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Coby Jones's Video

Under 1 Roof

Under 1 Roof, Scene #01

Papa Bear is back! Coby Jones our 23 yr old, furry, married boy is back! Coby was here a few weeks back needing to make some money to take out his new girl on their 1 month anniversary. He's 5'10 has an amazing smile and a quick wit to match. His personality is as hot as the rest of him. Last time he was here he confessed he had had an experience with another guy while he was in the Navy. One drunken night at port gave one lucky seaman the chance to get at his “sea-men”. Coby grinned and said “It was pretty good!”. Well, that left many of us wondering what that would've looked like; so we decided to have him get head from a boy for the first time on camera. Robby is a hot little small town boy from Ohio out in LA visiting friends and working a bit and trying his hand at porn. Robby was first featured on our brother site ExtraBigDicks.com where he did a lot more than oral with horse-hung Enrique. Today, Robbie's gonna be the second boy to ever taste Papa Bear's meaty str8 boy cock. We're sure Robby will do us proud and remind Coby who's not “drunk” this time …that you can't have a girl do a man's job! Coby pulls off his tee and begins to rub his furry belly and chest and within minutes undoes his jeans and pulls them off. He sits back down in his “Get Lucky” shamrock boxers. “Are you alright?” he asks Robby who seems a tad hesitant and still wearing his jeans. Well, there's a switch. Usually it's the gay boy asking the str8 boy if he's alright. Coby must have fond memories of that night he “doesn't remember” because he is rock hard and ready to go. His boxers have come off and he's stroking away at his boner wondering what's next. Robby is playing catch up as he peels off his underwear and starts to play with his cock as well. Coby smacks his cock up against his hairy navel a few times almost as if he's taunting Robby to come get some. It works and a couple minutes later, Robby reaches over and grabs his throbbing cock. Coby just smiles that 'kid in a candy store' smile of his and lets Robby take the reigns. Robnby leans over and spits on Coby's meat as he strokes it sending Coby's eyes rolling back. “it's feeling really good …really good.” he says. That's all the permission Robby needs as he leans over and goes for it. Coby moans his approval once Robby starts bobbing up and down on his aching meat. Coby has his hand on the back of Robby's head as he bobs him up and down on his baby-maker. Robby gets on his knees in front of Coby to keep worshipping his cock. Coby is guiding his head all the while. “Aww fuck, that feels good.” he moans as his cock gets swallowed to the hilt. “Get on the floor!” Coby orders as Robby quickly obliges. Once on his back, Coby lowers his thick meat into Robby's mouth and begins to face fuck him; sinking his dick deep in Robby's throat. We get an amazing view of Coby's sweet ass in action as he fucks face. This is gonna get our str8 boy a little more worked up than he expected and after several minutes of bouncing his cum-laden nuts on Robby's chin he's ready to bust a nut. He gets Robby up on the couch and straddles his chest seconds before unleashing his huge load all over Robby's smooth chest. Robby smears Coby's hot load all over his chest as Coby catches his breath. “Maybe it was pretty good, I don't know?” he chuckles sarcastically flashing that smile again. Oh the irony. Guess he won't be using the “I was drunk” story any more. We now have proof to the contrary—some really hot proof!

  • released : 07-04-2008 |

Cocky Coby

Cocky Coby, Scene #01

This week we have a hottie from the Lone Star state. Coby, one of Texas' finest is 23 and in now in San Diego. “Steers and Queers!” we teased him as he laughed it off. When asked to tell us something about him he opens with. “I'm a full on Steer!” He's a riot. He loves outdoor sports and snowboarding. He had a bad accident snowboarding a while back showing off doing back flips that landed him in the hospital. Now he still loves the sport but he sticks to straight up boarding—no tricks. He's 5'10 and incredibly sexy. His smile is infectious. It lights up his entire face and he has the personality to boot. He's animated and has a great sense of humor. It's great to find a sexy masculine stud with a quick wit and a self-assured air about him. Coby's here to make some money to take out his new girl out to dinner on their one month anniversary; even though …Coby's married! It's a long story. Apparently it's one of those things that happen when you're in the Navy. Speaking of “one of those things” that happen in the Navy…it seems our hot str8 boy, Coby had a drunken night at port and ended up with a lucky seamen going down on him for some 'seamen' of a different kind. “It was pretty good” he says as he grins ear to ear. With any luck we might be able to talk Coby into getting that navy cock sucked off on camera. For now, we get to see just what that lucky sailor got to sample first.Coby begins by taking off his tee. His chest is deliciously furry and as he flexes his gun for us we get a shot at his furry pit. He laughs as he rubs his chest and says, “They call me Papa Bear.” He assures us it's a very good thing when they're screaming “Papa Bear, Papa Bear!” Yeah, we bet. On that furry chest is a tatt of Texas across his heart, a true Texan Homage. He slowly drops his jeans and is left in his loose fitting boxers. He pulls them down far enough to show us is deliciously smooth ass. He strokes his swollen cock and bends over as he playfully fingers his sweet ass. He has a sweet bubble butt that would make many-a-mouth water. He stands to continue stroking his throbbing cock. His furry chest and navel are sexy and when he lies back on the couch and spreads his legs we see yet another tuft of hair hidden away just beneath his nuts that are pulled up close to the base of his engorged shaft.He is solely focused on the task at hand like a good sailor. He stares as his cock as he strokes and thumps it against his hand. He holds it by the base with one hand while stroking it with the other. He is great to watch as he gets into what he's doing. His finger darts back to his ass as he strokes. Seems this str8 boy knows all about the hidden button many str8 boys are afraid to explore. His thick thighs and furry landscape are on display as he lays back and strokes his now aching cock. His nuts even tighter sadly signal the inevitable. Our boy Coby stands up and glass in hand strokes his cock harder and faster. His eyes squint and his sexy mouth opens a bit as he nears his orgasm. He begins to moan and groan and his breathing is getting heavier and h eavier and just as he's about to bust his nut he grunts out “I'm gonna —Awwww—and he blows! His thick load spurts out volley after volley most of it forming a thick creamy pool inside the glass. DAMN!…Protein Shot anyone? That's all we're saying.

Starring Coby Jones
  • released : 04-18-2008 |