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Connor Maguire's Video

What Did You Tell Her?

What Did You Tell Her?, Scene #01

Ricky Larkin is back with us this week and looking better and bigger than ever. Ricky's efforts at the gym are really paying off. His costar today is another fan favorite by the name of Connor McGuire. We wondered if these two liked shopping for anything in particular. Ricky loves shoes and watches. Connor likes getting computer stuff. Connor bought himself a monitor recently. It was on sale and he couldn't resist. For Ricky, he loves to over stock at the vitamin shop on supplements. Well those have come in handy. Both of these hung studs have lucky ladies in their lives and Ricky admits had someone told him 6 months ago that he'd end up doing gay porn he would've had a violent reaction. Connor knew it might happen at some point. 'I figure at some point I'd be broke enough to try it'. Well, when we asked them what they would tell other str8 boys that can't fathom having sex with another man could possibly feel great; Connor suggests they just close their eyes. A hard cock truly has no conscience. Ricky is all about the Benjamins and offers up his words to live by, 'Just open your eyes and look at the paycheck!' Cha-CHING!Ricky and Connor are both on their PDA's with their girlfriends telling them they are busy running errands. The truth is they're really gonna be busy fucking each other. Ricky grabs at Connor's pants and frees his bone. He drops to his knees and starts to suck on it, shoving it so deep he makes himself gag. Connor moans as he watches his fuck buddy service his dick way better than his girl could. They strip off their tees and shorts as they continue making each other even hornier. Ricky twirls his head on Connor's meat wanting to give him the best blow job ever as he laps at Connor's smooth nuts. Ricky then drops his shorts to let Connor return the favor. Connor kneels between his legs and hauls out his thick cock. Ricky wastes little time before fucking Connor's mouth. Connor bobs up and down on Ricky's fat dick with ease as Ricky forces him down on it even further wanting to get it down his throat. Ricky then lifts his legs up as Connor starts to eat that hairy ass. Ricky is moaning his appreciation as he strokes his hard cock. Connor tongue fucks that ass making Ricky's eyes roll back and his cock throb.They then reconvene on the floor in a hot 69 so that they can each satisfy their cravings for more dick. Ricky then gets Connor bent over on a chair and gets a taste of that ass he'll soon have wrapped around his cock. He laps at that ass and eats that hole out making Connor squirm and want more. Once that ass is ready Ricky stands up and slides his meat inside. Connor grunts and groans as he tries to accommodate Ricky's thick cock. Ricky fucks that ass deep, burying his dick all the way to the hilt. Ricky then switches it up as he sits back and has Connor sit on his dick. Connor adds some more lube to that cock and impales himself on it. Connor takes every inch of it and gets to work riding that meat. His own cock is rock hard as he bounces up and down on Ricky's. Ricky helps him out and jacks Connor off as he slams his cock up into him. Missionary is next as Ricky gets Connor's legs up and slams back in for more. Ricky pounds him hard as Connor starts to jack himself off. Ricky stretches that ass open and hits Connor's buttons as he buries his dick over and over. Connor is the first to blow all over himself as Ricky jacks his as well. Ricky shoots his fat load all over Connor's cum-covered chest and abs. Cha-CHING, Gentlemen.

Starring Connor Maguire
  • released : 11-25-2011 |

Poles Royce

Poles Royce, Scene #01

Connor Maguire comes home after way too long and he's looking better than ever. Connor is now 20 and he's originally from Washington. Connor is in luck as he helps us welcome a new stud to the CircleJerkBoys' stable, sexy Reed Royce. Reed is 24 and comes to us from Sand Mountain, located at the southern tip of the Appalachian Mountain chain. Alabama never looked so good! We asked these boys if they were on a deserted island (that somehow had electricity) and you could bring one CD to listen to forever which would it be. Reed would bring anything by Adele; while Connor would bring 'The Golden Age of Grotesque' by Marilyn Manson. Obviously they would not be on the same island. We then wondered what they love to eat most. Reed loves sushi while Connor loves Italian cuisine. Following that up, we wondered if their tastes in food reflected their taste in men. Connor would be just fine with Italian men; but Reed's more into boys like Connor-hot white boys. Both of these boys admit they're not as picky when it comes to banging girls; but when it comes to other guys they have standards. Imagine that! Well, fortunately, so do we. All standards aside, let's get this party started!Connor and Reed are spent on the couch, still drinking after Southern Decadence. Connor tells Reed that he's all bloated as he notices Reed's abs still seem hard. He moves his hands over Reed's abs and south to his crotch. He realizes Reed's hard somewhere else too. They start to kiss as they slowly begin to undress each other. Connor stands to give Reed access to the bulge in his jeans. Reed undoes his jeans for him, freeing his hard on before standing to let Connor do the same for him. They rub their boners together as they continue to make out. Connor's curiosity gets the better of him as he drops to his knees to get a taste of Alabama. Reed groans as he gets that cock worked. He is rock hard as Connor savors every thick inch. After working Reed's meat for a while he wants some attention on his own cock and stands to let Reed return the favor. Reed runs his hot tongue all over Connor's smooth balls, up under his shaft then engulfs his aching cock. He strokes his shaft as he nurses on Connor's swollen knob sending him into a very happy place. From there they fall on the couch together to make out some more.As they lay next to each other kissing and stroking each other's cocks, Connor's finger finds Reed's smooth ass and he slips it inside. Reed's legs are in the air as Connor starts to finger his tight ass. Connor needs more as he slides south; gets Reed's thick legs up in the air and dives into that sweet ass tongue first. Reed strokes his hard cock as Connor eats that ass out. Legs in the air and a spit lubed ass give way to Connor's dick as he slowly slides it inside. 'That's a big cock' Reed grunts as Connor continues to bury his meat. Once inside he picks up the pace fucking that ass deep. Reed's so turned on he's afraid he'll cum any minute. Connor tells him to hold off as he starts fucking him even harder. Reed obliges and it's a good thing because soon enough it's his cock deep inside Connor's tight ass as Connor rides his cock. Reed slams his dick up into that hot hole as his balls slap away at that ass. Reed loves that ass but wants Connor back inside him as they flip again. This time it's Reed sitting on Connor's cock as he takes that dick all the way inside his sweet ass. That does the trick as Connor's cock hits his sweet spot sending wave after wave of thick load all over Connor's chest and abs. Connor is next as he too unloads all over his cum covered self. There's a whole lot of cum everywhere!

  • released : 10-07-2011 |

Bonus Poke-Us

Bonus Poke-Us, Scene #01

Today we have a special treat or two as we get ready for the Holidays. A familiar face on our brother site ExtraBigDicks, Connor Maguire makes his debut with us. Connor is 19, hung and home grown hailing from right here on Miami Beach. We have another debutant as well, Mick Gibson who is a hot 20 years old from Anderson, Indiana. We asked these two whether they preferred pizza or burgers for comfort food. Burgers it is for Mick whose ultimate burger would consist of 2 pounds of beef, a few toppings on a sesame seed bun. It's pizza for Connor who likes to keep it simple with one topping on his pizza, barbecue chicken. We then wondered who they would spend their New Year's with and where they would want to. Mick wants to spend it in Times Square in the Big Apple with his other half. Connor wants to spend New Years on South Beach with whatever creatures of the night there may be at the time. Anyone that's been out and about on SoBe knows that's always a good time. Connor was off and running at 6 years old when he discovered his pecker. Mick discovered jackin at 13. “I wasted 3 summers doing that” he laughs. Well, 3 summers is enough, we needn't waste anymore time. Let's get these two naked!Mick gets the bad news that he'll be spending Christmas Eve alone since his girlfriend won't drive through a little snow. Ugh—women. lol Connor reassures him they'll be fine without her as he coaxes Mick into getting a massage. Hmmm… He pulls off Mick's shirt to get a better look at the muscles he's feeling thru his tee. They start to kiss as Connor's hands continue to roam all over Mick's tattooed frame. “What do you say we open up our presents now?” asks Connor as he fumbles with Mick's belt. Christmas will cum early alright as Connor grabs Mick's huge boner. He kneels to better appreciate it as he wraps his lips around Mick's Yule log. Mick moans softly as he gets his cock worshipped. Connor then gets up to free his own throbbing cock. They jack each others dicks for a bit as they continue making out. We don't need no stinking girlfriends! Connor then lies back as Mick gets to work returning the favor. Connor's thick, uncut cock is soon at full mast as Mick spit-polishes it. “Now this is a candy cane” beams Mick. A hot 69 is next as they continue to get each other hotter for more.Connor can only grunt as Mick starts to fuck him. His hard body slams up inside Connor's as he shoves his thick dick in and out of that hungry hole. As Mick fucks Connor missionary we get a great view of his compact frame as his muscles writhe beneath his pale skin. Mick then sits back on a chair and grins as he delivers his next gem, “Why don't you come sit on the North Pole?” Seriously!—who could resist? Connor sits on that dick in a Miami minute as he leans back and gets bounced on that Midwestern cock. Connor can't get enough of that dick as Mick slams up into him. Mick then pushes Connor forward so that he's bending over in front of him. It's the perfect transition into some good old fashion doggy. He grabs Connor's waist as he watches his thick cock disappear inside Connor's smooth ass. “That's a good little elf” he coos as he pounds away at him. Santa never had it so good. They both get close and lie back side by side as they jack themselves off. Connor's the first to explode all over himself. Mick is a close second as he too blasts his cream all over his happy trail.

  • released : 12-17-2010 |