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Dirty Harry's Video

Babes In Boyland

Babes In Boyland, Scene #01

We met first the Tin Man a few weeks ago when the handsome face, always hard dick and that ass that wet dreams are made of rocked our world. He sent our way Dirty Harry, a Brad Pitt look alike - strike that, we just wish Brad was this hung. We then got them all together with their pal Diamond Dick for a nervous, restrained Breeder Three Way. They all seemed to be holding back, not wanting to be the one to seem to be getting into too much. I knew getting them back two at a time might cure that stage fright and lead to the fireworks we so wanted to see and will you even be glad I was right! There's nothing we love more at CircleJerkBoys.com then when the planets align just right and a breeder guy, or two, or three happen to just land in our lap and we can get 'em naked, put them together and see what happens when the call of cash and hormones alter that little voice in their heads saying ”no way it's a dude” to “Fuck yeah...Mikey Likes it!”They started out a little nervous, giggling a bit as they undressed each other before the Tin Man's fingers went to work giving Dirty Harry a rub down that sent lightening bolts to both of their crotches as soon their boxers were down, there dicks were up and damn if the Tin Man wasn't chowing down on Dirty Harry's thick 7 1/2 inches like a convict savoring every morsel of his last meal before facing the electric chair. Dirty Harry returns the favor, rubbing that bloated leaking dick over those quivering white mounds of the Tin Man's ass cheeks before getting on his knees smoking his buddy's pole. It was obviously this was the first time his lips ever touched another cock - but he didn't seem to mind. The Tin Man rewarded his buddy as his hand made his way to Dirty Harry's own equally delectable untouched ass before they stop, look at each other and do something we almost never see...THEY KISS! As much out of curiosity as passion but they went back for seconds before settling in as Dirty Harry cums right on the Tin Man's chin and down his chest and he soon erupts in a load of his own that leaves his whole body frosted like a birthday cake. There are more stories in the Motor City folks so stay tuned, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Starring Dirty Harry
  • released : 10-22-2005 |

Breeders Of The Pack

Breeders Of The Pack, Scene #01

Not long after the Tin Man showed off his amazing ass and rock hard cock, he said he had a friend who looked like Brad Pit and he sent Dirty Harry our way. He called back a second time to say he also had a buddy with a huge cock and untapped wild streak and that's how we met Diamond Dick.The it was our turn to make a call and see what would happen if we rounded up a pile of cash, a mountain of beer and the hottest porn we could find and get all three of them to jack off together. With plenty of persuading, more so from the land lord then us no doubt, they finally agreed for a trio whack! There is a playful innocence and a more then just a touch of boyish curiosity as they slowly undressed each other, peeling each others shirts off and exposing three muscular, smooth chests. Then they actually tugged each other's boxers off. There was a chorus of nervous giggles as clearly this was the first time they had been boned in front of each other but there's no faking a boner and damned if all three of them didn't have wood right the jump street. See the three of them laying back, three solid bones rock hard, throbbing, and leaking and three swollen, bloated nut sacks and each of them sneaking glances what their buddies were packing when they thought no one could see was a sight to behold. The Tin Man was the first to but, his thick white jets shooting high in the air, followed by Diamond Dan who rolls on his said and lets loose a mega load from that mega dick all over his friends thigh, making Dirt Harry live up to his nickname in more ways then one. Wasn't long before Dirty Harry let his nut go like a fire cracker. We followed them as they all hoped in the shower together and there cock were half hard by the time they were done, yet they were rinsing and soaping up just like the team after the game.We're going to see what happens when get them together two at a time so stay tuned folks...there are at least a couple of chapters left in this story!

Starring Dirty Harry
  • released : 09-24-2005 |

The Dirtiest Angel

The Dirtiest Angel, Scene #01

One look at the face and it strikes you, our Dirty Harry looks like Brad's Pitt's brother - only our version is younger, hornier, and definitely better hung! He looks not at the camera but right through it as if he's reaching inside your pants and getting your hard without even so much as undoing button one.But that soon changes as he unviels every inch of that smooth chest with a soft blonde, but very prounced and surprisingly manly trail right down to the treasure chest inside those boxers. He rubs those boxers with a purpose, playing with the back paskage inside, making the fabric tight until you can clearly see the ridge of the fat cut head and tell tale wet spot at the end. At the last possible moment before you are sure you will pass out unless you see that golden cock, he strips buck naked, that meat throbbing and leaking, those untouched snowy white ass cheeks begging for attention despite the “do not enter sign” blocking passage to the magic kingdom.His hips move like a sexual dynamo, making you wonder how many lucky holes he has filled and from the deep shade of crimson of his sack, he is definitely overdo for a withdrawl, With a soul glance, a curl of the toes and soulful moan, he gets a nut that criss crosses his entire body in a nut that an entire team of footballers would be proud to credit for. Game on Dirty Harry - he shot, and scored !!!

Starring Dirty Harry
  • released : 09-10-2005 |