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Dayton O'Connor's Video

Cum Logan Cum

Cum Logan Cum, Scene #01

Dayton O'Connor is the flavor of the week and everyone knows that this sexy, smooth 25 year old San Diego native never fails to please. Joining Dayton this week is Logan Drake. This is Logan's first shoot anywhere. A VIRGIN?! How often do you hear that on a porn site? Logan is 21 and from Virginia Beach, VA. With his clean cut looks and room brightening smile he's in for quite the career. Dayton is a seasoned veteran and admits he remembers his very first scene. If he had to do it all over again he would've been more of a champ about it. We asked Logan what he was most nervous about on his way here. Logan blushes as he admits wondering who his co-star was going to be. Mostly Logan was excited to get out in front of everyone and start a new chapter in his life. We then asked these boys to pick 3 adjectives they want people to think about when they ponder their careers as adult film stars. Dayton wants to be thought of as aggressive, hot and desirable. Logan would like to become the kind of film star that people know as amazing, sexy and fun. Well, we are pretty sure that Dayton can figure out how to have an amazing and fun time with Mr. McSexy sitting right next to him.Dayton is kicking back on the bench flippin' through a gay porn mag and groping his dick when there's a knock on the door. Logan walks in needing a place to crash for a bit. As Dayton goes to get him a pillow, Logan finds the magazine he's hidden under a cushion. “What's this?” he asks. Dayton blushes and does what anyone would do when cornered, he makes out with him… SCORE!! They pull off each other's tees as they start to explore each other's bodies. Logan leans back on the weight bench as Dayton starts to grope his growing cock. Both of these studs are naturally smooth and defined. Dayton hauls out Logan's cock and starts sucking on it. Logan is rock hard in seconds as he gets his balls licked and cock swallowed. Dayton bobs his head up and down on that dick while letting his fingers roam south getting a sneak peak at that hot ass he has his eyes on.Logan then gets on his knees as he strips Dayton's briefs off. He licks his lips before sliding that throbbing cock inside them. Dayton's eyes roll back as the newbie shows him just what he can do on that thick dick of his. Dayton loves it as he holds Logan's head and face fucks him. He impales his cock all the way down Logan's throat. “Look at me when you do that” he coaches as he watches Logan swallow every inch of dick he's given. Logan effortlessly deep throats that huge cock at will. The new kid got skillz, yo!Logan then gets on the couch as Dayton gets a better taste of that sweet untapped ass. He licks and fingers that hole as he jacks his dick. “Yeah, put your ass in my face” he grunts as he gets that hot hole ready for a proper fucking. His fingers open that sweet ass up making way for a much larger digit. He lays Logan on his back as he lubes up that ass and pushes inside. Slowly that hole concedes as Dayton starts to fuck away at that ass. Logan is taking that dick like a champ as Dayton picks up the pace. He slams that cock deep as he holds Logan's legs up. Dayton then starts to have at that ass as his hot little waist gyrates sending that cock deeper into Logan's ass. Dayton then bends Logan over on all four as he slides in for more doggy style. A view from below gives us a spectacular shot as Dayton's cock slams in and out of Logan's ass. Missionary is next as Dayton continues the fuck fest. This position usually does the trick and as Dayton's thick cock is hitting Logan's prostate it sends him over the edge. “I'm gonna cum, fuck me hard” Logan grunts as Dayton obliges railing his ass deep. Logan explodes all over himself with Dayton pounding him. Dayton then pulls out and unloads another huge load all over Logan.

Starring Dayton O'Connor
  • released : 10-15-2010 |

Dayton & Tory Make A Porno

Dayton & Tory Make A Porno, Scene #01

Well, we have the East coast/West coast connection known as Dayton O'Connor and his real life beau, Tory Mason back with us. Dayton is 24 and from Pennsylvania while Tory is 23 and from Los Angeles. They've been together now for about 6 months and couldn't be happier. These two are quite the duo and with their A&F looks. With Tory's unique sense of humor these two will go far. We asked these two what they would do if they were to hit it big, what would they blow their money on. “Lube” is Tory's immediate response. Classic Tory! These two are here to do their second scene with us. They don't get to do many scenes together, so it's a treat for all involved. When it comes to fantasy scenes or partners that they might want to invite into the mix, Tory says he would want a hot Latin boy. Blond cutie seeks dark Latin lover. That makes perfect sense since opposites do attract. Dayton, on the other hand, would want a “big, muscular, bear, jock boy”. Dayton's reply just went multiple choice (as well as multiple partners). It's always healthy to fantasize; but these two aren't ready for that kind of action anytime soon. Looking at these sexy studs with their jock looks, great personalities and ever ready fun sticks, we don't see the need to be adding anything extra to the mix.They begin playing around on the bed before they begin their first “private video”. Cam in hand, Dayton aims at his hottie who is slowly stripping his clothes off while trying to keep a straight face. Tory's loving it as he flexes his pecs and shows off his defined bod. He turns around to give the cam a better view of his ass, followed by the unveiling of his package. He starts to play with his cock, then all bets are off. Tory rushes the cameraman as they begin to make out. Tory then grabs the cam and gets a close up of his beau as he starts to strip off his shirt. Dayton's hands roam and find Tory's hot smooth ass. He wets his finger and slips it inside while Tory moans softly. His ass looks amazing as Dayton teases his hole. Tory then stands and kicks off his briefs. He straddles Dayton's chest and feeds him his cock. We get up close and personal footage of Dayton sucking Tory's jock meat. Dayton takes the cam next and zooms in as Tory goes to work on his thick dick. Tory spits on his knob and lubes it before going down on it. He strokes Dayton's cock and licks those balls, driving Dayton crazy. He licks the knob and jerks it, either holding out on the oral or just teasing him mercilessly. You decide.Dayton's had enough as he puts Tory on all fours and spreads that beautiful ass wide open. His smooth, hairless hole is in sight, and Dayton can't resist. He goes in and starts eating that pink hole out as he teases it with his tongue and fingers, getting it ready for his cock. He slowly slides his finger and orders Tory to back up onto it, which he does without hesitation. He slowly starts to rub his knob on Tory's bare hole, asking him if he wants that dick in him? Rhetorical questions can be SO hot! Tory's ready, and Dayton lubes up that sweet hole and slowly claims his prize. His cock slides deep inside him, and he's banging away soon enough. Tory is just as aggressive as he bucks that hot ass right back onto Dayton's throbbing meat. The chemistry is incendiary as these two fuck like animals. Dayton leans down and hugs Tory's chest as he continues to barrel into his hungry hole. The sound of his balls slapping that ass may fill the room, but Missionary is next. Day slides that dick back inside for more as Tory keeps giving it up. After he gets his fill he lies back as Tory sits on his cock. Tory rides his dick hard and it sends him over the edge. “Are you ready?” he groans seconds before busting all over Dayton's chest. Dayton isn't far behind as he sends his own massive load all over himself. That's a wrap.

  • released : 11-20-2009 |

More Than Friends

More Than Friends, Scene #01

This week we have a whole lot of jock to go round as we bring you two new faces on CircleJerkBoys. The first is Dayton O'Connor. Dayton is 24 and he's from Pennsylvania. At his side is Tory Mason. Tory is 23 and he's from Los Angeles. It is going to be an East coast/West Coast connection. There's actually a 'connection' between these two every night since these two studs with the chiseled frames and Abercrombie type features are, in fact, an item. They met on the beach and Tory admits he was stalking him for a while and eventually he just had to have him. They've been together for 3 months now and Tory admits his favorite feature that Dayton brings to the table is his thick cock. Woof! Dayton follows up with the fact that Tory's hole is the hottest thing Tory brings to the table. These two are incorrigible and while Dayton smiles and admits that Tory's sense of humor is a turn on. Tory professes he just loves how dumb Dayton is. Don't get them started. lol They both like watching porn together and like to explore new things as well. They even would even consider sharing a guy together but that has yet to happen. We'd love to be a fly on those walls when they decide to stray together. For now, we'll get to see what it looks like when they don't and the need to breed succeeds! Gentlemen, Start your engines!Tory starts off giving his beau a foot rub and as he rubs his hands moves north until it finds its way into Dayton's shorts. Dayton responds immediately getting up to kiss his better half. They start making out, their tongues dancing as they begin to grope and explore each other. Tory pulls off his tee exposing his ripped frame. Dayton kisses him and strips off his shorts to get at that cock of his which is already straining to play. His briefs can't hold it in as Dayton hauls it out and immediately goes down on it. Tory's cock is rock hard and he watches as Dayton sucks his thick dick until his nuts meet Dayton's chin. Dayton teases Tory's smooth balls as he gives his briefs one finial tug leaving him in the buff. He can't seem to get enough of Tory's meat and as he does his finger finds its way into Tory's sweet hole. We know where he's headed; but he's just not there yet. He gets up and strips so that Tory can get some dick of his own. Tory immediately begins to stroke Dayton's hard cock as he gets on his knees before him. Dayton moans as Tory swallows his cock and gets his dick spit lubed as well for the fun to cum. This has only begun and Dayton wants to get Tory ready for the main event.Dayton bends Tory over and we get an amazing view of his jock ass as he forces his finger deep inside his tight ass. He needs reinforcements as he dives in tongue first. He licks and sucks on that sweet ass getting Tory hornier for that dick of his. Once he's primed, Tory straddles Dayton and climbs aboard as he takes every inch of that thick dick. He easily rides that dick as Dayton's balls start to slap his smooth bubble butt. Dayton's smooth balls are pulled tight as he fucks him and the view from above while Tory grinds his hole on Dayton's meat is insane. Now it's Tory who can't get enough dick as he holds on to Dayton's neck and chest, kissing him as he bucks his sculpted frame back and forth as he impales himself repeatedly. 'Turn around on it' Day orders as Tory gets off his cock only to sit back on it. In this position Dayton can bend Tory over and fuck him silly as he holds onto his waist. Tory arches his back and braces himself on Dayton's rock hard abs as he gets his ass pounded. In this position we get to watch Dayton's dick impaling Tory's ass as Tory's rock hard cock bounces airborne like a diving board. Dayton then gets Tory in a doggy position so he can fuck him and grind that dick as deep as he can bury it. That does the trick and in no time these two are busting their loads all over each other as they both shoot their loads all over Tory's delicious bod. Mmm. Got Milk…cookies anyone?.

  • released : 10-16-2009 |