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Cody's Video

Taking His Licks

Taking His Licks, Scene #01

We first met Cody two weeks ago and damn, if that handsome faced sexy Boston Boy didn't put on one fine show. Anthony is such an prime slice of beef that his legendary 8 inches has spewed it's load not just once, twice or three times, but and who could forget his special rear delivery with Jordan! For a horny, fuck anything with hole show off like Anthony, we paired him up with his good friend Cody and even for our all-star exhibitionist, get out the Kleenex boys and prepare to see this Marine do something he definitely didn't learn at boot camp and something I thought he'd never do.Being drinking buddies back from in high school and in college, they have run train together on more girl then Amtrack but we wondered what would happen when the female segment was removed from the equation. They were very comfortable getting naked in front of each other and soon those twin towers of dicks were rock hard and leaking and when they rubbed them together...the energy of all that precum slicking up two massive poles was almost enough to start a fire.I know Cody's cock head must have burning hot and damned if Anthony's survival skills didn't come into play as he knew a way to put out that fire that still has our jaws on the floor in disbelief. Cody emptied his nuts in a blast that went clear up to his pecs and just to make sure there wasn't any smoking embers, our Marine turned into fireman as the sweat poured down his forehead as he unleashed his hose all over his buddy chest, abs and still leaking cock with mammoth load proving a friend with seed is a friend indeed.

Starring Cody, Anthony
  • released : 01-01-2010 |

Boston Boy

Boston Boy, Scene #01

Some of our best straight guys have been refereed to us by a previous CircleJerkBoys and Cody is a prime example and even more so since he came to us by way of one of our favorites as any friend of Anthony's is a friend of ours without question! With his sexy Bostonian accent, Cody had us at “hello” and that shiny bright smile, handsome face and congenial attitude just got better as he started lifting his A & F shirt to show off what looked like a flash light in his jeans.That was a prime pole ready for business and as hot as it look tenting those shorts, it looked even better making a huge mound in his boxer briefs. They didn't stay on for long and quickly that throbbing pole sprang out, below a perfect line of dark hair trimmed to a landing strip, forming a perfect arrow to that leaking hose. Showing off every inch of the smooth body, he worked his meat until his eggs were coiled like a spring and when he finally let that seed fly, out spewed the thickest bonanza of sperm we have ever seen: absolutely artic white and literally as thick as vanilla frosting. We're drying to find out of Anthony's has a sweet tooth so we're trying to get Cody to return and bring Anthony with him! We'll keep you posted!

Starring Cody
  • released : 03-05-2005 |