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Hunter Ford's Video

A Ford in the Lane

A Ford in the Lane, Scene #01

Aiden Lane is back on CircleJerkBoys and we're always happy to have this 26 year old Ft. Lauderdale native with us. Aiden is in for a real treat as we welcome back another familiar face. Back representing the Lone Star State of Texas is 22 year old Hunter Ford. We asked these two to take a good look at each other so that they could cast a leading man to play the role of each other's autobiographical movie. Aiden nominates Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to play Hunter in his movie. Hunter thinks Ryan Phillippe could definitely do the role of Aiden justice in the Aiden Lane Story. We then asked them when the last time they really laughed out loud. Hunter says he laughs all the time because his family is a bunch of pranksters. Aiden gets high so much and laughs he's all about the “lol”. We then asked them if there was anything sexual that they were asked to do that they didn't think they'd like to do but did. Aiden giggles when he admits that he had a request from a costar way back when who asked him to pee in their mouth. He did and admits it was hotter than he thought it would be. Well, Hunter prefers clearer skies to Golden Showers; so he's more on the str8 and narrow —yet still “open” minded.Hunter finds Aiden's phone and when he picks it up he notices a picture of a big dick on his phone. He confronts Aiden on why he has a cock pic on his phone, Aiden tells him it's his and that he was sending that to an X. Hunter is in disbelief so Aiden tells him to check it out for himself as he pushes his head into his growing cock. Hunter licks at it before pulling his shorts off. “That might be your dick!” Hunter beams as he gropes it through Aiden's boxers. Aiden leans down and starts to kiss him as he positions himself between Hunter's thighs. He goes for Hunter's cock that is already rock hard and pulls it out of his tight boxer briefs. He swallows it to the hilt as Hunter gasps from the sensation. Aiden savors every inch of that dick as Hunter watches him pleasure his cock. As Aiden swallows his cock deep, Hunter starts to explore Aiden's beefy ass as he gets a quick preview. Hunter then wants to return the favor as he goes to work sucking on Aiden's thick 8” cock. Aiden sits back in ecstasy as he finally gets the attention he's needed on his throbbing cock.Hunter takes his time servicing Aiden and before they realize it, they've managed to end up in a steamy 69 on the floor. They lay on their sides as they continue to suck on each other's rigid cock. Hunter then sits back on the couch and watches as Aiden straddles his meat before impaling himself on it. He grunts as that smooth ass slowly gives way. Hunter grabs his ass and slowly rocks him back and forth on his swollen meat. Aiden's doing his best to take that cock as he starts to ride it faster. That cock is beginning to feel good up his ass and he's ready for more. Hunter gets him on his back as he slowly slides his cock in for more. In this position he can get it in much deeper and is soon sliding his dick in all the way to the hilt. Aiden is still groaning trying to accommodate Hunter's thick intruder. Aiden's own thick cock is throbbing and getting fucked in this position is getting him close to climax. Hunter picks up the pace and literally fucks the cum out of Aiden who loses it all over his smooth abs and chest. Hunter then pulls out and blows his own wad all over cum covered Aiden.

  • released : 07-01-2011 |

Ford Cumtry

Ford Cumtry, Scene #01

Hunting season is in full swing this week on CircleJerkBoys as we welcome back Hunter Ford. It's been a while since we've seen this 22 year old native of the Lone Star State and he's looking damn good. Fortunately for Hunter, he will not be hunting alone seeing as the hunter becomes the hunted. Hunter Vance makes a much anticipated return this week and this Orlando heartbreaker is in for a wild ride (—and we don't mean Mr. Toad's!) We asked these studs if they could pick another city to live in aside from their hometowns where they'd want to go. Hunter F wants to live in South Beach for a year since he loves the water. Hunter V would venture west and live in Los Angeles for a year. We asked Hunter V. about his ass at an early age and even though he usually has girlfriends he admits at times he has dabbled with ass play with his girl. Just last week he had his girl strap one on and “peg” him. Hunter F has never had a girl “peg” him anywhere. He is mostly str8 so he's leaving his ass out of the equation. Well sounds like some foreshadowing to us so lets get this party started shall we? Vance is interviewing for a new roommate when Hunter Ford comes in for the available room. Seems his current roomies don't appreciate the fact that he and his girlfriend are swingers. “What's a swinger?” Vance asks. Hunter decides it would be easier to show him as he moves in for a kiss. They make out as their clothes come off. Hunter strokes at Vance's cock through his briefs a bit before he takes them off and gets to work on that cock. If he's going to show him what a “swinger” is, Hunter's going to have to pull out all the stops. Hunter F sits Vance back on the couch's armrest as he goes for it. Vance moans softly as he gets his pole worked. Hunter is hard as a rock as he gets his cock shined but soon he wants to return the favor. Hunter F lies back as Vance starts to nurse on his thick cock. Both of these studs are naturally smooth and as Vance sucks dick on all four we get a spectacular look at that hot ass of his. Hunter then straddles Hunter F as they make out and Hunter F is afforded access to that hot ass. He teases and caresses his smooth hole with his fingers making him want it even more.“Are you ready?” Hunter Ford asks as he has Hunter on all four before him. Once he gets the go ahead he starts to push his thick cock inside. Hunter starts to slowly tap that ass as Vance gets used to his cock. He slowly picks up the pace as he starts to ride that ass. That tight ass wrapped around his meat is driving him wild and he just can't get enough. After fucking that ass doggy style, Hunter flips Vance over on his back and slides back in for more. “Dude, your ass feels good” he moans as he continues to bury his meat. He grabs onto Vance's thick thighs as he pounds away at that ass. An over the shoulder shot shows his thick cock disappearing deep into Vance's hole. Hunter then sits back and watches as Vance sits on his cock. Vance starts to ride on that cock as he bounces up and down on it taking every inch of dick he can get crammed up his ass. Vance is rock hard as he gets that prostate tickled and it's making his balls start to feel that familiar tingle. Soon his balls can't hold back any longer and as Hunter's cock is still buried deep he comes all over himself. Hunter then jacks his own thick load all over Vance's smooth pecs as his load dribbles down over his chest and abs.

  • released : 04-01-2011 |

Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising, Scene #01

This week we have a special treat for you so grab your junk cuz this one's gonna wear you out. Richie Sabatini is back with us this week; and he's not the only one that's gonna make your blood pressure (among other things) “rise”. Making his debut on CircleJerkBoys this week is Hunter Ford. We're excited to have Hunter here and in a few you'll see exactly why. Hunter is 22 and from Texas. You know what they say about those Texan boys. Richie is also 22 and he's from the 305. Miami is in the house! We asked these studs what they like to spend their money on when they get to shop. Richie is all about GUCCI. It can be shoes or wallets as long as it's GUCCI. Hunter is into sunglasses. He looks great in his Oakley's; but loves his Costa del Mar pair better for everyday use. We then wanted to know what their dream lover would look like. Richie wants a man: 5'8, about 175 lbs, nice arms, broad shoulders and chest, six pack abs with some hair cuz he likes men. Hunter wants a toned, tanned man preferably blonde. He likes some hair unless it's a girl then no hair. He likes girls better but he likes to spice things up and we're really glad he does. Speaking of “spicing” things up, these two got a lot of that in their immediate future…Richie is hammering away as he does some redecorating. Once he's done he takes off his shirt so he can start his work out with Hunter. Hunter immediately notices Richie's new tattoo. A bold scorpion now adorns his navel. Apparently while out on South Beach with friends he got a friend to draw it out and he got it done. “I'm a Scorpio. My birthday is in November so I always wanted to get one done”. Hunter asks if he could get a closer look. Once Richie gets closer Hunters hands roam elsewhere as they start to make out. Richie undoes his shorts as Hunter goes to work on his cock. He sucks it down his throat as Richie moans in appreciation. “How does that taste?” he coos as he watches Hunter worship his thick cock. He then lies back on the bench as Hunter kneels to continue sucking on that rock hard cock taking every delicious inch of it. Hunter then stands so that Richie can return the favor. Richie pulls out Hunter's aching cock which is in need of attention. Richie gets almost 8” of Texan cock shoved down his throat as Hunter face fucks that sexy mouth of his. These two can't get enough of each other as they maneuver into a hot 69. As Hunter bends over Richie to suck that dick we get our first glimpse of that stellar ass of his. Damn! Richie's about to be one lucky guy.Richie sits on the couch as Hunter sits on his dick. Riding that Miami meat, Hunter starts to grind his hot ass while in a reverse cowgirl position. Richie reaches around and jacks his cock while he gets his own ridden. Richie then gets Hunter face down on the bench and slides his dick in for more. Hunter moans and groans as Richie taps that ass. Hunter can't get enough of that dick as he reaches back to spread his beefy cheeks. Richie then flips him over and takes the party to the floor. He slides back inside that hot ass missionary. He starts to fuck that hot ass deep and it's making Hunter rock hard. He starts to jack that thick dick off as Richie starts to fuck him using shorter and quicker strokes. That's gonna do the trick as these two start to moan and groan. “Awww, you're gonna make me cum” moans Richie as he fucks Hunter faster and harder. Richie pulls out and unloads a massive cumfest drenching Hunter's smooth body with his seed. Hunter jacks his cock now covered in cum faster as he too is sent over the edge. He unloads his own healthy addition to the splatter all over his smooth canvas. Welcum to CJB, Hunter!

  • released : 09-24-2010 |