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Dallas Reeves's Video

Adam & Reeves

Adam & Reeves, Scene #01

Today we have a welcome blast from the past with us—Mr. Dallas Reeves. It's been a while since we've seen our favorite Texan. Dallas lives up to his name as the “They grow 'em big in Texas” guy. Dallas has a fan following that can't get enough this 6'3 blond hottie. We can't blame them and this week Dallas is here to help introduce a new face to CircleJerkBoys.com. Hailing from Idaho, this weeks discovery is the epitome of the Midwestern corn fed hottie next door. Charlie Adams is a young 20 years of age and this hot “ginger' is one of those str8 boys we all look forward to corrupting. Charlie is a slab of beef cake we can't wait to undress. They're both in great shape so we asked them what their guilty pleasures are when they aren't eating well. For Dallas, it is Blue Bell ice cream and for Charlie, it is Nutter Butters. Having had a chance to explore new things working in the industry we asked these two if there was anything they've discovered they were into now that they might've never considered otherwise. Much to our surprise the str8 boy loves the whole BD/SM scene. Something tells us this str8 boys not talking about “Standing and Modeling”. Dallas on the other hand says he just loves it ALL! lolCharlie's on the phone trying to get some but those plans fall through. He starts to tell Dallas how much his balls hurt after striking out with his girl. Dallas moves in for a closer inspection and as he grabs Charlie's crotch he discovers poor Charlie's already hard. Dallas makes his move as he softly starts to kiss the now curious Charlie. Dallas' hands grope Charlie's crotch and once he feels he's at full mast he goes down on him. Charlie gasps as Dallas starts to suck on his thick cock. Charlie's body is as hot as we imagined. His skin is pale and his thick cock has a light patch of ginger pubes. His chest and abs are naturally defined and his porcelain skin is awash with a light dusting of freckles. Dallas can't get enough of Charlie's str8 meat. Dallas then sits back and watches as Charlie does his best to return the favor. Charlie goes down on Dallas' throbbing cock. As he does, we get our first view of Charlie's smooth ass. Charlie's has muscular thighs and a beefy ass that just screams EAT ME—so Dallas does. He parts those beefy cheeks and dives right in tongue first. The look on Charlie's face says it all as Dallas continues to tongue fuck that hot ass and get it ready for much more.On his back, Charlie braces himself as Dallas begins to slide his dick inside him. It takes a bit but soon Dallas is steadily fucking Charlie's ass. Charlie's tight ass feels insane wrapped around Dallas' cock. Dallas fucks Charlie missionary kissing the newbie as he grimaces. Dallas then switches it up and gets Charlie kneeling and bent onto a chair. He moves into position behind him and enters that sweet ass for more. An aerial view shows us Dallas' cock pounding Charlie's hot ass. His broad shoulders tapering into that small waist and that beefy ass make for one intoxicating visual. Dallas has the best view in the house as he takes that hot ass. Dallas then sits back on the couch as Charlie straddles his cock and impales himself in a reverse cowgirl position. He starts to ride that cock as Dallas watches his cock disappearing into that hot ass. All the new sensation has our str8 boy in overdrive and he's ready to explode. They dismount and jack themselves off side by side as they both blow their wads all over their smooth chests and abs.

Starring Dallas Reeves
  • released : 07-09-2010 |

Boys Night In

Boys Night In, Scene #01

This week, we asked one of our fan favorites to help us welcome a special, new guest here on CircleJerkBoys. The familiar face belongs to none other than Dallas Reeves. Dallas is always 'up' and willing to help out. The reason we thought it appropriate to ask our favorite Texan to help us out lies in the bright eyed face to his right. Visiting for the weekend is a fellow Texan who decided to give this whole man on man thing a try. What better time to try something than in a place like Miami where, lets face it, nobody knows your name (well, besides US — and we'll never tell.) Casey Monroe is 21 and has the jock looks and the body to match. He claims to have left somebody back in Texas, and we guess what they don't know won't hurt 'em. We have a feeling Dallas is gonna enjoy his role as 'the' welcoming committee. We found a bit about Dallas last time he was here. We know he loves his pets, having an aviary at home. He loves to work around the house, and decorating is his thing. Casey is more into outdoor things and admits that, given the opportunity, he'd love to have a hot Maserati in silver under his control. Hot straight boys and fast cars are always a winning combination. Let's see what this Tall Texan combo will bring this afternoon....Dallas puts Casey at ease by giving him a back rub. It breaks the ice a bit, and Dallas is soon taking off Casey's shirt. He continues his massage as he explores the straight boy's defined pecs and biceps. Distracted by the massage, Casey is caught off guard as Dallas goes in for a kiss on the neck. He doesn't stop his advances, and from there, the two begin to explore each other. Casey is naturally smooth and has a large tattoo across his back. Bad boy with ink too, this just keeps getting better. Dallas pushes him back onto the couch as he pulls his jeans off to get at his straight meat. As his jeans come off, Casey's cock is already at half mast. His thick chubby is standing at attention as Dallas begins to stroke it, watching his hick foreskin play peek-a boo with his eager knob. Dallas goes down on him. Within seconds, Casey is rock hard. He bites his lower lip in ecstasy as Dallas licks and swallows his thick dick. Casey has a thick dick, and it doesn't seem to mind the new environment one bit. Dallas then gets up and gives him his first taste of man pole as he stands before him with his dick at eye level. Casey bravely opens wide and does his best to return the favor. He's a quick study, and soon working Dallas' cock with a passion.They then get into a hot 69 on the couch, with Casey on Top Bunk, bobbing his head up and down on Dallas' cock like he's bobbing for apples. Dallas is on the other end of this steamy scene with his throat full of straight meat and his fingers beginning to explore Casey's smooth, virgin ass. Casey's beefy ass is spread wide as Dallas' fingers begin to make their way inside. The next thing we see is Casey with a grimace on his sweet face. He is bouncing up and down, trying to accommodate Dallas' cock, which is now mostly buried up his once virgin ass. Dallas just lies back and watches as his cock gets buried inside Casey as he holds him by the waist, steadying him as he takes his first ride. Dallas gets him up and reenters him from behind. Casey slowly groans as he takes more dick. His cock and heavy balls swing free as Dallas keeps fucking him. The sounds of ball slapping and moaning now fill the room as Dallas picks up the pace. Poor Casey is still grimacing while Dallas has his way with him. It's not over yet, as Dallas gets our sweet Texan on his back and lifts those thick thighs in the air. Casey's ass swallows that dick deep again as Dallas starts fucking him faster and deeper. They both get close, and Casey jacks his thick load all over Dallas' ripped abs. The sensation sends Dallas overboard as he explodes all over himself as well.

Starring Dallas Reeves
  • released : 11-13-2009 |

Hard For The Money

Hard For The Money, Scene #01

A familiar Texan is back with us and we are more than happy to have ourselves a little a bit of Dallas—Dallas Reeves that is. Dallas has been on our site a few times and shown us just what this lone star can do regardless of where he “ends up”. Top, bottom, it's all good with sexy jock Dallas in the house. Dallas is now 25 and currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale. This week we delved deeper and asked Dallas to tell us something about him we hadn't discovered. Turns out our sexy Texan is quite the ornithologist. He has over 30 birds at home and can't seem to get enough of them. Luckily his partner doesn't mind one bit. This afternoon a slice of the West Coast will be served up in the form of James Kelly. James was born and raised in California and he's going to take one for the team today even though he prefers the company of the curvaceous kind that have a vagina to offer. Fortunately James is in it for the Benjamin's and admits that it's a love/hate relationship. Having sex with guys makes his pockets bigger but pursuing women makes them much smaller. Ass, gas or grass, James—no one rides for free! Speaking of “rides” I think it's about we get these two started…Slowly breaking our pseudo str8 boy in, Dallas begins by licking and sucking on James' neck as he begins to undress. He rubs his shoulders and gets him relaxed before taking off his jeans. James is sporting a sexy jock strap which Dallas immediately pulls aside. His cock is already rock hard and wanting attention. Dallas expertly goes to work on his meat as he swirls his tongue all around his knob and takes his thick breeder meat all the way down his throat. James' cock is throbbing as he looks down and watches Dallas worship his baby maker. James slowly bucks his hips up into Dallas' mouth as Dallas gets comfortable hauling out his own meat as he suckles away at James'. Dallas is lost in the moment as he rubs James' spit shined cock all over his face as he laps up and down along the length of it. Dallas' cock is aching for attention and it's about time it gets some. Dallas stands and lets James go to work on his meat. James sucks on Dallas' cock as Dallas fucks his face with a steady pace.Dallas fingers James' ass for a few seconds before sliding his cock inside. James' eyes are closed as he is slowly rocked forward and backward as Dallas pounds his ass. Dallas holds on to James' jock strap like a reign as he rides his sweet ass. James is usually the one riding his motorcycle every chance he gets but not today. Today James is giving it up as Dallas buries it deep. James isn't saying much to the contrary as he gets his smooth ass stretched wide. Dallas then lies back and has James sit on his aching cock. James begins to ride Dallas' meat and starts to jack his own cock which is now throbbing and at full mast. James is as lost on Dallas' knob as Dallas was sucking on him. James' is in heaven as he bounces his “str8” hole up and down on Dallas dick. He grinds his ass deeper wanting every inch inside him as Dallas fucks up into him. James begins to rock back and forth burying all of Dallas inside getting Dallas even hornier for more ass. He puts James on his side and slams his cock back in him and as he fucks him deep they end up in a hot missionary position as James jacks his meat faster and faster. James can't hold back and explodes all over himself as Dallas fucks him deep. Dallas then pulls out and adds even more protein to the mix. …what a mess!

Starring Dallas Reeves
  • released : 10-02-2009 |

Filled To Capacity

Filled To Capacity, Scene #01

“Tall, Blond and Boned” is the apparent theme this week here at CircleJerkBoys. Dallas Reeves is back this week and he's brought along another tall friend. Dallas is 6'3 and originally from Ft. Worth, TX. His sexy friend's a west coast surfer boy and answers to the name Shane Erickson. Shane is a San Diego native, born and raised and made his debut last month. Shane has quite the following and with a face and body like his it's easy to see why. He's usually a top in his films, as is Dallas; but today Shane is going to concede and give Texas an in-depth tour of his private beaches. It's not every guy that gets to go there with Shane; but Dallas is tall, nicely hung and has beautiful eyes. Shane is a sucker for guys with sexy eyes. So Dallas lucked out. Dallas appreciated nice eyes as well; but he's more of a 'nice dick' kinda guy. If the guy has a nice dick he's more interested in the possibilities. Shane laughs and admits, regardless of what he wants, he ends up with guys opposite what he looks for. Well, to say the least neither of these two studs are lacking in the sex department as Dallas admits they (porn star) jack off to each other. Hmmm.Making a beeline for that sexy neck, Dallas starts to kiss Shane as Shane's eyes roll back. They begin to undress each other as they get better acquainted. They roll around as the clothes start to come off revealing their chiseled frames. Shane stands Dallas up against the desk before undoing his pants and going to work on that rock hard cock that popped free of his briefs. Shane fucks his mouth with Dallas' dick as those low hangers dangle below. He spits on his own cock so he can get the party started down below. He works Dallas meat and low hangers without missing a spot. Dallas is next as he gets Shane to lie back giving him access to that thick dick. Shane moans softly as he watches his meat disappear into Dallas' mouth. “Take that dick” he orders as he bobs Dallas on his meat. They switch into a 69 position and while Shane is suckin' Dallas, Dallas discovers Shane's smooth back door. He immediately shoves his tongue inside which again sends Shane into overdrive. After a few minutes of rimming, Dallas hears those words he longed for: “I want you to fuck me SO bad” Damn—that worked out quite well! Shane is primed and ready as Dallas begins to shove his cock inside. Wincing in pain, Shane holds still as his sweet ass gives way. His body is cut up and his muscles writhe just beneath his skin as he starts to get fucked. Dallas begins to ride the swell as he fucks out hot surfer boy. Shane slowly gets the feel of it as he starts to buck back for more. Dallas starts fuckin him harder and once he's got him loosened up he sits back in a chair and has Shane sit on his dick. Shane sits on it and starts to ride like a champ. He bounces up and down and grinds that hot ass deep feeling all of it lodged up inside him. Dallas then puts our pretty boy on his back before getting that dick back into him. On his back with his legs in the air, our top boy has totally given into Dallas who is now ramming his 7½” boner deep. Shane's abs crunch as he looks down to watch Dallas pound him. It won't be long before Dallas dick sends Shane over the edge. Sure enough as Dallas picks up the pace and fucks him harder Shane loses it busting his load all over himself while Dallas continues to give it to him. Dallas then jacks his own thick load all over Shane's soaked wash board abs.

Starring Dallas Reeves
  • released : 08-21-2009 |
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