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Dylan Roberts's Video

You're Way Hotter

You're Way Hotter, Scene #01

Well, last week after having Chicago's own Damian Taylor give us a private strip, shower and stroke-off session, we couldn't help but have him back for more. Our members may have loved watching this chiseled morsel get all cleaned up; but this week we intend to watch him get all hot and sweaty. For those of you who missed his debut last week, Damian is 26 and a recent transplant to South Beach from the Midwest. Damian is in good hands this afternoon as we welcome back Dylan Roberts. Dylan is a familiar face to us here and this 23yo hottie is from Northern Cali. When it comes to hot men we asked these two to tell us their thoughts on where to find the most. 'For me, I recently moved here, Miami' says Dylan 'you have a big pool of different ethnicities and all exotic beauties both male and female. It's like a cesspool of Beautiful.' Can't say we've ever heard that before; but, we'll take it. Damian confirms Miami but also has to throw Chicago in the mix. There are definitely a lot of hotties in the Midwest. Both being melting pot cities, it affords them a large variety of features and 'things' to lust after. Well, today we have two hotties right here to lust after so...who wants to go first? Damian is showing Dylan pics of Chicago and his Ex back home. Dylan thinks the Ex is 'alright'. Damian balks that Dylan doesn't think his Ex was all that hot. 'Well you're way hotter than that' Dylan says as he goes in for a kiss. Worked like a charm as they start to make out. Damian peels of Dylan's tank and jeans as he slides south to take care of that cock. Dylan lays back and moans as Damian goes to work on his hard cock. Dylan's au natural this time and his chest fur looks sexy. Damian can't get enough of that meat and no matter what position Dylan gets into, Damian remains latched on to his cock. Damian then stands to make out with Dylan some more as Dylan takes down his pants to get at that tight little ass. His cinnamon complexion contrasts Dylan's nicely, as Dylan gets down between those legs to suck some dick. He runs his hands up Damian's smooth, tight abs as he worships that hard cock. Dylan looks up at Damian making sure he's doing a good job as he continues to slobber on that thick meat. Damian loves the attention he's getting on that dick and leans back to give him more to eat. Dylan instinctively slides his tongue up inside that hot little ass making a meal out of it. Dylan laps and sucks on that hole getting it nice and wet as Damian squirms. 'I'm gonna fuck this ass' Dylan announces as he gets up and puts that dick at Heaven's door. (...back door, that is!) He slides his thick dick deep into Damian's hole as Damian spreads his legs apart to give Dylan more access. Dylan pounds that hot ass hard and deep as Damian moans his appreciation. Dylan leans down and kisses Damian as he takes that ass on the incline bench ramming every inch of dick he can up inside him. Then they take the party to the couch as they lay on their sides with Dylan spooning Damian as he keeps drilling that dick inside that ass. Damian can't help but stroke his meat as Dylan's balls slap away at that ass. Damian then straddles Dylan so he can have more control as he rides that cock at his own pace. He bounces that hot hole up and down on Dylan's cock with ease before maneuvering into missionary. Dylan takes it home as he pins Damian's thighs down and fucks him silly. Dylan's cock hits that spot just right making Damian's thick cock start to spew cum even before he's ready to. Damian starts to jerk off faster wanting to cum and as he does he blows his load while Dylan is still fucking him silly. Dylan pulls out just in time and shoots his load all over Damian's chest, abs and cum-covered cock. Oooooh, what a little lust can do! lol

  • released : 11-21-2012 |

Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer, Scene #01

Dylan Roberts is back and turning up the heat this week as he helps us welcome a new face to the circle. We can never get enough of 23yo Dylan who is originally from Northern California; but it's Brandon Ford who makes his debut with us this week. We're pretty sure you're gonna love this smooth, 24yo southern boy that hails from Mobile, AL. He even has a slight twang to his voice. Oh goody. With the elections looming, we wondered how these two felt about all the campaigning. Brandon is over it and tired of hearing about it. Dylan has been too busy to follow all the drama but figures that Ryan Paul guy doesn't seem all there. (Out of the mouth of babes.) We then asked these boys what the last thing they splurged on for themselves. Brandon treated himself to some nice clothes while Brandon splurged on a really nice steak dinner. Turning to topics of the sexual kind, we asked these horny boys what the last thing they jacked off to. Dylan grins as he admits the last thing he used for inspiration as he stroked off was his own hot self during one of his cam shows. Brandon, blushes as he confesses that the last thing he jacked off to was a hot scene featuring none other than Dylan Roberts. ...How conveeenient! Brandon and Dylan are filling out there forms and start to break the ice over the questionnaire. 'So, do you have any special talents?' Dylan laughs as Brandon coyly teases him about waiting to find out. Dylan is still intrigued that he was the last thing Brandon jacked off to so he asks him about it. 'It was a really hot scene, I kid you not' Brandon blushes, 'I've wanted your dick in my mouth ever since.' Dylan can't pass that up as he undoes his pants and hauls out his growing cock. Brandon gets on his knees as Dylan stands up and drops'em. He moans as he gets that dick worshiped by his new play mate. Brandon shoves that dick deep down his throat as he works that thick cock from knob to base. Dylan can't get enough of that mouth on his meat as he helps bob Brandon's head on it. Brandon then gets up and drops his own to give Dylan something to work on. Dylan sits down and gets to work taking every inch of Brandon's meat down his throat. Dylan loves his thick cock and latches on to it sucking it hard and getting Brandon rock hard. Brandon's definitely gonna have a lot more to jerk off to next time he beats off!Brandon then gets Dylan bent over the chair as he spreads that hot ass and goes in for more. 'You got a hot ass' he groans before ramming his tongue inside. Brandon knows exactly what he's doing as he tongue fucks and fingers Dylan's tight hole, making it wet and Dylan hornier for more. Dylan then returns the favor as he gets Brandon on the couch; holds his legs up and shoves his face into that ass. He sucks on Brandon's hot hole and rams his tongue inside it. Brandon squirms as he gets that hole worked. 'I want you to fuck me!' Brandon begs while Dylan's tongue is still buried deep. Dylan is more than happy to oblige as he slides inside missionary. Dylan is fucking that hot ass deep in no time as Brandon groans with ecstasy. He slams his dick inside as his balls slap at that ass. Dylan then switches it up by getting Brandon to bend over so he can take that ass doggy style. His cock glides back inside that hole as he picks up the pace. Dylan then sits back and has Brandon ride his dick to bring them home. Dylan's hard dick makes Brandon shoot all over himself as he rides it. Dylan then gets Brandon to lie on the floor so he can sit on the couch and straddle his head. He beats off inches above Brandon's face and when he finally blows his wad he aims south shooting all over Brandon's face and chest.

  • released : 09-28-2012 |

Roberts' Rules Of Orgasm

Roberts' Rules Of Orgasm, Scene #01

It's been far too long since we've seen our first stud, Cameron Adams. Cameron is 24 and currently lives in Los Angeles. California is the common denominator as we also welcome back sexy Dylan Roberts. Dylan is 21 and from Northern California. Getting reacquainted with these two, we asked them if they had 5 minutes to talk to anyone in the world who they would talk to. “Hmmm” was the unison response. lol “Does God count?” asks Cameron. He seems to have a few questions up his sleeve for the Guy in the Sky. Dylan wouldn't mind asking God a few questions himself; but more practically would pick his Grandfather that passed away before he was born. We then asked if they've ever been caught “handling” their business. “Never!” gasps Dylan who apparently learned how to lock a door. Cameron admits he's been busted a couple times by his roommate jackin off in front of the big screen TV. We then wondered what their favorite thing to do in bed. “Eat ass” is Cameron's favorite even if he's bottoming. “I love cuddling” confesses Dylan almost apologetically. Awww. Team Dylan all the way! lol —On that note…Dylan is sitting back on his workout bench and playing with his rock hard cock through his jeans. Cameron comes in and finds him rubbing himself. “We need to get going we're going to be late” Cameron says before realizing Dylan's not going anywhere til he takes care of his morning wood. They strip as they tumble onto the couch. Dylan has Cameron's rock hard cock down his throat in seconds as he starts to work that dick. Cameron can only gasp as Dylan devours his raging boner. Dylan is hungry for that cock but he can't be the only one having fun. Cameron gets up and kneels before Dylan so he can return the favor. Dylan's uncut cock is aching as Cameron wraps his lips around it. Cameron has no trouble deep throating that dick making Dylan moan and groan in disbelief. You can't learn that disappearing trick in just any magic book. Cameron then picks Dylan's legs up to get at what he really wants—that ass. He licks that hot ass like a lollipop. Dylan's eyes roll as Cameron eats that ass shoving his tongue deep inside.“You wanna fuck it?” teases Dylan as Cameron suits up and gets ready to ride. He slides his thick cock deep into Dylan's smooth hole. He's fucking him missionary and as he does, we get an amazing view of Cameron's ass. He leans forward and makes out with Dylan as he continues to give him the fuck he's needed. Cameron's smooth balls are slapping away on Dylan's ass as they continue their fuck session. Then its time to change it up as Dylan suits up and lies back on the couch. Cameron's gonna get some of that dick after all as he straddles Dylan and sits right down on it. Cameron's tight ass is making Dylan nuts as he starts to slam his dick up into that hot hole. “Fuck up into me” Cameron begs as Dylan obliges. Dylan's cock is hitting Cameron in all the right places—but wait, there's more. Dylan then gets Cam on his back as he starts to fuck him missionary. Dylan can't believe how hot that ass feels on his dick. He picks up the pace literally fucking the cum out of Cameron. Dylan is next as he too unloads sending his own troops splattering all over cum-covered Cameron.

  • released : 02-18-2011 |

Waters' Edge

Waters' Edge, Scene #01

Turn down the thermostat, fellas; it's about to get hotter in here. Back with us this week is none other than Gavin Waters. Gavin is looking as hot as always and this 23 year old never fails to please. He's the epitome of Southern charm. Speaking of charming, we have a new face to add to the circle today that comes from the west coast. Dylan Roberts is here and we can't wait to welcome him into the fold. Dylan is 21 and from that City by the Bay - San Francisco. We asked these two what drink would best describe their lives. Dylan says he just loves shots of tequila str8 up. Guess this one hit the ground running as soon as he hit 21. “He likes quickies” laughs Gavin. Gavin says he would go with Sex on the Beach or just add more liquor and make it an Orgy on the Beach. Now there's a drink worth looking into. We asked these if there was anything our viewers would be surprised to know about them past the usual assumptions. Dylan feels if guys take the time to know him he's very personable. So, don't assume just cuz he's hot he's got nothing to offer. Gavin just wants people to know he's just a laid back kind of guy and that he doesn't take himself too seriously. Well, we'll go with that and let's get this party started…Gavin is lying in bed and is tugging on his cock when Dylan comes knocking wondering what's taking him so long? Apparently there's more than basketball on Gavin's mind and he blushes as he confesses he wants to play with something else as he pulls Dylan into bed. They start to make out as they get this game going. This is a much better game regardless since everybody wins. Dylan licks at Gavin's pecs and smooth body as his own clothes get peeled off. Gavin's body is defined and Dylan pulls his uncut cock out of one of the holes in Gavin's jeans. Not just fashionable, these jeans are functional as well as Dylan gets a mouthful of cock to work. He sucks on Gavin's rock hard cock as he licks and savors that cock and foreskin. Dylan deep throats that meat while Gavin just moans in ecstasy. They then get on the bed and into a hot 69 so that Gavin can return the favor. He works Dylan's rock hard cock while Dylan continues nursing on his. All this foreplay is just getting these two hornier for a lot more than just oral.Dylan suits up and sits back as he watches Gavin ease himself onto his rock hard cock. Gavin's sweet ass soon envelopes his rock hard cock and the real fun begins. He helps Gavin as he bounces him on his cock. Gavin loves every inch of it as he grinds away at that California cock. Then they switch as Gavin bends Dylan over and delivers some southern hospitality. He fucks that ass doggy style as he slams that thick uncut cock deep inside out newest discovery. Gavin then moves Dylan back to his bed where he starts to fuck him missionary. Dylan holds his legs up in the air as he gives up that sweet ass to Gavin. Gavin pounds away at that hole as his balls pull tight. The chemistry between these two is obvious and at the rate their going it won't be long before they explode. Gavin fucks Dylan some more before pulling out and moving up to Dylan's chest to unload all over him. Dylan's chest becomes the target as Gavin drenches it with his thick load. Dylan then jacks his own thick load out all over his delicious frame as Gavin eggs him on. Mmmm. Fuck Basketball, that's the way to spend a lazy afternoon.

  • released : 09-17-2010 |