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Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun, Scene #01

Back for some more “other side of the fence” man-to-man action is one of CircleJerkBoys fav's, Rex. This 25 yr. old x-marine has a natural way of attracting 3 things : “Girls, Girls & Girls!” Sadly, most turn out ot be a lil crazy! After having Rex work you over with his thick 9” fuck stick—WHO could blame 'em?! Seriously! He loves dark haired girls with dark eyes & a nice bootie (i.e. Latin girls, basically!). Lucky for us, we happen to know that this horn dog doesn't mind the occasional walk on the wild side. So we've been able to get him together with the next best thing, sexy latin boys! Last time he was here, a couple months ago, we paired him up with bad boy, Speedy; which turned out to be an explosive session. This week we brought back sexy 24yr old Eli. Last time we had Eli here this Cuban cutie half a latin twosome that was muy caliente! Eli, currently in school, has been too busy to do much other than the routine jack off to keep him from going crazy. Eli is versatile, but admits he loves giving head the most. So, if he loves 'giving' head & Rex loves 'getting it'…Why are we still talking? Let the games begin!!Together on the couch, Rex is already hard by the time Eli reaches over to inspect what's for dinner. Rex lays back & gives him full access & wastes no time in losing his shorts. Eli toys with the massive meat for a few minutes through Rex' boxers but he has sights on more than copping a feel. His boxers lose the coin toss & disappear; followed by Rex' thick cock—down Eli's throat! The looks on Rex' face tells you everything you need to know. BLISS! Eyes closed & moaning as Eli sucks his cock to the hilt like a starved calf. Rex bobs Eli's head up & down as he enjoys the servicing he's getting. Rex can't pass up reaching over to sample the sweet ass that will soon be his for the taking! Eli doesn't flinch as he works Rex' slick cock. No matter the position Rex fucks his face in; Eli is on it! Lying back as he strokes his own fat uncut cock; Eli nurses on Rex' cock as it dangles inches from his hungry mouth! Eli wasn't kidding—He LOVES suckin' cock …and from the look on Rex's face he's damn good too!It's go time as we see our x-marine use his battering ram to gain access. Like any straight boy —He wants IN! Eli grunts & groans, cringing as Rex continues his assault. It isn't long before Eli is taking his fat cock to the hilt. Rex h olds it by the base as he pulls out & slams back inside. It isn't til he flips slim Eli over that he's able to get his deep one. His heavy balls slap against Eli's smooth ass. Eli can't contain his moans & the look on Rex' face now buried ball deep says it all! 'We done good, Ma!' Eyes rolling back & at full speed, Rex plows into Eli missionary style. Eli submitting to Rex' desires, bites his lip & moans his complete approval. The chemistry between these two is unmistakable. The action works them into a fuck-frenzy & like unexpected credits in a great movie they stop fucking to lay side by side to finish off by hand. Rex is the first to explode & he does just that —explode! His load sprays high into the air scattering his smooth body with jizz. Eli, who had just had Rex playing Prostate Pool deep inside him, unleashes a geyser of seed. The first two blasts hit his smooth chest and the other five land on his abs. Whew! We need to watch that again!

Starring Eli
  • released : 02-08-2008 |

Pop In & Press Play...

Pop In & Press Play..., Scene #01

Seeing Miguel's sable brown hair swing as he got his nut a few weeks ago was like seeing the mane of a wild pony caught in the breeze as he galloped down a mountain. As hot as Miguel looked when we first met him with that hair braided up, seeing that crowning glory hanging free was even hotter. Or maybe it was the way his tight body is covered by a light dusting of brown hair across his chest, onto his abs, into his thick pubes and down to his strong legs that is so irresistible. Or could it be that seven inch cock that never seems to go soft? Or the way he looks at the camera, almost daring you to join him? Perhaps it's that rough on the edges bad boy thing that hooked us or not knowing if those home made tats were inked during some time in jail that reels us in? Whatever it is, he has something that sets him apart and we wanted more. Eli is a 24 year old with an ass that even a straight man would want to tap and we decided to test that theory on Miguel with results that prove a hole may be a hole, but even for a straight guy, a hot ass is a fuck!When Eli first reached over to explore Miguel's crotch, Miguel looked like he was not sure whether this was really happening but at the same time, his cock responded instantly and seemed to take him along with for the ride. Eli could not wait to get his hands on that cock, but teased until his knees almost gave out. Standing face to face, Miguel reaches tentatively over to Eli, actually pausing in mid air for a moment before he made first contact with the male flesh. The charge must have been electric as rather than pull his hand away, he gave us one of those moments so unexpected, we still have to watch the tape to believe it, as he leaned down and planted a rock solid kiss on Eli complete with that dirty talking tongue. Gently feeding Eli his cock, which has swollen longer and thicker than we had ever seen it before, Miguel adapted quickly and served Eli his cock like a prized vintage from his own private cellar.Eli's cock was rock hard just in anticipation of where that cock was going next and it seemed in the blink of an eye, the condom was gone, Eli was bent over the head board, and Miguel was pounding Eli's ass like a freight train, slapping those cheeks as he gave that ass the riding it was begging for: steady, hard and deep. Miguel moved him to all fours on the bed and picked up right where he left off, offering us the picture of that long hair dancing on his back, that ink shiny with sweat and Eli's face contorted in the expression of sheer bliss from the sensations he was receiving on the opposite end. Eli took the lead for a quick second, riding Miguel's cock and Miguel even reached around and gave Eli's thick meat a stroke or two before tossing him on his back, hoisting Eli's legs on his shoulders, and ramming away for the final assault. Rolling back on the bed and breathing like athletes who just completed a marathon, Miguel rubbed Eli's leg as Eli fired off a load that blasted all the way to his shoulders and Miguel soon followed. Our next mission is to try and get the tables turned and let Miguel find out of it is as good to receive as it is to give. Stay tuned!

Starring Eli, Miguel
  • released : 10-13-2006 |