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  • Updated : 09-30-2011 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Aiden Lane is back this week and we love to have this native Floridian in the house. Aiden is going to help us welcome a new face to the circle Mr. Jordan Foster. Jordan has a bit of Southern swagger with a slight accent. Jordan is 20 years old and originally from Bowling Green, KY. We asked these boys whose fan club they would want to be a member of. Aiden would want to be a member of Taylor Lautnerís fan club while Jordan would be in Kathy Griffinís. If they had more time to do anything Aiden would spend it fishing while Jordan would use it to catch up on sleep. Jordan is a self-admitted power bottom and he confirmed that bigger dicks are better though itís not always about the size. If you have an average dick and know how to work it, it can be truly amazing. Aiden loves a tight ass and also admits heís really into a bubbly butt. The perkier the ass the better it looks but that doesnít really mean it will feel better ďonĒ his cock. He just loves the way it looks but once you get inside that ass itís all about ďtechniqueĒ. Well, letís see these two bring their skill sets to todayís shoot. Buckle up, BoysÖJordan comes into Aidenís room wondering if he has a cigarette. Apparently heís in need of an oral fix; so when Aiden tells him he quit, he asks Aiden for something to eat. He needs to put something in his mouth. Aiden suddenly realized he does have something that could go in that mouth of his. ďI do have something for you to eatĒ he grins as he turns around and pulls Jordanís head into his crotch. That did the trick as Jordan starts to lick at the growing bulge before moving north to make out with Aiden. He licks at Aidenís nips and chest as he makes his way back south to free Aidenís swelling cock. He takes it in his mouth as Aiden gasps in appreciation. Jordan savors every inch as he works that cock all the way down to the hilt. He laps at Aidenís smooth balls as Aiden gasps at the sensation. Aiden then gets between Jordanís legs as he checks out the equipment. Jordan moans as Aiden willingly returns the favor and nurses on his throbbing cock. Aiden isnít one to rush as he takes his time sucking on that cock and taking special care of those balls and ass.He then gets Jordan on all four so he can get a taste of whatís to come. He shoves his tongue inside that smooth ass and helps himself to that hot hole. He fingers Jordanís tight ass getting it ready for more. When heís ready, Aiden suits up and slides his thick cock inside. He is soon tappiní it doggy style as his balls start to slap away at that ass. Aiden grabs Jordanís waist as he pounds away wanting to get it in deep. Aiden then sits back and has Jordan sit on his thick cock. Jordan leans back on Aidenís chest as he goes to town riding that thick meat. Aiden pushes his dick up into Jordanís hole as Jordan bounces on it. Aiden kisses Jordan passionately as they fuck and mesh together. Missionary is next as Aiden gets back inside that hot ass for more. Jordan ends up on the floor with his legs up and Aiden deep inside him. Aiden picks up the pace sending Jordan over the edge. He unloads all over his smooth chest and abs. Aiden is next as he too unloads. His hot load erupts flying way over Jordanís head then coating his chest, abs and now even happier