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Commando's Video

Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes, Scene #01

With his ability to use that incredible body, compelling face, and brooding sexuality with the skill of an world class sharp shooter to reach the desired target of our ultimate satisfaction with guaranteed precision, Riddick's first appearance last week accelerated his ascension to the CircleJerkBoys.com's All-Star list, joining the ranks of Anthony, Antonio and Sebastian. Joining is really the operative word this week, as today Riddick is joined by another recent addition to the site, Commando. We met Commando up close and personal a few weeks ago, and his cocky demeanor, rough around the edges manner, and of course, that fat, uncut cock earned him a following of his own. That was actually Commando's second appearance as we originally met him when Stefano joined him on the couch for a crash course in the buddy jerk off. A duo stroke is usually the first baby step the select breeder will take with another guy if they are willing to tread into man-land at all. Every so often, we (or more often, their landlord or the bursar's office of the local college) are able to persuade them to take a second step. Today, Riddick and Commando join that very special list.Hard as we try to arrange the perfect match up, sometimes fate does a better job: turns out Riddick and Commando had been at the same club the night before and both of them had eyed the same prize: namely a tall girl with a fine ass. Commando had been the lucky one that night and not only took her home, but also took some video on his cell phone of the exploits that happened later on. He is sharing that video with Riddick on the couch and she has the same effect on the guys today: within 30 seconds of watching the video, they both have their hands down their pants. Before a minute's time, Riddick is shirtless and Commando has hauled out that fat 8-incher from his jeans. Riddick's shorts soon join the growing pile of clothing on the floor, and Commando's jeans are not long behind. Both guys are now hard and naked and standing up, still watching the not-so-private home movie of the action the night before. Fortunately for us, the screen on a cell phone is very small and the guys have to stand close together to share the view and that serves our purposes beautifully. After all, an old slogan for the phone company is “reach out and touch someone,” and that is exactly what Riddick does.Without a flinch on either of their parts, Commando is still holding the phone, and Riddick is now doing some holding of his own cock as well as Commando's. All it takes is a few stokes and Commando is at full mast, throbbing in Riddick's hand. By now, the guys are ready for some new porn on the big screen so Riddick takes a seat. Rather than plopping down on the coach next to him, Commando stands on the cushion, aims his cock right at Riddick's mouth and damn, if Riddick does not open wide and begin to swallow his buddy's pinga inch by very fat inch while he jerks away at his own pole, never missing a beat. Commando must have passed the taste test, and soon Riddick is on his knees and his chin is soon getting acquainted with Commando's quickly tightening sack. Holding onto Riddick's head, Commando guides that hot mouth exactly where he needs it, and soon they move back to the couch as they both need the same thing we do: to shoot those loads, and they do—one right after another. We know you are not done with Riddick yet and neither are we: we are working on someone to join him again, but this time we want to see what happens when Riddick comes out on top… literally!

Starring Riddick, Commando
  • released : 04-27-2007 |

Horny & Helpless

Horny & Helpless, Scene #01

laiming ownership of 8-inches of thick, uncut dick packed on his compact 5'6”, 135-lbs. frame and going by the name Commando, it is no surprise that this 21-year-old produces jizz at a rate that would bring a sperm bank to capacity. Likewise, it did not come as a total shock that this is just the kind of over-sexed breeder who answered our ad for models and was more than eager to make a few bucks for something he does at least a couple of times a day anyway: namely, milking that big pole. Of course, normally he is doing his jacking in private, but for Commando, not only was rubbing off a load in front of the CircleJerkBoys.com camera something he would do to get the job done and get paid, he is just the kind of cocky man that finds being watched a turn on. We had just started to film his episode when a rival in both the big dick and exhibitionist departments, that sexy half-Italian, half-British and total stallion, Stefano, stopped by. Though we usually ease a model into trying a duo scene, we let the beer, porn and the almighty dollar do the talking and put Stefano and Commando together for a buddy jerk off that led to a little mutual exploration. That proved to be only the first chapter of the surprise party that day. After Stefano left, Commando announced that since he had come to do a solo, he was ready to do his solo and cum.Giving a sly wink and furtive leer, Commando lifts his shirt to show off the ridges of his abs before looking away as if to give us the stealth crotch rub as he digs inside his jeans and does the same. He gets down to his boxers and gets down to business, working that big piece of meat inside. He gives a shout out to the imaginary homey he is making his own very personal dirty video for, but this is not about you-tube, it is about his tube. Elevating teasing to an art form, he flashes us that round, tight ass, then plays a game of peek-a-boo with his pinga. Finally, all fat eight inches are sticking straight up in the air and ready for some serious TLC.Rising to his knees, his long and thick cock swings back and forth with the heaviness of a wrecking ball and looking capable of doing just as much damage. After swirling it around like a helicopter propeller, his dick leads the way as he moves to the chair and slows a bit, softly stroking up and down, allowing the skin to pull up and kiss the shiny pink head. He then just sits back and lets that meat pierce the air, no hands required, giving us the perfect view to imagine that pole all ready to slide in to whatever opening you want. Though his opening is definitely off limits, he turns his back, spreads wide and shows off that dark hairy hole and dripping meat all at the same time. He then sits on the floor, rubbing off a thick, white load that puddles down his palm, shaft and onto his balls, completing his second withdrawal from the sperm bank in a single day!

Starring Commando
  • released : 04-13-2007 |

Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor, Scene #01

It usually takes weeks of planning, a lot of persuading and even more cash to arrange a duo here at CircleJerkBoys.com, but for the first time, we hit the jackpot on the very first play. We had just finished filming an episode with a horny and hung 21-year-old named Commando, and before we he had even turned off the lights, he had the eight-inch beauty up again and was ready for more. As we went to get fresh tapes for the camera, there was a knock at the door: unannounced guests are generally not allowed when we are filming, but when we saw it was Stefano on the other side of the door, there is no time a stud this fine ever has anything but a welcome mat out for him. It was over a year ago that Stefano first appeared here and gave his thick, eight-inch slab of pepperoni the glorious showcase it deserves. Stefano was missing in action for almost a year, but then he took us by surprise and simply turned up one day, just as he has today. We responded the only way possible: we immediately got out the camera and he immediately got out his dick. Also like that day, we express our happiness at seeing him again by making a trip to the ATM and introducing him to a pile of Benjamin Franklins and someone we hope he is about to get to know much better: Commando. We decide to roll the dice, and before they have a chance to connect the dots, we connect the DVD player, open the beer, and hope that will not be the only connecting that will be going on.The interview was the usual banter of pussy tales and conquests, with two young bucks both jockeying to be the biggest stud. They have no way of knowing that soon enough, despite having gotten used to being complimented on the size and width of their big fat dicks, when it comes to the cock department, this is now an even playing field. Soon enough, the combo of cold beer and hot porn has the desired effect, and both guys are rubbing the prominent bulges in their jeans. They are paying attention to the camera and definitely not each other, even when they strip off their shirts. Commando's jeans are not long to follow, and almost instantly, he is pulling open the leg of his briefs to reveal a cock that is growing before our eyes, until a good couple of inches are exposed on his thigh. He has kept his eyes riveted to the porn, but we see Stefano steal a glance at that now fully-hard cock when he thought no was looking. It was not long before Stefano moves and stands out of Commando's view before opening his own jeans and revealing a very hard cock of his own. We are not sure why he positions himself that way; is he a little shy wondering how his own equipment matches up? Is he a little freaked out at being so close to another man's dick? Or maybe, is this his sleuthy way of getting a better view of those eight thick inches of Commando's that are pointing toward the ceiling? The answer to that question is one we cannot wait to find out, and we do not have to wait long.Stefano comes down and sits on the floor next to the couch until he and Commando are both stroking away, their shoulders almost touching. They both stand up, allowing us a glorious view of those two big fat, drooling cocks swaying over our heads that is worth a million bucks. The only way they could both be on opposite ends of the couch at the same time and still have the room to do the deed in their quest to seed was to lay their legs over each other—oh yes, contact at last! With the impish look of someone doing something he is not supposed to do, Stefano, oh-so-tentatively lets his hand wonder over to Commando's cock and takes over the stroking. In a most ironic display of 'anything-you-can-do, I-can-do-it-better' machismo, Commando grabs Stefano's cock: both of them sporting big grins and even letting out a giggle as they looked right in the camera. Seeing both of these guys, touching a cock other than their own for the very first time, and being the ones to record the moment for posterity, made us vow to never quit our day jobs. And despite the initial jitters, it does not get in the way of a massive load Stefano soon dumps all over his abs. Then he gives Commando's balls a little good luck rub and the second explosion soon follows. So did our gamble pay off? Well, what happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but this is Miami, baby and damn, did it ever get hot!

  • released : 03-23-2007 |