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Clark Chase's Video

Last Train to Clark-ville

Last Train to Clark-ville, Scene #01

Bobby Rail is back in the house this week. We're always glad to have this hunky blond from West Palm Beach with us. Bobby has quite the fan following. At 24, this laid back hottie is single and loving it. Also back with us is a Midwestern favorite we've had the pleasure of working with before, Mr. Clark Chase. Clark is 21 and originally from Minnesota. He's a recent transplant to south Florida and has been down here for about 6 months. Clark hasn't got a steady girl down here, but judging from the grin on his face we're guessing he has plenty of options. We asked these boys if they could have any procedure to better their appearance what would it be? They both want some kind of hair removal. Interesting. We then asked them if they had an inner super hero, what would their super hero be called. Bobby grinned and said his inner super hero would be called “Boner Boy”. We're guessing he would be a rather smooth Boner boy. Clark went with “Silent Knight”. Feel free to run with that one. To wrap up our chat, we asked them what was new and interesting that they discovered in 2009, that they never thought they would never enjoy. Bobby blurts out “Anal sex”. WOW—that might've been an over share. Clark answers he now really loves the Reverse Cowgirl position. Hmmm, that being said, we think we know where these two can best use their newfound loves. Saddle up, Bobby Rail; you're in for one hell of a ride. Yee—haw!Clark is watching porn and stroking his fat cock when Bobby walks in on him and catches him spankin' the monkey. Clark covers up as Bobby sits on the couch and coyly asks, “What you got there?” Clark blushes as Bobby pulls away his cushion to reveal his boner. Bobby reaches over and starts to stroke his cock before going in for a kiss. They start to make out as Bobby pushes Clark's jeans south and starts to lick his chest as he makes his way down to that swollen cock that's aching for attention. Clark sighs as Bobby takes his cock deep. He swirls his tongue around his head before sucking his cock all the way down to the hilt. Bobby is making love to that dick with his mouth as he totally licks and sucks on it. Bobby then gets up and strips as his own aching meat is released. They stand and make out as their rock hard cocks rub together. Bobby slips south one last time to get that cock nice and wet before they take it to the next level. Bobby knows exactly what to do and Clark's cock is ready to go in no time.Clark suits up and sits back as Bobby turns around and sits right down on his dick in a—you guessed it—Reverse Cowgirl position. Who knew? Bobby slowly impales himself on that dick and is soon riding that cock with ease. Bobby then gets up and gets bent over the couch as Clark slides his thick dick back in for more. Bobby's sweet ass is getting stretched wide and he's loving every minute of it. His face tells us just how much he's loving the dick Clark's giving him. They then take the fun to the couch as Clark lies down behind Bobby; lifts Bobby's leg, and slides in for more. He fucks Bobby on his side for a while as we see Clark's once heavy balls slapping away at that smooth hole. Those nuts are pulling up closer and closer, and soon he won't be able to contain his load. Bobby bucks back, wanting to get as much of that thick dick deep inside him. Bobby's hungry hole is only adding to the mix and will soon have both of these hotties ready to blow. They both sit back side by side as they stroke their fat cocks off to completion. Clark is the first one to blow, sending his first shot firing over his shoulder and the rest of his thick cargo pools all over his navel. Bobby is next as he blows his thick load straight up as it splashes back down all over his cum soaked cock. Mmmmm.

  • released : 02-19-2010 |

Cut To The Chase

Cut To The Chase, Scene #01

Two recent finds are back with us this week, as we pair them up and watch the fireworks. The first is one of Minnesota's finest, Clark Chase. Clark is 21, and was last here tearing up some Kurt Wild. Our members were so impressed that we wanted to bring him back. This week, we decided to pair him up and add a bit of local flavor to the mix. By local 'flavor' we mean none other than Cubanito Nick Cross. Nick is also 21, and has amassed his own fan-following. These two are into sports, but more of the watching them vs. playing them. Given a chance to pick the team they would want to win the Super Bowl, Clark picks the Miami Dolphins. Now there's a long shot! lol When we ask Nick, he confesses he's not into Football and is more into Basketball. He would route for the Miami Heat to win the NBA Championship. The Dolphins and the Heat? That's some serious ass-kissing 'Miami' style. We then asked these two studs if they had a fantasy career what would it be. Nick confesses he would want to be an actor in Spanish telenovelas (queue the dramatic overture). Clark would want to be an entrepreneur and own his own business. Well this would be actor and future mogul are both currently single and open to mingle. So it's not too late, fellas.They aren't sitting idle long before Nick's hands come exploring. He gropes Clark's cock as they begin to kiss. Their t-shirts come off, giving them more things to explore. Their jeans are next, as the kissing and groping escalates. Everything is going according to plan. Nick then goes down for a closer look. Before you know it, he has Clark's hard cock in his throat. He expertly bobs his mouth on Clark's throbbing meat. Clark reaches over and strokes Nick's uncut cock as he gets his own cock swallowed deep. Clark guides Nick's head up and down on his cock as Nick continues to worship his thick dick. Nick can't get enough of that dick as he strokes and sucks on it. He then slides onto his knees and spreads Clark's legs wide. He goes right back to sucking that meat, and in this position, can get even more down his throat. He slowly licks along Clark's shaft, teasing him before engulfing every delicious inch of it again. Clark is in heaven as he lies back and gets his cock serviced. No matter what position Clark gets into, Clark's cock finds its way back into Nick's hungry throat. Clark's cock is throbbing by now, and it's gonna need more than Nick's mouth in a minute.'You ready to ride this big cock?' Clark teases. You won't have to ask Nick twice, as he slowly sits on Clark's thick dick. He strokes his own tasty cock as he slowly impales himself on all that Minnesota meat. It isn't long before his tight ass has that thick dick deep inside and Nick starts to ride his cock with ease. Clark holds Nick by his tiny waist as he begins to hold him in place and fuck his dick deeper and deeper into him. Nick loves it. He can't get enough as he grinds back, wanting every inch buried inside him. Clark then bends Nick over and slides his meat back on for more. Nick's begging him for more the entire time he's getting that ass stuffed full of dick. Clark has a spectacular view as he looks down to see Nick's smooth ass making his throbbing cock disappear. Clark playfully slaps Nick's ass as he continues fucking him. Nick is moaning and groaning as Clark has his way with his ass. Clark then puts our Hispanic Hottie on his back so he can fuck him missionary. 'Yeah fuck my ass' Nick coos, as Clark slides back inside him. Missionary always does it, and soon enough, Nick is warning that he's about to nut. Clark fucks him harder as Nick explodes loads of 'leche' all over. Clark then hauls his meat out and blasts his load all over a now happier happy trail.

  • released : 12-04-2009 |

Wild Thang

Wild Thang, Scene #01

This week, we have a wild episode for all of you, with two new faces. The first is Kurt Wild. Kurt is from the Show Me state, and we are glad he's gonna be doing a lot of that in a few. Kurt is 23, and this Missouri boy is an active boy with jock looks. He likes to film Audubon scenes and wildlife. He likes outdoorsy stuff. Aside from porn, if it's rainy and he can't go outside, then he and his girlfriend find ways to keep themselves entertained. The second sexy face we have with us belongs to Clark Chase. Clark is also 23 and also an outdoors aficionado. He likes to play tennis, swim, surf... anything athletic that will keep him busy. We asked these two if they could have any car they wanted, what that car would be. Clark went for a classic black Bentley; while Kurt went for a baby blue Porsche Carrera. We then took it one step further and asked them if they were to make a movie about their lives, which actor would they want to cast to play their lead roles. Clark went for the sexy and chiseled Paul Walker. Not a bad choice when it comes to hot men. Kurt blushes and says Brad Pitt. He really likes his “movies” a lot. riiiight! Well, for now, we're gonna have both of these hot men playing themselves playing with each other.Clark takes the lead as he leans in to start kissing Kurt. Kurt pulls off Clark's tee as he draws him closer. They continue to kiss as Kurt nudges Clark back onto the couch. Kurt is now on top. His tongue is exploring Clark's smooth chest and abs as he makes his way south. It isn't long before Kurt has a mouthful as he sucks on Clark's growing cock. His hands run up to feel Clark's pecs and abs, then head south to strip Clark's jeans off him completely. Kurt now has total access to that delicious dick before him, and he makes good use of it. He sucks on Clark's cock like a champ and takes all of his meat deep. He slowly works and sucks it as Clark looks down and enjoys the view. Kurt then gets up and lies back as Clark begins to return the favor. First he kisses Kurt, then licks down his fuzzy chest and abs and frees his meat. Clark takes Kurt's thick meat in his mouth and begins to work his magic. Kurt squirms around as Clark continues to nurse on his meat. Clark wants more of that mouth, and moves up to straddle Kurt's chest. He shoves his cock in Kurt's mouth as Kurt begins to finger his sweet hairy ass. “You gonna fuck me?' Kurt taunts 'you gonna make that big cock throb in my pink ass?” …Damn!The next thing we see is Kurt's hot ass slowly sliding down on Clark's rock hard cock. Kurt's moaning as he gives it up as he starts to ride that thick dick he wanted. His own cock is rock hard as he arches back on his toes to keep ramming that dick deep inside him. Kurt then gets up and straddles Clark facing him this time so he can keep continue getting more. “Kiss me” he whimpers, as Clark keeps grinding his dick up into him. From there, Clark puts the pretty boy face down on the couch and gets right back in for more. Kurt's moaning and begging for more as Clark buries his dick deep in his insatiable ass. “Put it back in” Kurt moans as he begs to be fucked. Kurt reaches back to feel Clark's pecs as he keeps getting pounded. After fucking his sweet ass doggy for a while, they switch things up and Clark puts Kurt on his back and holds his ass up in the air before pile driving his dick deep inside him. From there, Kurt wants to ride it again. When he does, he can't help but explode as he rides that dick harder and deeper. Kurt explodes, sending load after thick load all over Clark's thighs and the couch below. Clark then strokes off his own throbbing cock all over Kurt's fuzzy pecs. Fuck, that was hot.

  • released : 11-06-2009 |