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Cole Harvey's Video

Cole Mining

Cole Mining, Scene #01

Someone crack a window cuz it's gonna get hot up in here as we welcome back Parker Brookes and Cole Harvey. Parker Brooks is 23 years old and originally from Alabama while Cole is 22 from neighboring Georgia. We asked these boys what their dream car would be. Parker wants a black Maserati Spyder and Cole just wants a BMW he doesn't care which model as long as it's black. We then asked these boys where they would go if they had a week off and money was no object. Parker would take his dream vacation to Costa Rica while Cole would take his days off laying out in the Bahamas workin' on his tan line…or lack thereof. Both of these studs are ruff and ready and on a horny sex drive scale of 1-10 we asked them where they fall on that scale. Parker admits he's always horny and has a really high sex drive. Cole says he's about a 7 on that scale. Cole prefers his men cut while Parker doesn't mind some foreskin as long as it doesn't become a mission to uncover. There's a visual for ya. Lol Well, fortunately, we will not need any more visuals this afternoon as these two horny boys get better acquainted… Parker is sitting in his room with his hand in his pants when Cole walks in and decides to get in on the action. He takes over groping Parker's cock as they start to make out. Their clothes start to disappear as they stand and make out while their hands explore the other. Their briefs are the last to come off as their boners starts to rub together as they continue kissing unable to get enough. Parker can't wait any longer as he heads south (pun intended) to get a taste of Cole's cock. Cole moans as he gets his cock worked by one hungry Alabama boy. “That's pretty big” muses Parker before going right back down on his thick cock. Parker's own cock is throbbing as he sucks on Cole's meat; but his meat won't go unattended for long. Parker lies back on the couch and spreads his legs wide giving Cole all the room he needs to return the favor. Cole goes to work swallowing every inch he can as he looks up at Parker. Parker is rock hard as he watches his throbbing cock disappearing into Cole's hot mouth.Parker then sits back on the chair as Cole straddles him as they go back to making out. Parker's fingers start to explore Cole's hot smooth ass. Cole is so ready for that dick he's growing restless. He takes hold of Parker's cock and aims it home as he sits on it taking it all the way to the hilt. Parker gasps as he slides all the way in as Cole starts to ride that meat grinding on it, wanting every inch buried inside him. After Cole bounces on that dick for a while, Parker switches it up by bending this Georgia peach over for more. He gets Cole on all four and slides his long cock back in for more. “Aww, FUCK ME!” grunts Cole as he gets that hot ass of his stuffed. “It's so tight” coos Parker as he slams that meat home. He pounds that ass getting closer to climax. Cole then gets put on his back for the grand finale. Parker takes that ass missionary and Cole gets to finally jack that aching cock as he gets rammed. Parker picks up the pace, hitting Cole's sweet spot and it's enough to send Cole over the edge. He busts his nut as Parker pulls out getting ready to explode himself. Parker then shoots his load all over one spent Cole adding his own batch to the mix.

  • released : 06-10-2011 |

Cole in One

Cole in One, Scene #01

This week we have hung hottie Chad Davis back in the studio and we have a special treat for our 21 year old West Florida coast native. We can thank Georgia for Chad's treat du jour, Mr. Cole Harvey. Cole is a hot 21 year old blond haired, blue eyed cutie with a charming drawl. We asked these boys how they felt about politics. Cole doesn't care one way or another. Chad admits it depends for him since he's a Republican; but does see the Democratic agenda worth considering. …Well he couldn't be perfect. We then asked these two what they wish they were better at sexually. Chad wishes he was better at slowing down instead of rushing things when he gets horny. All we get from Cole is a blank stare. “I can't think of much I could be better at” he grins. Aww, charming and cocky—where has this one been hiding? Luckily both agree their finest sexual qualities is endurance; so we might be here a while, fellas. On that note we better get this party started… Chad and Cole are sitting on the couch as Chad thumbs through his pics on his phone and comes across a pic of his dick. “What's that?” gasps Cole. “That's a picture of my dick” blushes Chad. Cole doesn't believe him and after Chad reassures him it is; he asks Cole to show him his. Cole undoes his shorts and hauls out his thick cock that's already at attention and not at all tardy for the party. Chad strokes it a bit before going down on it for a true taste of the South. Cole moans as Chad works his meat swirling his tongue around his throbbing knob. Cole then reaches for Chad's cock that is straining to be set free. He immediately gets to work returning the favor as he sucks on Chad's thick cock. Chad stands to give Cole better access as Cole deep throats that dick with ease. Both of these studs are lean and naturally smooth. The chemistry between them is steaming up our lenses as they trade off blow job after blow job. Just think this is just the oral portion of our talent contest. Hmmm.Chad sits back and suits up as Cole straddles his thick cock. He impales himself on that cock and starts to bounce on that disco stick. Cole came to play because he's giving ass and taking cock. He grinds that hot ass down on Chad's dick with everything he's got as Chad just moans and tells Cole how hot that ass feels. Chad's smooth balls are slapping up against Cole's hungry hole as Chad thrusts up into him. They then move over to the futon where Cole gets bent over and fucked doggy style. Chad slams that cock back inside as his low hangers continue to slap away at that hole. Chad grabs him by the waist and slams inside over and over. Then Chad gets Cole on his back on the ottoman and starts fucking him missionary. This one always does the trick and sure enough Cole shoots his nut as Chad impales him. Chad's nowhere near done as he continues to slam his thick cock inside. When Chad does get that familiar tingle he pulls out and shoots his massive load all over Cole; the ottoman; the rug and the camera crew. lol

  • released : 05-13-2011 |

Logan's Eros

Logan's Eros, Scene #01

Two new faces this week as the circle gets larger. A warm CircleJerkBoys welcome is in store for both Logan Ryder and Cole Harvey. Logan is 21 from Alabama and Cole is also 21 and from Georgia. There will be plenty of Southern Charm this afternoon as these two get better acquainted. We asked these two growing boys what their favorite sandwiches are. “B.L.T.” for Cole and he's wash that down with some Root Beer. Logan is more of a ham kinda guy. He loves a ham and cheese sandwich and he prefers Coke to help him get his down. We recognize boys can't live off sandwiches alone so we wondered what kind of mischief they have gotten themselves into. Cole has ventures into the multiple partner end of the table while Logan has never had sex with more than one person. Cole has also had sex in public which he thoroughly enjoys. Logan is in awe of Cole's repertoire but we assures him he needs to live a little before he can make up his mind on anything involving a good fuck. With that in mind…Cole is stringing on his guitar and Logan says he'd love to learn how to play but can't afford to pay him for lessons. Cole asks him what he does have to pay for lessons as Logan shows him. They start to make out as their clothes come off. Both of them are popping wood by the time their pants hit the floor. Logan drops to his knees to make his first installment on his guitar lessons as he opens wide and takes Cole's thick cock deep. He sucks on that meaty dick getting as much of it as he can down his throat. Cole loves the payment plan as he starts to fuck Logan's face. Cole then wants some cock of his own as he lays back and starts to nurse on Logan's growing bone. He takes his time nursing on that cock for Logan as Logan just moans his approval. They then maneuver into a hot 69 as Logan takes top bunk, bobbing his head up and down on Cole's cock as Cole nurses on his from below. Logan then moves across the room and shows that sweet ass off for Cole. He teases and fingers his hot hole making Cole's cock throb at the chance to get some of that.Logan then moves over and slides a rubber on Cole's swollen cock and straddles it. He sits right down on that cock and slowly takes every inch of it. Logan's thick cock is now at full mast as he jacks that dick. His tight ass is getting stretched wide by some Georgia hardwood. Cole is in ecstasy as he gets that cock ridden. Logan bounces up and down on his thick cock taking every inch inside. Cole then switches things up as he bends Logan over and gets back in that hot ass as he starts to pound that hot ass doggy style. Logan's head is buried in a pillow as he gets his tight ass railed deep. Cole's cock is hard as a rock as he continues to take that ass. Cole's smooth balls slap away at Logan's furry hole as Logan takes that dick like a champ. Missionary is next as Cole flips Logan over onto his back. He spreads his legs before shoving his country cock back in that hot, tight ass. “Aww yeah Fuck my ass!” Logan moans as Cole picks up the pace. That does the trick sending Logan over the edge. He blows his load all over himself with Cole still buried inside him. Cole pulls out and unloads all over one cum soaked Logan. Anyone else wanna sign up for guitar lessons?

  • released : 03-11-2011 |