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Dallas Reeves's Video

Two Bi Two

Two Bi Two, Scene #01

Today we have a brand new debut on our site from the West coast. He goes by the name of Noah River and he's originally from Los Angeles. He is quite the handful and even though he's enjoying Florida he's not a fan of the weather. It's too hot for the West coast lad. He's single and admits he's incredibly sexual and had his first sexual experience at the age of 18. It was with a girl and he wanted it to be “special”. He ended up trying guys a couple years later and now is into both. Looking at Noah, we're sure he has no problem getting either or to play along. One flash of that Colgate smile and a twinkle in those light eyes, we're sure many would immediately “stand” at attention. His partner in crime, who also lost his cherry to a girl, is originally from Texas and goes by the name of Dallas Reeves. Dallas has been living in South Florida now and after 6 years considers himself a “native”. Dallas doesn't mind the climate at all and really likes the people down here. Dallas is also very sexual and got his groove on at a much earlier age. He was about 12 when he was seduced by an older girl. Even though these two boys lost it to girls early on, they both found their way to the meat market all on their own. Noah leans in for a kiss as they begin to make out. They slowly explore each other's bodies as their hands begin to roam. They end up in their boxers, dry humping like horny teens as Dallas thrusts into Noah whose legs are now wrapped around him. Noah moans as Dallas kisses his lips and neck. Dallas can't take it any longer and slides Noah's boxers off. He immediately goes down on Noah's cock and swallows it to the hilt. Noah groan with delight as Dallas works his entire shaft down his throat. Dallas goes from his shaft to explore his smooth balls and then figures he should continue further south until his tongue finds his moist hole. Noah is writhing as Dallas darts his tongue inside his smooth hole. Soon Noah wants some dick and it's Dallas' turn to sit back while Noah goes to work on his meat. After all, Dallas is from Texas and there's plenty of beef to go around. Noah bobs his head up and down on Dallas' cock as Dallas holds his head steady and bucks his dick up to meet Noah's sweet lips. The oral is getting them even hotter as Noah lays atop Dallas and can feel his hard cock resting on his smooth ass.Dallas puts Noah on his back and begins to slide his thick cock inside him. He takes his time as Noah's sweet ass begins to concede. Noah's a moaner and he's got reason to be as Dallas begins to fuck his ass. They kiss as Dallas gets his groove and starts to really fuck Noah. Dallas starts off missionary but soon lies beside Noah before lifting one of his legs up to get access to more of that ass. He slides back in and continues to send dick Noah's way. He buries his meat deep and looks up over at Noah so he can gauge by the looks on our young stud's face to make sure he's having as good a time. He definitely is because Noah has yet to stop moaning or groaning. Next Dallas lies on his back and watches as Noah straddles his dick for more. Noah sits down on it and proceeds to ride his cock. He's totally into it and is grinding his hot ass deep onto Dallas' cock. Dallas just watches as the West coast hottie uses his thick dick like a pogo stick. Fortunately for Dallas, this is one pogo stick Noah will not be falling off of anytime soon! lol Noah rides his cock harder and faster and in no time he's bellowing that he's gonna cum. Noah orgasms sending shivers down his spine with a small display of fireworks. Dallas then puts Noah back on his back and shows him how it's done as he coats his hairy navel with load after thick load.

Starring Dallas Reeves
  • released : 07-24-2009 |

Rear Window

Rear Window, Scene #01

We welcome back two of our recent finds to see what kind of trouble they can get into together. The first is a 25yo stud from just outside Ft. Worth, Texas that goes by the n name of Dallas Reeves. Dallas was last here to kick off the month of May with studly Ryan Raz. He got to the bottom of that frat boy in a lubed jiffy. May was good to us, bringing us another Florida boy by the name of Ty Tucker. Ty is originally from Orlando, FL. Both of these studs call Florida home and it's no wonder why the boys all flock to Florida for the boys and the excitement. Since we last saw Dallas he was nominated and won an AVN award for the best group scene. Ty isn't as experienced as Dallas. See, Ty had his first male encounter a mere 6 months ago while hanging out at a bar with friends. He blames it on the alcohol. Mmhmm. He met a guy he was oddly attracted to, they went to his car and he got blown and returned the favor—and here he is! Ty was last here with sexy Rocky who gave Ty some backyard stimulation during their hot oral scene that gave Ty a twinkle in his eye. Today we're gonna have Dallas give him more than a twinkle as he returns to further explore Ty's insanely hot ass. …you'll see!Dallas pulls Ty's shirt off and as soon as his smooth naturally defined chest comes into view he goes to work, licking his nips and chest while undoing Ty's pants with the other. TY helps him out by stripping his pants off and as soon as they come off, Dallas goes down on his cock. Dallas is in 'overwhelm' unable to find a starting point. It all looks so damn good. Within seconds he flips Ty onto all four to get a better look at his beefy ass. Ty's ass is now open and ready for business—so is Dallas. He wastes no time before burying his thick tongue between Ty's smooth cheeks. His bubble butt gets lapped by Dallas who gets his hole nice and wet so that his fingers can go even further. He strokes Ty's cock with one hand while he fingers his tight ass with first one then two fingers. “God I want that fat cock so bad” moans our recent convert. Hmmm. This boy's a quick study and we're not complaining. Dallas is finger fucking Ty and it's making him horny as hell. Dallas then peels off his own tee and undoes his fly to give Ty some dick to work. Ty goes for it immediately swallowing every inch of Dallas. Dallas teases him, slapping his cock on Ty's pierced tongue knowing he wants it back in his hungry mouth. “You like that?” Ty moans looking up at Dallas for approval before shoving that cock right back down his throat.Dallas then lays Ty back on the bed so he can have at that cock some more and boy does he. He sucks and deep throats Ty's thick cock til it's throbbing and wanting to explode. “Awww, suck my dick!” Ty grunts, as Dallas readily complies. Ty then gets up to go down on Dallas; but Dallas' fingers find his hole before he does. Change of plans for Ty who immediately knows it's not Dallas fingers he wants in there. He straddles his cock and slowly impales himself onto Dallas' thick meat. Dallas shoves inside and slowly begins to fuck his smooth ass. “Fuck that ass is so tight around your thick cock” Ty moans as Dallas picks up the pace. Ty is a moaning and groaning machine as he gives his sweet bubble butt up to Dallas who is now bouncing him on his dick. Dallas then puts Ty on all four and slides his cock back in him, fucking him doggy-style bent over the edge of the bed. He can now watch his dick as it glides in and out of Ty's tight asshole. He starts to fuck Ty faster and harder. Ty is loving the fucking he's getting and he never stops begging for more. “Do me missionary next” he moans and Dallas is more than willing to comply. Str8 boys always wanna get fucked the same way they pound their girlfriends back home. We guess, secretly, he's been wondering …what it feels like for a girl. Ty is getting fucked like a bitch and the harder he gets fucked the harder he wants it making Dallas cum as he pulls out and unloads all over Ty's abs and chest. DAMN!

Starring Dallas Reeves
  • released : 06-11-2009 |

Doing Ryan's Privates

Doing Ryan's Privates, Scene #01

After leaving many of our members screaming for more, we've brought back one of New York's hottest additions, Mr. Ryan Raz. At 25, Ryan has already amassed quite a body of work in the year he's been doing this and we don't think anyone will get tired of watchin' him anytime soon. We also invited back a tall, small town Texan boy who's become a familiar face on our brother sites but is making his debut here on CJB. Dallas Reeves, also 25, has quite the fan following and we're hoping these two will make for a hot shoot this afternoon. Ryan, with the sexy A&F looks, is actually attracted to dorky, innocent looking boys. “They're never as innocent as they seem”, he grins. Dallas has a wider gamut of men in his scope; from guys his age to older men, in their prime, like Troy Halston. When we asked these two what their hottest time on cam was, Dallas admitted his scene with Troy definitely topped his list. (No pun intended). Ryan however completely one upped him when he looks at us with those sexy blue grey eyes and says: “Oddly enough, probably when I was getting fisted.” OMG! He goes on to say “It was a really good time” before giggling and blushing like a school girl. It seems Ryan is even more sexual than we thought. There's nothing this stud hasn't done and admits he'd love to do it all—all over again. They finally get to kiss and as they do they lie back to get more comfortable. Dallas' hands run all over Ryan's smooth torso and his hands graze over his sweet ass. They lose their shirts as Dallas begins to undo Ryan's shorts and wake his thick cock as it begins to grow. Their shorts are next as these two now clad in their briefs begin to stroke and tug at their aching cocks. Dallas has Ryan's thick cock in his hands and it soon lands in his mouth as Ryan lies back and enjoys the oral he's getting. Ryan slides Dallas' briefs off as he then goes down for some cock of his own. Ryan takes as much of Dallas' cock as he can as he bobs up & down on his thick meat. They then flip and get into a sexy 69 position so that all parties are happy with the helpings. Ryan pulls Dallas up atop him so he can suckle on his meat for a few before Dallas begins to throat fuck him. On the other end, Dallas' head is bobbing on Ryan's meat like a champ. Dallas wants more than Ryan's cock to taste so he has Ryan lay down while his tongue finds new ventures to explore. He licks and rims Ryan's smooth ass using first his tongue then adding a digit or two. Getting his ass licked and fingered, his cock getting sucked, Ryan is in a state of euphoria. Already having Ryan's legs in the air while he tongue fucks his jock ass, Dallas moves into position between his legs as he gets his dick ready to plow Ryan's spit lubed hole. He enters him missionary as Ryan moans and groans. It isn't long before Ryan's ass is taking his thick cock with ease. Dallas lies behind Ryan and steadily impales him with his meat while Ryan looks back at him to kiss him. Dallas then lies on his back and has Ryan sit on his dick. In that position, Ryan only needs to hold his sweet ass still while Dallas fucks his ass hard, slamming his dick up into his welcoming hole. This position only gets hotter as these two get into it, Dallas bouncing Ryan on his dick while Ryan grinds his hot ass down onto Dallas. The chemistry between these two couldn't be any hotter as they continue to fuck each other senseless. Ryan gets off Dallas and turns around and gets right back on for more but in a reverse cowgirl position. He jacks his thick dick faster and faster as Dallas fucks his ass harder and harder. He begins to moan and groan and you know its cummin'. Cum he does as he unloads jet after jet of cum in time with every thrust of Dallas' dick. Ryan then begins to kiss Dallas as he jacks him off until he too explodes sending his own impressive batch airborne.

  • released : 05-01-2009 |
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