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Damon Audigier's Video

Park & Ride

Park & Ride, Scene #01

This week we have two surprises for our members. First, it's the return of Damon Audigier. It's been a while since we've seen this hottie and we're really glad to have him back in the house. We also have a fan favorite from our brother site, ExtraBigDicks making his debut with us. Parker Brookes is back and we're sure you're in for a hot time with these two horny studs. Parker is originally from Mobile, AL and this sexy 22 year old with those pouty lips is a welcome site no matter what site he's on. Originally from Clinton, OK, Damon is 20 years old and a long way from Oklahoma. They are both connected with technology these days and both have their trusty cell phones, Droids and iPhones alike. We asked them what their favorite app was. For Damon, he loves his Twitter app; while Parker loves Facebook and networking apps. Fortunately they are both responsible cell users and neither of them text and drive. Damon is currently single so any of you interested better bring your “A” game. Parker, on the other hand, is currently seeing someone. Some guys have all the luck. Well today he's all ours!These two get right to it and before we start filming they're going at it. Now there's commitment. LOL Damon kisses Parker as he helps Parker undo his shorts. A quick tug or two and Parker is left in his sexy boxer briefs. Damon starts to lick Parker's chest and nips as he makes his way south to the tent that's popping up. He teases that throbbing cock for a bit before pulling Parker to his feet. Damon then kneels before him and officially unveils that thick meat. He licks along the shaft before engulfing it inside his hot mouth. Parker has a sweet cock and Damon's putting it to good use. Parker slowly fucks Damon's face as Damon deep throats his aching cock causing him to gasp and groan. We get a sweet view form below as Damon works that meat showing off Parker's cock and naturally smooth balls. Parker then returns the favor as he pulls out Damon's 8” cock. He services that dick as Damon watches. Parker uses his hot mouth as he strokes Damon's thick meat. Damon's naturally hairless and keeps all his parts just as smooth. Parker's tongue doesn't seem to mind one bit.Parker is ready for more as he bends Damon over. Parker moves in for a closer inspection of that hot ass. He spreads open his beefy cheeks exposing that tight, smooth ass he'll soon get to dick. He fingers that ass which just makes Damon hornier. He runs his tongue around that sweet spot making Damon's head spin. Parker then gets Damon on his back and slowly slides his thick dick inside. Soon he's pumping away at that hot ass as Damon holds his legs up in the air. Parker's pole slices into that hot ass with ease as he starts to pick up the pace. Damon takes all the dick he's given like a champ. Parker pulls out and gets Damon on his feet. He bends him over and fucks him doggy. His balls slap away at that hungry hole as he pounds him deep. Damon grunts as he gets his ass fucked. Parker holds him by the waist while he jack rabbits into that ass. Parker then sits back and tells Damon to sit on his dick. Damon slides that hot ass back onto that dick and starts to ride that cock. Parkers cock hits Damon's prostate just right and as Parker pounds him from below, he explodes. Damon shoots all over himself with Parker still buried inside. Parker then takes care of his own dick as he unloads all over his sexy happy trail.

Starring Damon Audigier
  • released : 07-30-2010 |

Breeder Plus 2

Breeder Plus 2, Scene #01

e got something for everybody this week with three sexy studs. It's a cross-country bonanza starting in the East Coast with a blond, blue eyed Bobby Rail all the way to the West coast with sexy Jake Taylor. Representing the Midwest and middle states, adorable Damon Audigier. <>Bobby is 24 and from West Palm Beach, FL and loves it here. Damon is 19 from Oklahoma and loves it here in Florida so much he's looking to move here A.S.A.P. Paradise has its appeal. Jake is 22 and from Los Angeles, which he now calls home. He loves Florida; but admits he's looking forward to getting home to the West coast. Well, ya can't please everyone. (says who?—Damon's about to) We asked these studs when they first discovered their pea shooters. Damon was 14 and he was exploring his body and playing with it when it went off. Bobby was about 12 when he first noticed he launched spooge out of his cannon. He'd been playing with it before, just nothing had come out. Jake was about 12 as well and getting advice from an older friend and was using shampoo in the shower. “Eventually I came but it was burning; cuz I got soap inside me' he admits 'it was a good feeling…beside the burning part” Burning Sensation? —This is beginning to sound like a Public Service Announcement. lol Let's get these three better acquainted, shall we?Bobby and Damon begin to make out as Jake sits nearby and watches. Jake's cock is growing as he watches them kiss and undress. Bobby stands as Damon undoes his jeans and starts licking at his boner through his briefs. The briefs are short lived as Damon tugs them off and goes to work on Bobby's cock. Bobby bones up in seconds once Damon's tongue works its magic. Jake can't sit by anymore and undoes his jeans to get at his aching cock. He stands near Bobby who starts to grope at his cock. Jake strips and hauls out his thick cock where Bobby can get a mouthful. Bobby's lying back on the couch with Jake's dick in his mouth and his dick in Damon's. Daisy Chain! After some hot oral, Bobby and Jake turn their attention to Damon as they both strip him and put him in the middle. Jake goes to work on Damon's cock while Bobby's still feeding him his. Damon and Jake then begin to make out, kneeling on the floor as Bobby begins to explore Damon's outrageous ass. Jake then stands up and alongside Bobby as both feed Damon their cocks. Damon is in boner abundance with cock on either side as they take turns shoving dick down his throat. This all meat-diet this is definitely Atkins approved.Damon then gets put on all fours. While he continues to nurse on Jake's cock, Bobby eats his smooth hole out, getting him ready for the main event. Bobby soon lubes up and buries his dick deep inside him. Jake slides his throbbing meat into Damon's mouth as Bobby impales him harder. Damon's caught in a Chinese cuff and loving every minute of it as he gets that ass stretched. The chemistry is intense. Soon enough, Jake wants a turn. Bobby relinquishes his bone as Jake slides in that ass with his own anal invader. Damon is bent over the couch as Bobby fucks his mouth and Jake pounds away at that smooth bubble butt. Jake's balls slap away at his ass as he gets his deep one. Damon is taking dick like a champ, and his holes are being put to very good use. Bobby then wants more of that ass he got first dibs on, as he has Damon sit on his dick. Damon rides Bobby's cock as his hot ass continues milking that thick dick. Jake kisses and gropes Damon as he grinds that ass into Bobby's meat. Jake then gets his second turn at bat, putting Damon on his back and slowly fucking him while Bobby nurses on Damon's swollen cock. Jake fucks Damon missionary, and it sends Damon over the edge. “Cum with my dick in your ass”, Jake orders as he fucks him harder. Damon blows his nut all over his smooth abs. Bobby is next as he sits back and jacks his thick load all over himself. Jake is last, but certainly not least, pumping out quite the impressive load that pools on Damon's chest.

Starring Damon Audigier
  • released : 01-15-2010 |