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Christian Ray's Video

The Lyon King

The Lyon King, Scene #01

Christian Ray is in the house this week and we're always happy to see this hot, hung Cubanito. Christian is 21 years old and he's here to heat up our set with Windy City native Chase Lyon. Chase is 22 and enjoying a warm break from the frigid Chicago temperatures. We asked these two scholars if they had the opportunity to ask President Obama anything they wanted what that would be. Christian would wanna know if Barrack had ever hit it with another guy; while Chase would want to know what the President plans to do with taxes and about job creation in his second term. Both of these studs are packing some impressive bulges and we asked them if they could add 1' to their cocks would they add that inch length-wise or to its girth. They both agreed they'd want to split that inch half and half. These studs are relatively new to the scene and we wondered if all the fucking they've been doing on cam has influenced their sex lives at home. 'It makes it feel weird' says Chase, 'towards the other half'. Christian hasn't noticed any difference at all. He's comfortable with all the sex he can get. Well this Cubanito Caliente better hold on tight cuz he's about to get a Midwestern meat injection, Chicago style.They sit back admiring each others jeans as Christian comments on the hole in Chase's. He slips his hand inside the large hole in his pant leg as his hand discovers Chase's growing cock. They start to make out as they slowly strip off their clothes. Chase stands as Christian starts to play with his meat through his boxers. He lowers them to discover Chase's fat cock. He opens wide as he starts to suck on that thick 8' cock. They stand as they stroke their cocks together as they make out. Christian then lets Chase return the favor as Chase works that uncut Cuban cock. Christian helps bob his head up and down as Chase spit shines his cock. 'You like my cock?' coos Christian as he watches his dick disappear. 'You wanna fuck me?' teases Christian, which is all the invitation Chase needs. He gets Christian on all four as he spreads that bubble butt. He slowly teases that hot hole with his fingers before sliding his thick cock inside. He's soon fucking that sweet ass as Christian struggles to accommodate his thick cock. Chase fucks Christian doggy style as his smooth balls slap away at that ass. Chase then gets Christian on his back as he slides back inside missionary. Christian starts to stroke his throbbing cock as Chase gets back to fucking his tight ass. Chase pumps in and out of that ass as Christian's legs sway in the air. From there they switch it up as Christian sits on Chase's cock. He starts to bounce on that cock as Chase sits back and lets him do all the work. Christian can't get enough dick as he grinds his tight ass all the way down on his meat. As they near climax they lie side by side and unload their massive loads all over themselves.

  • released : 02-08-2013 |

A Ray of Sunshine

A Ray of Sunshine, Scene #01

Christian Ray is back with us this week and he's brought along a friend by the name of Ryan Matthews. Ryan, a Michigan native, is 21 years old and hails from Grand Rapids. For those of you unfamiliar with Señor Ray, he is Cuban and this sexy 20 year old now calls Miami home. We asked these two studs what they were planning on doing for their next birthday. Christian wants to take a cruise with his family for his 21st birthday. Ryan would want to go out to dinner to celebrate at his favorite Italian restaurant up in Boca Raton. He loves Italian and their pizza hits the spot. Summer is just around the corner so we asked these studs if they won (2) tickets to see the concert of their choice; whom they would invite along. Christian says he would take himself; so we guess he'd want the extra seat in case he gets stuck behind anyone taller than 5'7. Ryan, on the other hand, would definitely take his fiancé. Smart man. Lol Then, just for fun, we asked if they could be totally invisible and spy on anyone they want having sex who would they want to watch doing the deed. Ryan has a crush on Zac Efron so he would love to see him getting' his nut. Christian tops that easily with Lady Gaga. Even though we're pretty sure that answer will be hard to top—Christian won't be! Shall we…Christian starts playing with Ryan's crotch as it begins to tent from the attention. He struggles with the belt as Ryan offers to help him out. Christian's got this as he pulls down Ryan's jeans. Ryan moans as Christian teases his cock through his briefs. Christian then stands and drops his own pants as they grope each others cocks. Ryan licks Christian's chest as he heads south to get a closer look at that uncut cock. He starts to suck on that cock as Christian moans his approval. Ryan savors every inch of that dick as Christian helps bob him on his cock. Ryan is in no hurry as he worships that dick. Ryan then leans back as Christian moves in to return the favor. He is denied! Puzzled he asks why not. Ryan grins and says “Lemme show you” before doubling over and taking his own knob into his mouth. With a gift like that, Saturday nights at home could never be boring. Ryan bobs up and down sucking his own cock as Christian watches in amazement. Christian's not gonna be left out as he takes over sucking on Ryan's spit shined cock. Ryan lets him have his fill before getting him on all four to inspect that sweet ass.Ryan fingers that hot hole for a bit teasing him before asking him if he wants to get fucked. We're pretty sure that was rhetorical. Christian is soon moaning as Ryan delivers the goods deep and hard. The sound of Ryan's balls slapping that ass fill the room as he takes him doggy style. “You like that dick?” he grunts as Christian takes every inch. Ryan then pulls out and sits back as Christian turns around and sits on it. He impales himself for more as he starts to bounce on that dick like he's on a mission. Christian's own cock is rock hard as he rides that thick cock. Ryan loves just being able to sit back and get that pole ridden. Ryan loves that hole but he wants to take back control as he flips Christian over on his back; picks up his legs and slams that dick in for more. He's taking this ass to the finish line as he pounds harder and harder. Christian's cock is aching as he gets his prostate battered. Ryan rams away getting them closer and closer to climax. When he feels that familiar tickle he pulls out and jacks off all over Christian who has already busted a huge load all over himself. Ryan's splatters all over Christian's cum covered chest and abs.

  • released : 06-24-2011 |

Nick at Nite

Nick at Nite, Scene #01

We have Christian Ray back with us this week and it's always a hot time when we have this “Isleño” (or Islander) with us. Barely 21, Christian lives here in Miami and feels at home in the Cuban community. Today we have a special friend here that we know Christian is gonna love, Mr. Nick Toretto. Nick is 27 years old and from Trenton, NJ. Nick is a thick piece of Jersey that would make anyone do a double take. He has it all: killer looks; a built bod; huge guns and a hot uncut cock. We wondered if they had a choice on vacation destinations what it would be. Nick would want to cruise to Alaska since he's lived in Hawaii and has lived in the tropics for the past 3 years. Christian would want to go to Italy and probably explore all that Italy has to offer (i.e. Italian men!) Nick is straight but admits he has enjoyed fun on both sides of the table. Doing so has taught him to be less judgmental and accept people for who they are versus what they do. We then asked these two where they love to shoot their nut the best. Christian loves to give a guy a hot facial busting his nut all over it. Nick trumps that admitting he loves to dump his load in his girls mouth then snowball it as she feed it right back to him as they make out. He just gets hotter and hotter. —SEIZE HIM! lol Christian shows up for his personal training session with Nick only to admit he left his gym shorts at home. Nick hands him a pair and as Christian changes into them Nick realizes one of Christian's muscles is already swelling—his cock. Nick moves in for a kiss as he grabs Christian's cock. They tug at each others cocks as Nick sits Christian down so that his cock is in his face. Christian plays with it through his briefs before hauling out his thick uncut cock and going down on it. Nick moans as he watches his cock disappear down Christian's throat. Christian pulls back Nicks meaty foreskin as he runs his tongue along his knob. Nick sits back on the couch giving Christian all the room he needs to better service his cock. Christian licks all over Nick's massive frame ending up back on his meaty shaft. Christian slips down onto his knees as he goes to town worshipping Nick's thick cock. Nick can't get enough as he stands to continue feeding Christian. Nick then pulls Christian to his feet and bends him over checking out that hot ass he'll soon be inside of. Christian moans softly as Nick starts fingering his sweet hole.Nick runs his hands all over Christian's hairy ass. Nick spreads his ass wide open checking out that sweet hole he'll soon own. His cock is throbbing as he runs his fingers along Christian's ass crack. Nick can't wait any longer as he suits up and slides that cock inside. Christian can only moan as he gets his ass mounted. Bent over the incline bench, Christian holds on as Nick pounds him doggy style. Nick watches as his cock slams in and out of that hungry hole. Nick then pulls out and sits back on the futon pulling Christian into position. Christian catches on quickly as he straddles that cock and sits back down on that dick. “Ride my cock” he groans as Christian proceeds to bounce on that dick. As Nick lays back we get a great view of his massive chest, huge biceps and his massive quads as Christian keeps riding that meat. Christian's cock is rock hard as he impales himself over and over on that Jersey dick. Nick then gets him on his back and slides back in missionary. This will do the trick for sure as Christian watches Nick's defined torso slap into him over and over. That cock hits just the right spot making Christian shoot a massive load all over himself. Nick isn't far behind as he pulls out and adds his own batch all over Christian's cum coated cock.

  • released : 04-15-2011 |

A Chad, Chad World

A Chad, Chad World, Scene #01

We can thank Florida's west coast for one hung hottie by the name of Chad Davis. Chad is 21 and lives in Sarasota FL and is here to help us welcome a hot Hispanic hottie from an island 90 miles off Florida's east coast, Christian Ray. Christian is 20 and mixing in just fine with the Cuban community here in South Florida. We asked them if they could take a cruise anywhere in the world, where would they want that to be. Christian would take a Mediterranean cruise to get to see Italy and Italian men. Chad would rather stick closer to home and just cruise around the Caribbean. As for pets, Chad has 3 birds that he felt he should adopt as a family. Awww. Christian's response took the cake hands down. 'I don't have pets—just my sister' …Moving right along, we wondered what specific trigger made each of them go from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds. Christian loves kissing and sucking. Chad loves it when a guy is hands on 'down there' and not afraid to explore while they're kissing or sucking. Chad has had issues in the past with a few that were hesitant to take the party favor he's packing but if you know what you're doing and do it right it's never a problem. We couldn't agree more, since we agree bigger is always better.These two start before we get the camera going as they make out and peel each other's clothes off. They stand to rub their cocks together as they continue kissing. Both have tents in their briefs as Christian slides south to get a better look at the tent in Chad's boxer briefs. He pulls out that thick cock and opens wide. He starts to suck on that thick cock as Chad moans. Soon Chad joins him on his knees as they continue to kiss. Chad then lies down as they maneuver into a hot 69. Christian takes top bunk as he bobs his head up and down on that hard cock. Meanwhile Chad has a mouth full of 'Carne Cubana' as he nurses on that thick uncut cock. Chad bucks his cock up into Christian's throat trying to get it in as deep as he can. As he does, Chad's fingers find a tight ass he will soon be tapping. Christian moans with a mouthful of meat as he gets that tight ass explored. Christian then kneels to get more of Chad's cock as he goes back to savoring every delicious inch he's given. 'Chupe me pinga' Chad moans in his best Spanish. Incorrect—yet incredibly effective as Christian shoves his hard cock even further down his throat. Chad then sits back as Christian straddles his hard cock rubbing his hot ass up and down against that boner. 'Somebody wants something' Chad grins. ...ya think?Chad then suits up and gives Christian just what he's wanted. Christian slowly impales himself on Chad's thick cock. That Cuban ass slowly gives way and once it does, Christian starts riding his cock. Chad's brows furl as he gets a wave of erotic sensation washing over his body. Christian's tight ass has his hard cock in its grip and Chad's not complaining. Chad then switches it up and gets Christian on all four on the floor as he gets back to fucking that hot ass doggy style. Christian grunts in pain as Chad can now bury his thick cock even deeper. Christian is taking it like a champ as Chad continues to pound that hot ass. Chad then gets Christian on his back so he can sink that dick deeper. Christian is rock hard as he gets that hot hole fucked. He starts to jack his uncut cock faster as Chad picks up the pace. Chad's defined abs tense and flex as he shoves his cock into Christian's hungry ass. Chad's cock is hitting that prostate just right and it won't be long before it sends our Caribbean Cabana Boy over the edge. Christian groans as his cock explodes sending jet after jet of leche all over his smooth chest. Chad isn't far behind as he too unloads a massive load sending his own milk flying, splattering all over Christian's cum soaked chest and face.

  • released : 02-11-2011 |
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