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Danny Brooks's Video

Brooks Gets Done

Brooks Gets Done, Scene #01

We have two favorites back in town! We're happy to have Richie Sabatini and Danny Brooks. Richie is 22 years old and a home grown boy from right here in Miami. He's from Miami, Bitch! Danny, who's been gone for over a year, is 25 years old and from Arizona. Danny's back to show us more than just his papers this week and we can't wait to get reacquainted with this hot stud. Both of these studs are young, hung and in peak shape. We asked them if they were able to pick what animal they came back as in their next life, what animal would that be? Richie immediately said he'd want to be a bird or anything that could fly. He best be specific or he'll come back as Rocky, the flying squirrel. Richie wants to be able to fly high and look into condos where hot guys are fucking and get a bird's eye view—literally. Danny wants to be a Lion, '…because of the actual sophistication and the actual domination of the kingdom.' Riiiight. We think he just wants a pride of lionesses doing everything for him. We then asked them if there was any one person they would switch places with for 24 hours, and lead their lives. Richie wants to be Hugh Heffner. (…there's a fantasy totally lost on most of us); while Danny wants to be the President of these United States.They start to make out as they help each other out of their clothes. Both of these studs are naturally smooth and they have sexy defined bodies. Danny's tongue finds its way to Richie's nipple as it begins to explore his delicious chest. Richie then decides to take his own tongue on an expedition as he licks down Danny's abs heading for the growing bulge in his briefs. Richie teases him a bit before hauling out his growing cock as he pulls Danny's brief to the side. He swallows Danny's cock to the hilt as Danny moans and groans his appreciation. Richie knows just what to do on that rock hard cock and he soon has Danny exactly where he wants him. Danny then asks if he can return the favor. He drops to his knees as Richie obliges. Richie's cock is rock hard in anticipation as Danny start to lick his smooth low hangers. He takes his cock in his mouth as he looks up at Richie with lust in his eyes. “Oh yeah, that feels so good” coos Richie as he watches Danny suck on his throbbing meat. Danny takes his time as he works all over Richie's hard cock and balls. Richie begs him to deep throat his cock unable to get enough of Danny's hot mouth. Can't say we blame him really.They then get into a steamy 69 so they can both get more dick to suck on. Danny takes top bunk as his head bobs up and down on all the Miami meat he can handle. Richie is on his back sucking dick and already exploring that sweet smooth ass he'll soon be plowing. “I want that ass” he says as he playfully slaps Danny's ass. “Oh, slow down” begs Danny as Richie starts fucking his sweet ass. Danny's bent over the couch arm and taking Richie's cock doggie style. Richie's cock feels amazing and it feels way to good to slow down as he continues tapping that sweet ass. Danny then wants that cock in another position as he moves over to the chaise and gets on his back. Richie's one step behind him as he quickly slides his dick back in for more. Danny grunts as Richie continues to stretch is ass wide and bury his meat deep. A shot from the back gives us a jaw-dropping view of Richie's own hot ass as he buries that dick into Danny's. Richie then gets Danny into a hot pile driver position as he slowly does squats into that hot hole. Richie's dick is rock hard and Danny looks insanely hot as he holds his legs wide open in a spread eagle. Soon they're both ready to explode as they sit back side by side and unload their hot loads all over themselves.

  • released : 07-23-2010 |

Nailing The Rail

Nailing The Rail, Scene #01

Two fresh faces join us this week as we bring you even more goodies for the Holidays. Bobby Rail is 24 and originally from West Palm Beach, FL. This blond hottie with the sun-kissed tan loves it here in Florida. His ideal Saturday night would involve lots of Techno, strobe lights, and a club where he can dance. Bobby likes to party. Today he'll be partying with an Arizona import by the name of Danny Brooks. Danny is also 24 and loves living out in the desert. He hasn't had as good an impression of Florida since it's been rainy the last few days. Well, his forecast calls for hot weather ahead. Danny is more of a home body and admits his ideal Saturday night would involve a relaxing evening at home. These two couldn't be further apart on the interests scale. Fortunately, we know that opposites attract. They are both sexual and Bobby admits he started suckin cock at about 12. Danny got his start a few years later at 15. They both like to jack off and both prefer using their imagination vs. porn or mags. We asked if there was something they've been fantasizing about that has yet to happen in real life. Bobby drew a blank; but Danny grinned and said he wants two dudes in him. A little DP never hurt no body (…watching). lol Today, Bobby is going to bottom for the first time ever on cam; so he can at least check that off his fantasy “to do” list.They start kissing as their hands roam free. Danny peels off Bobby's tee as his hands and tongue begin to explore his sexy chest. His tongue dances on his chest covered in a light coat of fur. Bobby then takes Danny's tee off exposing his naturally smooth frame. Danny's shorts come off and then Bobby loses his jeans. Now that Bobby is in the buff there's nothing stopping Danny from getting a better look at that meat of his. He goes down on Bobby's cock that is quickly awakening and growing by the second. Danny slowly sucks on Bobby's hard cock and it isn't long before Bobby wants to return the favor. Danny loses his briefs and sits back giving Bobby access to his boner. Bobby gets down between his legs grabs his aching meat and starts to slowly savor every delicious inch Danny has to offer. Danny then goes back down on Bobby as they exchange blow jobs. Danny slowly sucks on Bobby's cock that is now aching for attention. As we watch Danny go down on Bobby, we get an amazing shot of his smooth ass as he's bent over face first into Bobby's meat. Danny's cock is rock hard and will soon need a lot more than oral to satisfy it.Danny sits back on the couch with his rock hard cock pointing out the big dipper while Bobby starts to ease his hot ass down onto it. He's slowly getting comfortable to his anal invader as his ass starts to slowly give way. Soon Bobby is riding Danny's cock slowly as he gets used to its girth. He arches back and holds still as Danny starts to pump his dick up into him. Soon Danny's holding Bobby's beefy ass as he bounces it up and down on his rock hard cock. By now, the pain has turned to pleasure as Bobby stands up so that Danny can fuck him easier. Danny slides his cock back in, and as we get a shot from below, we watch as his cock impales Bobby's hot ass as his low hangers slowly slap that sweet ass. Bobby gyrates his hot ass back up onto Danny's cock, reveling in the moment. They then move to the couch where Danny slides his meat back inside Bobby in a missionary position. The over the shoulder shot is intense as we watch Danny slowly, methodically pump Bobby's hungry ass. The look on sexy Bobby's face says it all as he is getting fucked closer and closer to orgasm. Bobby's stroking his fat dick in time to every thrusts Danny's giving him. That ultimately does the trick as they lie side by side and stroke off until they explode each sending their thick and creamy cargo all over themselves. Damn. —Ya gotta love that.

  • released : 12-18-2009 |