy style. He slides that thick dick back inside him as Hunter's hole opens up for more. A view from below shows Kurt's cock and smooth balls as they slap away at Hunter's hungry hole. Hunter is taking his dick in stride now. The faster Kurt pounds him, the closer they both get to exploding. Kurt pulls his meat out of Hunter seconds before unloading a massive load all over Hunter's smooth ass. Kurt's load runs down his ass cheeks, splattering all over the chair below. Hunter than flips around, sits down, and explodes his own massive load that jets up into the air before cascading all over his own cock. Whew. This Christmas fuck came complete with early fireworks. Happy Holidays.

  • released : 12-25-2009 |

Good Will Hunter

Good Will Hunter, Scene #01

This week we have two native Floridians here to show us what's good. The first is Sexy Hunter Vance. Hunter is 25 and originally from Tampa. He's sexy with a smooth defined bod, amazing smile and a sexy voice to go with it. About 2 hours away, by way of Alligator Alley, we discovered 21yo Miami native, Richie Sabatini. Richie has a Cheshire Cat grin that speaks volumes to his character. He considers himself bi and says he like both equally. For a female, he doesn't like an overweight woman. “She has to be petite, with a nice butt, some boobs. Guys have to be in shape with a tan', he goes on '…both of them have to have—(get this)—good morals” In the timeless words of Joey Lawrence: “Whoa!” Hunter grinning ear to ear admits he could care less about “morals”; he just wants someone fun. “Everybody's good in bed depending on how crazy you can get them.” Now, we're talkin'. Hunter is also an equal opportunity fuck and his motto reads “Any Moist Hole”. Who IS this guy? lol Hunter's craziest sex was with a married couple. He fucked her while he fucked him then they fucked her at the same time—two poles, one hole, after which they both came in her ass. FUCK. Richie's craziest experience was going to a Christmas party with a friend who owns a bar he often dances at; met some guy and hooked up, leaving his friend stranded. < cricket, cricket > Maybe Richie heard “When were you the biggest dick ever?” instead of “What was your best dick ever?” …It happens. They start kissing softly as they slowly break the ice. Hunter takes off his tee revealing his smooth defined chest and abs with ornate ink running along his lats disappearing into his jeans. He then undoes Richie's shirt and as it comes off we see Richie's own defined frame. He's naturally smooth and has a sexy happy trail that leads your eye straight to his bulging briefs. Hunter begins to lick and suck his chest and nips, exploring the Miami hottie's assets. Richie then helps Hunter out of his jeans before lying back on the couch and having Hunter free his growing meat. Hunter lies on his stomach as he gets comfortable sucking on Richie's thick dick. “just like that” is all we hear between moans as Richie revels in the oral madness he's receiving. His low hangers dangle below as Hunter continues polishing his spit-lubed knob, slurping as he works his meat. Hunter then sits back, puts his arms behind his head, showcasing his massive arms and shoulders as he watches Richie take his turn on his bat. Richie slowly sucks on Hunter's cock. Hunter loves the head he's getting; but soon he's back on Richie's meat getting it rock hard again. Hunter needs a good dickin'—and he's about to get one. The sounds of Hunter moaning are all we hear as the camera pans to find Hunter on his knees, bent over the couch with Richie fucking his sweet ass. Richie's low hanging balls gently slapping Hunter's ass with every deep thrust he gives him. Hunter's groaning and grunting as Richie continues his anal assault. Hunter then gets on the floor and Richie puts him on his side before sliding one of his legs up before sliding his rock hard cock back in for more of that ass. Hunter is in heaven as Richie pounds his smooth hole. A view from behind showcases Richie's own hot ass as it rises and falls, burying dick deep as it does. Next up is missionary on the couch as Richie kneels in front of Hunter whose legs are spread ready for the next delivery of wickedly delicious 'Richie Rod'. Richie goes back to fucking his meaty ass again. This time Richie gyrates his dick in and out as he does hitting all sorts of new spots inside Hunter's hole. Fucking Hunter in this position does the trick for Richie who, in no time, is on his feet baptizing Hunter with his huge load of local seed. He splatters his thick load all over Hunters defined chest and abs which in turn sends Hunter over the edge. Hunter too explodes sending volley after volley of thick cream airborne. This was one hot fuck! Florida—it's not just for beaches anymore!

  • released : 05-29-2009 |
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