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Members Only, Scene #01

We last saw Deklan on the eve of a bodybuilding competition where he showed you can indeed improve on perfection. That chiseled, brooding face is still leading-man worthy, but his already fine physique had been honed into a lean, beefy symmetrical slab of muscular perfection, while the endorphins released as he bulked up elevated his already legendary sex drive into the stratosphere. As if he needed any help in the cock department, those fat-free abs made those eight, thick, cut inches of breeder bone appear even larger. And just as in his third appearance here at CircleJerkBoys.com, Deklan has certainly come to terms with the beauty of his ass and his relish at showing it off. Deklan is back for a fifth time, and we think that it's pretty fitting since he has kept our hands busy since the first time we saw this hottie.Deklan has his jeans open and his hand inside his underwear, working his bone before we even start the camera: “I am so horny today, I couldn't wait” he explains. Of course, no explanation is required on our behalf—getting up close and personal as soon as possible with a dick this big and juicy on a man this hot is our favorite way to spend an afternoon. He makes history of his shirt, of course showing off that inked, buff chest as he moves to the chair for some more stroking, before standing up and letting those glorious glutes appear once again. Settling back in the chair, he resumes tending to the object of our mutual affection: his dick. Fisting it through his shorts before tugging it out of the bottom hem, when he stands up and grabs the lube, we know he is getting ready to serve up something delicious, and damn, our appetites, amongst other things, are wet with anticipation. His cock stands out, hands-free against his body, oiled for action and stiff as steel. Not one to let a good greased cock go to waste, Deklan grabs the pocket pussy and proceeds to take it for a test drive. From the look on his face, he is definitely enjoying the ride, but decides nothing is better than his own hand, though that does not stop him from plunging his penis inside the fleshlight once more for good measure. Of course, the best measure of all is now found on the ruler, as his cock is now throbbing hard and lands with a thud against his abs. As he moves to the floor, he spreads his legs and immediately resumes his stroking with a double-fisted, hand-over-hand attack that soon propels a heavy load that lands all over his chest. We are not sure when he will be back from California again, but when he comes back, we will make sure he cums back here!

Starring Deklan Connors
  • released : 10-12-2007 |

Standardized Stroker

Standardized Stroker, Scene #01

Blessed with the face of a soap opera hunk, the sex drive of a fleet of Marines, and an always-hard cock any porn star would be proud to call his own, Deklan makes his triumphant return with that body ripped to shreds and that jaw-breaking dick ready for action. It's not often we have someone worthy of making a fourth appearance here at CircleJerkBoys.com, but then again, it is not often we run across a guy like Deklan.The reigning poster boy of breeder wet dreams, your emails wanted to know more, so during his interview Deklan answers some of questions you posed. These go from his disarming shyness during his first shoot to his third shoot, when he seemed to discover his ass was not strictly decorative. As for today's installment, filmed just days before he was preparing to compete in a physique competition, Deklan is at the top of his game and ready to play.His muscles are so primed that they seem to spill out of the armholes of his shirt and the legs of his shorts, with a big fat lump in the middle indicating those mouth-watering eight inches are just as pumped. There is a look of sheer bliss in his eyes as he works that tent as if it is the center of his universe. As he pries the tank off his torso, he shows off real estate worthy of a fitness magazine cover model. Grabbing his dick and shaking it underneath his shorts, that cock is now so massively engorged that you can see the sharp outline of the over-sized ridge head right through the fabric. As Deklan gets down to his jock, the straps cling to perfectly worked orbs as his cock responds to the excavation he does in the center. He says he is “ready to rock & roll with the hole!” And that rock-hard cock he has achieved in the process is ready to come out and play.Flexing his glutes as his now-undeterred cock points straight down between his legs like a mighty stalactite in a cave of masculinity you will never want to be rescued from, Deklan then stands, turns around, and displays all eight dripping inches. They stick out, hands-free at a perfect ninety degree angle that says, despite how honed to perfection every fiber is on his entire body, this is the muscle he is most proud of out of them all. Usually playing right to the camera, this time Deklan is acting out the porn flick inside his own mind. You can almost feel that cock inside you as his thrusts his hips up and down off the couch, riding the hell out of a hole and riding the crest to orgasm at that very moment. With a thick white covering his heaving abs and a leerful smile that says it all, Deklan may look like he belongs in a soap opera, but he is one dirty boy - and we would not have it any other way!

Starring Deklan Connors
  • released : 07-06-2007 |

Str8's Are Wild

Str8's Are Wild, Scene #01

If you called central casting and wanted to audition 'heart throb' types, as soon as Deklan walked in the door, you'd know there is no reason to look any further. The square jaw and piercing eyes on 24-year-old Deklan are the living definition of handsome. His body is the goal that drives most guys to the gym, and that 8-inch fat cock is the real American idol. Despite having it all on the outside, one of his most charming qualities is the one discovered in his debut here at CircleJerkBoys.com: he was as shy and nervous about dropping “trou” on camera as anyone we had filmed before. It was a bolder, much more confident Deklan who returned to the studio for his second shoot. But that pales in comparison to the stud who came back in today—that big bulge pointing the way. Deklan has now not just embraced his inner porn star, he has unleashed the beast as well as—that mouth-watering cock in a one man show that packs all of the punch of a three-act play and enough sperm to open a fertility clinic.Deklan starts off with a few push ups and that definitely got his blood flowing—flowing right to his cock, as his hand immediately makes a crotch dive to rearrange that bloated fuck-stick to keep it from poking right through his pants. A few more stretches, and Deklan rolls over and does not just show off that pile driving ass, he gives a good slap and tickle right in the center. We know we are looking at a straight guy who has been introduced to the idea that his hole might not be strictly decorative after all. With that potent cocktail of testosterone and endorphins coursing through his veins, he strips off his shirt, mounts the bed, and begins to hump away as he works his jeans and underwear down until those snowy-white glutes are unwrapped like a much hoped for holiday gift. And damn, he was more than ready to start playing.A slap on his open hole is all it took, and while Deklan must have been born with a full-blown hard on and never gone totally soft, even for this walking erection, that huge meat has never reached this proportion before. With long strokes that often start at his hole and work their way over every throbbing inch, Deklan's need for speed eclipses the volume of grease the dispenser's pump can produce. So he pulled off the top and poured the lube all over his cock and ass, rubbing it up into his chest until his entire body was one sweaty, gleaming shrine to masturbation. Laying back, clearly lost in a wave of sensation so powerful he seems to be having an out of body experience, we know it will not be long before his sperm will have an out of body experience of a different kind. With moans so loud and deep they make your own balls tickle, his eyes roll back in his head. And, despite being across the room, Deklan unleashes a rapid fire artillery blast of sperm that uses the lens of the camera as a target; and boy, he does he ever hit the bull's-eye.

Starring Deklan Connors
  • released : 03-30-2007 |

A Porn Star Is Born

A Porn Star Is Born, Scene #01

he minute you saw them, you let us know how you felt; and now all you need is to say their names for the CircleJerkBoys.com All-Stars to make you want to grab your mouse with one hand and your dick in the other: Anthony, Antonio, Sebastian, Dirty Harry. A little while ago, a new name joined that roster; Deklan. It took us a while to get him back here from California just in time for Valentine's Day. We have an encore command performance for the man who brought in an avalanche of email with words like “magnificent, my ultimate fantasy, and perfection in briefs” running though many of them. Leading-man handsome and porn-star hung, this 6'2” strapping hunk of straight stud has a thick 8”-cock that never quits and balls that must work overtime to produce that much cum. Despite having the face, body and cock many of us dream we had, not just to ourselves, but on ourselves, one of the most endearing things of his first foray under the camera was his case of first-time jitters that had him so nervous he was afraid to get completely naked, much less show the magnificent ass. Today is a whole new story, guys, as Deklan struts his stuff like never before.Looking like an actor caught watching porn in his trailer in between takes, Deklan already has his hand stuffed deep into pants, working that fistful of dynamite from even before we have the camera going. Brazen enough to lose his shirt this time, he sprawls back on the arm of the couch and appears lost in the dirty movie playing inside his horny brain. That is, until he stands up and is so hard, the sheer weight of his meat pushes the tightly stretched fabric out of the open fly, showing off the ridge of cock head right through the material. Taking a seat, the view of this hunk stroking away right through his boxer briefs is permanent jack off material. Then he stands, kicks off his shorts, and does something we never expect to see. He moves to the couch, gets on the cushions and spreads wide, allowing the camera an unobstructed view of his meaty ass and no man's land of the hole in the center, even winking right at us. That cost us to pony up a big pile of extra cash, but money well spent! Ahh, to be that couch as he mounts it and grinds away like he was really fucking, but the view gets even better when he straddles the arm once again, this time spreading wide and allowing us total access. From the sexual leer in his eyes, the precum starting to drop from his cock, the dancing of those low hanging nuts and the darkness of that hairy hole below, he is on the cusp of sexual Zen. He is now firmly in the stroke zone and fists that throbbing meat while sitting on the back of the sofa, crouching down on the floor, standing up over us until he can stand it no more and lays down and just in time for Cupid to shoot his bow, Deklan shoots one of his now signature epic loads all over his pecs and stomach.

Starring Deklan Connors
  • released : 02-16-2007 |
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