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Hiyme's Video

Captain Hook

Captain Hook, Scene #01

Hiyme just graduated from art school in New York and definitely has that “brooding sensitive artist” quality going on. At 6' and only 155 pounds, I figured he must also qualify as a starving artist too. There isn't much meat on his bones but as I soon found out, it's an entirely different story when it comes to what is between his legs. He has a thick 8” uncut dick with the most wicked curve I have ever seen. It's fat, veiny and bends at almost a 45 degree angle and his foreskin is long enough that it still keeps most of the helmet shaped cock head covered. He has a quiet sexuality that went into overdrive during the session: being watched and filmed turned him on so much, he stayed hard even after that big tattoo around his navel was criss crossed with cum.

Starring Hiyme
  • released : 09-04-2003 |