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Dizzy's Video

Goin' For A Ride

Goin' For A Ride, Scene #01

Was it just because he had such a sculpted face? Or perhaps it's those abs you could use for a washboard and clean your towels with? Or could it have been that set of buns that was almost too perfect for words? Or just maybe it was the fact that not only is he 25 years-old and married that caused Dizzy to have a rapport that seemed to reach right through the camera and cause so many to open their pants and rub off a load watching him? Perhaps the biggest reason was the confidence he showed, as in his own words, “I want to live out my wild side and that journey starts right here on CircleJerkBoys.” It must have been as good for Dizzy as it was for us as not only did he agree to try a little experimenting with Mike Hawk, though there was definitely some first timer fumbling and awkwardness associated with two guys having their first male-male experience, once he got used to the sensations coming from that vibrator Mike worked into Dizzy's hole, he started raising up and riding that pocket rocket. There was definitely not a gun to his head, just a smile on his face.This time around, Isaac took the lead. And far from the first tentative smooch Dizzy tried with Mike before, this time he opened his mouth and eagerly ushered in Isaac's tongue with the real smoking gun of where this was going being the bulge in Dizzy's shorts which went from “condo” to “condominium” as soon as their lips met! Isaac takes notice and then takes a hold of Dizzy's throbbing meat and then begins the suck fest by taking Dizzy's meat to the balls and undressing him at the same time. Isaac lies on his back while Dizzy goes down for a taste until Isaac's hips begin to pump with anticipation until he stands and grabs Dizzy's head as he fucks his mouth as a prelude to what Dizzy can expect next!Both of their cocks are rock hard and throbbing now, the veins on the underside visibly bloated with what promises to be a hell of blast. Peppered with the long stares into the camera as if looking directly into you, neither Dizzy or Isaac make you feel like you are intruding, but seem to be inviting us along for the ride. Moving over to the night stand, Dizzy turns his attention to Isaac's ass, signaling that the riding is about to begin and no little starter toy this time; Dizzy is getting a man's cock up that hole and Isaac is only to glad to pop that cherry. Licking and eating it as if he knew exactly what he is doing, Isaac then throws Dizzy's legs behind his head and takes a lick and that is all the delay Dizzy could take. Now in control and ready for his first ride, Dizzy climbs onto Isaac's cock and, gritting his teeth and wincing a bit, he takes it all. Moving into doggie position, Dizzy moans begging for a good fuck and Isaac is more than happy to oblige! Dizzy must have had one tight hole as Isaac covers his own abs with one of the biggest loads we have ever seen. Dizzy shows Isaac his appreciation by giving Isaac a facial that covers him from forehead to chin.

Starring Dizzy, Isaac
  • released : 08-18-2006 |

Hitch-cocks Vertigo

Hitch-cocks Vertigo, Scene #01

The voice was hushed and very sexy and belonged to 25 year old named “Dizzy.” He flatly proclaimed it was the day for some self-discovery of his wild side. Just from his tone, we knew we had a hottie on our hands and it seemed he couldn't wait to explore his porn star destiny - or at least, the chance to show off for a camera, that had been bottled upside and couldn't stay that way one more day. In person, he was all that he sounded to be and then some. A tight, fit body, wash board abs, a mop of tousled hair, a boyish twinkle and a bulge in his pants he couldn't keep his hand off even as he waited for us to open the door.He came in contraction clothes but carrying a duffle bag too. We later found out he told the Mrs. he was going to work on a new job site for the day and while we had not bricks for him to lay, he proved to be able to build a flag pole like a master craftsmen!. The idea of being an exhibitionist on the down low seemed to make him ever hotter and all we could say was “bring it on!”Dizzy has the body and looks of a fashion model and he really knows how to work his stuff. His beautiful smooth skin and spiked hair really looked great. The way he knew how to show off his ass in those white boxers had us breathing so heavy you might be able to hear it in the video. Once the boxers were off he showed his hot ass then proceeded to fuck the mattress. We made sure we got plenty of close ups of his virgin breeder hot ass. Then came the time for him to turn over and expose his beautiful hard dick. His balls full of cum as he tempted our camera to go down on it. He puts the head of his cock right up to the lens. Oh how we wish we could film 3D for you. As he strutted along the room and straddling the camera, we knew he was getting close. Dizzy walked over to the corner sat down and began to play with his ass which soon sent loads of white stuff spiraling into the air. We're cooking up an encore for this guy so stay tuned as we'll be getting Dizzy again soon!

Starring Dizzy
  • released : 02-04-2006 |