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Giovanni Summers's Video

Even Stevens

Even Stevens, Scene #01

This week we have Adorable Giovanni Summers back and he's brought a friend and props. Go figure! Today Gio showed up wearing his original—wait for it—boy scout uniform. O-M-G. “I've had it since I was 12, maybe younger', he grins 'but it still fits.” Yeah, we'll just go with that. With Gio is one sexy 22yo Texan transplant that goes by the name of Lee Stevens. Lee now calls Miami home and has been happily married for almost a year. Yeah he's a str8 one. He says he doesn't find anything too surprising about married life. “Everybody tells you what you're in for before you actually get there.” He grins. He's still in the 'fucking like bunnies' phase with the missus but admits he still finds time to jack off when he needs to. We guess she does need to sleep on occasion. This bad boy started stroking his cock at about 11 and we figure by that age Gio had acquired a merit badge or two in “autoerotic combat”. It only got better when he realized he could actually add a friend. Today's friend is a nice married boy whose need for money lands him in all sorts of things. Today that thing will be Gio! Lucky fuck.Eyeing up Lee, Giovanni sits perched and set to pounce beside the bed. It doesn't take him very long at all to make his move as he gets off the chair and climbs onto the bed. He slowly begins to rub Lee's crotch as he slowly explores up underneath his tee. Lee helps him along by peeling off his tee which gives Gio the permission he sought. As he licks and sucks on Lee's smooth chest, Lee pulls down his pants as his rock hard cock springs out. Apparently the party started in his pants way before we thought. Taking one good look at that meat Gio isn't about to waste any time on formalities. He positions himself between our str8 boy's thighs and starts sucking that fat dick like there's oxygen in it. He ain't coming up for air anytime soon either. Who could blame him as Lee slowly strokes his str8 meat wanting Gio to suck on his heavy nuts. Lee is soon buck ass naked as Gio continues working that dick in several angles. Lee slaps Gio's face and tongue with his cock that by now is aching and wanting even more. Lee stands up so he can get deeper access as he starts to face fuck our sassy scout.That mouth was good for starters but this breeder bone needs a hole to pound. Fortunately, Giovanni came equipped with a hole for just that purpose. (mostly) Lee bends Gio over on chair as he shoves his thick baby maker inside. Gio grunts as he takes every thick inch he's given. Lee starts fucking his ass the way he likes it; steadily mounting him. Gio takes it like a trooper as Lee puts him face down on the bed. He glides back in that sweet ass as he begins to fuck his ass bouncing up and down into him. From there he continues to fuck him doggie style. All Gio can do is moan and take it as Lee pounds away relentlessly. A view from above shows Lee's thick dick disappearing up inside Gio as he takes his prize. Lee then puts Gio back on his stomach; spreads his legs and goes back for more. In this position Lee can bury every inch of his cock deep. This str8 boy loves to be in control fucking Gio deeper and harder. Lee's hairy bush becomes a blur on his smooth frame as he impales our daring scout. He flips him over on his back and fucks him missionary. That does the trick. Lee pulls out and blows his load all over Gio. Once he's blown his nut he leans down and gives Gio a soft and unexpected kiss. Awwww.

Starring Giovanni Summers
  • released : 08-28-2009 |

Summers Lovin

Summers Lovin, Scene #01

Today we have a special treat with us. With us is M.J. Taylor. M.J. has been in the news lately as he and his soon to be husband, Jason Pitt took on Prop 8 and protested in one of the largest gay protests in Downtown Atlanta when Prop 8 didn't pass. “If it's to be; it starts with me” he says and if you want it you need to fight for your rights. Beside, MJ is Giovanni Summers. Giovanni is 20yo, originally from Boston, MA and first graced our brother site, ExtraBigDicks.com last December. Well, we thought it was about time he was on CJB and here he is. He's currently seeing someone and blushes when he admits he likes him very much and things are going well. When we ask him what about him he really likes he grins and admits he has a really big dick. Now you know how he ended up on ExtraBigDicks to begin with. M.J. and his porn star boyfriend, Jason Pitt are both in the industry but have agreed to never work together on cam. They feel like some things should remain personal and private. Giovanni agrees in the sense that what they do when they go to work and have sex with other hot guys they barely know is nothing but lust. What they have at home with their respective partners is love and knowing how to keep those two separate is what keeps the home fires burning.They're making out before we start rolling as they begin to explore each other's smooth bodies. M.J. and Gio lose their tees and the shorts follow suit soon thereafter. They grope and kiss each other and it isn't long before M.J. has Giovanni on his back and is pulling out his boner for an even closer inspection. He goes down on Gio's cock as Gio just watches his sexy face bob up and down on his meat. Both of them are naturally lean and defined and their bodies ripple as they lay atop each other. Giovanni then returns the favor as M.J. lies back and gets his cock swallowed to the hilt. Giovanni wastes little time with formalities and gets to the meat of the matter as he swallows his meat down to the hilt again and again sending M.J. into orbit as he watches the master at work. This master has his own agenda and where he wants this blond boner buried so he gets on all four and offers up his smooth ass for the licking. M.J. dives into his ass, tongue first and eats him out which just makes Giovanni hornier for the dick he's about to receive. M.J. knows exactly what to do on that sweet ass and soon enough his cock will be the one exploring.From there these two maneuver into a hot 69 as they each continue sucking cock and working themselves into a frenzy. Giovanni can't wait any longer as he straddles M.J. and impales his sweet ass on M.J.'s cock. He rides him for a bit before M.J. wants more control and puts him on all four. He then starts to really give him dick as he fucks away at Giovanni's sweet hole. M.J. fucks him hard and fast as his smooth balls bounce off that insatiable ass. M.J. teases his ass, pulling his cock almost all the way out before slamming it back inside him. M.J. is fucking him deep and then pushes him down onto his belly so he can fuck him even deeper. Giovanni is grunting with every thrust he's taking; but he is loving every delicious inch he's taking. Next is missionary as M.J. flips him on his back before sliding back in that hole he has at his beckon call. M.J. starts to power fuck that ass and hits Giovanni in all the right places. M.J. is sent over the edge as he pulls out and pumps his thick nut all over Gio who follows suit, sending his own load sailing as it splatters all over his toned frame that's already glistening with the fruits of his “labor”.

Starring Giovanni Summers
  • released : 08-07-2009 |