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Felipe's Video

Spunk Monkey

Spunk Monkey, Scene #01

Eight inches of thick, uncut cock is a damn respectable party size slab of fun no matter what its attached too but since our 22 year old, lean, muscled Brazilian hottie this week towers in at bite-sized 5'7, it looked like the tree trunk was hanging off the branch then the other way around and seeing what he does and how much has to do it with, believe me, we're not complaining. Felipe doesn't speak much English and the interview section more like a game of charades but it was that ear to ear grin that never left his face and that bulge that seemed to house a whole of jumping beans that did all the talking for him. Those doe eyes look almost sad as he need to breed has definitely not been met as often as he needs to and while he kept his hat on the whole time, he couldn't get his clothes fast enough to show off that huge tattoo, a portrait of his first girlfriend, and while he pinched his nips and crunched his abs, he set forth that cock into the air with such force, it made you wonder just how much would actually fit in the mouth the oozing precum covered head so desperately was hungering for. The band of pale skin around his middle seemed to make that sculpted set of ass cheeks glow and draw attention to that bull sized, bloated ball sack that seemed to start somewhere about mid-thigh on his flexed, hard frame and are so full of sperm, they still hang low even as looks down and smiles, staring directly into that head of that brown cock until he frosts those coiled abs with a thick heavy load from a dick that instead of going down, is still twitching as he waves good bye.

Starring Felipe
  • released : 12-17-2005 |