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Christian Castillo's Video

DeFlower Power

DeFlower Power, Scene #01

This week, we have a special treat for our members. Returning to give us some more “Sabor” (flavor) is 25 year-old Christian Castillo. Christian for those of you who have not yet had the pleasure, has graced our site several times with that thick, uncut Cuban cock of his. Christian's main diet consists of the female variety, but keeping his horny Cuban's cock satisfied has meant expanding his horizons to willing participants on both sides of the fence. He has a wife and a daughter back in his native Cuba and he visits them when he can. Alongside Christian we have another alumnus with us that was more than willing to help us out with today's adventure, Mr. Alex Foster. Alex is 19, originally from Florida, and also a “ladies man”. According to Alex, his ideal woman would be one with fair skin, green eyes and black hair. He pegs Greece as the country where he would most likely find his dream girl. Christian wouldn't have to go very far at all. He could find them here on South Beach or head to the Midwest for a bevy of them. See, Christian loves “blond girls with big tits and nice butts” Need we say more? Opposites really do attract. Today should be a special day for Mr. Castillo because this afternoon will be a first. Christian who usually tops will be on the receiving end for the very first time. Well, like they say in the old country: “¡No es facil!” (this ain't gonna be easy)There's little stopping these two horny straight boys from going to town. What is stopping them is being pulled off piece by piece. Alex peels off Christian's tee as he licks and sucks his hairy chest. He begins to grope his swelling meat as he pushes his jeans down towards his ankle. These two are clearly overdressed, so they handle that situation as Christian strips down and then helps Alex with his pants. Christian, already in position, goes to work as he starts sucking on Alex' cock, which is more than ready for attention. Alex sits back and watches, but it's short lived as Christian gets up and feeds him his dick. Alex starts to return the favor as his mouth is stretched around Christian's cock. They are in a frenzy, each one wanting their cocks worked, and sucking dick in order to get more on their own. These two then stand up and begin to compare cocks as they start sword fighting. They swing their hard cocks at each other like they've just discovered them. Alex then takes the lead and bends Christian over before running his tongue up inside Christian's virgin ass. Christian gasps at the new sensation, but loves it. He then returns the favor and eats out Alex' smooth ass he'd much rather be fucking...but that's not the way it's about to go down. Christian strokes his rock hard cock and grabs Alex' meaty ass with both hands. No sense in torturing himself, Christian goes back to kissing Alex for a bit before assuming the position. On all fours and bracing for impact, Christian begins to grunt the moment Alex' boner finds its target. “Oh Shit” he groans, as Alex begins to enter his virgin ass. Alex continues sliding his dick in him until he's all the way inside. Christian's ass is wrapped around his dick like a vice, and it only makes Alex want to fuck him harder. Christian may be in a bit of pain, but his Cuban dick is rock hard the entire time. Alex picks up the pace and starts to fuck him as he takes that sweet ass doggy style and makes it his very own. Watching Christian as he gets that hot ass broken is in hot as hell as he winces with every thrust he's given. Alex is one lucky boy. As he's getting pounded, Christian looks up and says “yeah, that shit hurts” seconds before telling us he needs a break. From there, they go back to oral, with Alex on his knees sucking on Christian's meat. Then they take it to a hot 69 before sitting side by side to bust their loads all over themselves. When asked if he'd ever do that (bottom) again, Christian, without an ounce of hesitation, replies a resounding NO! (even though that was the biggest nut he's ever shot for us.) lol

  • released : 10-23-2009 |

Bottom Of The Ninth

Bottom Of The Ninth, Scene #01

Thrice: ('thrīce) adverb 1.) three times; 2.) in a threefold manner or degree; 3.) two fat poles and one very lucky hole. Yes, Gentlemen, this week we have not one but three delicious jock boys for you as they explore their lust in surplus fashion. Whoever said 'less is more' had never been in one of these before. Two new faces join us this week. The first is Jimmie Slater who boasts having been with several men but by far his favorite is the black, muscle boy he's currently 'talking' to. Mmhmm. Next to Jimmie is Zane Jacobs. Zane admits he has a weakness for Latinos. He considers himself very sexual and jacks off daily regardless of how much he's getting. Well horny seems to be the common denominator between these boys and the third is no exception. Much to Zane's Latino longings the third spice compliments of the Caribbean is Cuban import Christian Castillo. Christian is no stranger to multi-tas-err-fucking. He's volunteered to plow a couple of hot asses before; so naturally it was a no-brainer to get this lean, hung and uncut hottie in on the action. These boys all prefer to top; but today lucky Zane drew the short straw. It's now time for some 'tag-team tail toss'. 'Take it like a man, Baby!'Three are on deck-or is it dick?-as they start to explore each other. They begin kissing and then undressing each other as they switch partners tasting the bevy that lies before each of them. Jimmie is the first to get a taste as he pulls out Zane's growing cock and goes down on it. Meanwhile, Christian, whose sporting a large pop tent in his boxers, is getting a better view of Jimmie's ass that is in the air. They reconvene on the couch as Jimmie now goes down on Christian's thick uncut cock and starts taking turns on them both. Jimmie can't decide which one he wants and fortunately there's plenty to go around. Jimmie & Zane both go to work on Christian's cock next as he gets his cock and balls serviced. It's an oral free for all as they take turns on each other in every imaginable position. Jimmie ends up back in the middle as Christian and Zane get on each side of that hungry mouth and take turns feeding him all the dick he can service. He greedily laps and sucks on their cocks and they are only too happy to oblige. Christian and Zane both take turns stuffing Jimmie's mouth full of cock. Jimmie doesn't mind since he knows someone else will soon be getting 'stuffed'-and it won't be him.Christian's had enough and it's time to bury his meat as he slowly pushes his thick cock inside Zane's ass. 'Fuck!' Zane grunts as his ass gives way. Christian starts picking up the pace as he fucks that ass faster and deeper. As he does, Jimmie moves behind Christian and begins to lick and kiss him as he gets a better view of the ass pounding he's giving Zane. Jimmie then moves around Christian and starts sucking on Zane's cock as Christian keeps slamming his Cuban cock deep into Zane. Zane is getting his ass fucked deep as Jimmie nurses on his meat. Watching these three go at it is insanely hot as they work over each others cocks and asses. Jimmie is still sucking on Zane's cock as he continues to get his ass impaled by Christian who is fucking him harder and harder. It won't be long before he blows and they know it. Sure enough, Christian pulls out his thick cock and strokes off all over Jimmie's smooth chest and abs. Zane is next as he gets sent over the edge watching that hot Latin load fly all over his buddy. Zane grunts as he dumps his own impressive nut all over Jimmie. Jimmie, now coated by both loads is last but not least as he too busts his thick nut all over his own cock-what a mess.

  • released : 09-04-2009 |

Alone By The Lockers

Alone By The Lockers, Scene #01

He'd been back for 4 days before stopping by to do more work. Christian Castillo just spent the last 4 months bangin' his baby momma in Cuba where he went to visit her and his now 2½ yr old daughter. She is his ideal as far as women go. She's short, petite with big tits and long blond hair ...and she has no ass. What kind of Cubanita is that? Lucky for her, Christian is not an ass man by any means and he love to play with her huge knockers. It had been 6 months since this monster-cocked Cubanito had had the opportunity to see her so he had a lot of sex to catch up on. The freakiest sex he had with her this trip was banging her on the hood of a car in a park. Fortunately for us and our viewers here at CircleJerkBoys, Christian isn't opposed to resorting to somewhat “unconventional” methods of keeping his str8 “pingón” satisfied. Cuban101, lesson 1 = Pingón as in large “pinga”. Pinga which is Cuban for a thick Caribbean cock!. Any questions? If so, those will all be cleared up as soon as he drops his pants. When he was here last, Christian agreed to do a steamy duo with Keegan who did his best to accommodate Christian's extra thick meat. The looks on poor Keegan's face when Christian had his thick 8” cock shoved inside are hard to forget. Sometimes it just hurts soooo good. Ahhh, Good times.After his workout, Christian returns to the locker to get out of his gym clothes. He doesn't get far before realizing he has something that requires his immediate attention. As soon as his shorts drop you can clearly see the outline of his massive cock straining to break free. He sits down and begins teasing his massive meat thru his boxers as it gets harder and harder. He takes off his tee and we get to see his lean, defined torso. He's deliciously smooth with tufts of dark hair beneath his pits and that's about it. As he pulls his briefs off, you realize Christian keeps everything smooth. He pulls them down just far enough so that we see his fat uncut cock come into view. This boy's cock is thick as a can. His large nuts are smooth and heavy and he stands up to get naked and continue with his session. He dances around his sensitive knob with his fingers as he looks dead at you knowing he has what you want. He licks his luscious lips as he teases his fat cock. His low hangers are smooth and resemble 2 eggs hanging loosely in their sack. He drops to his knees and gives us an amazing shot of these danglers beneath his throbbing cock. His cock thickens as it approaches his knob. This is the kind of cock you'll not only feel ...but feel for a few days afterwards. Just the way it should be!He lays back and we can now see the view between those milky smooth thighs up towards his cock and his abs and sweet face provide the backdrop. Watching Christian play with is cock is an experience in and of itself. His features are amazing, the fair skin, the dark features his sensuous mouth and that ho tongue that keeps making guest appearances as he strokes all come together to create one hell of a visual. The way he plays close attention to his knob as he spreads his precum around is insane! His foreskin glides over his moist knob in tandem helping his cock build up a thick load. Christian is getting closer to releasing his load as he begins to work his massive shaft faster and faster. His abdominals begin to tense and he begins to groan and moan and within seconds he fires off. A huge volley of “Crema Cubana” blasts into the air spraying his defined chest. That volley is followed by reinforcements that just keep coming as he grunts and groans. Hot little Christian has covered himself in baby batter and he looks spent too. After that show we can only hope Christian will need to come back again after his next out of town escapade.

  • released : 05-29-2008 |

Easy Riders

Easy Riders, Scene #01

It is a long and winding road that leads guys to CircleJerkBoys.com, and no matter what path they take to get here, they all have the same final destination: the bank. The need for cold hard cash is the only reason a straight guy will enter the “man-to-man” arena. So today, Christian, a 23-year-old Cuban hottie, is looking to get the funds together so he can get home to see his girlfriend and daughter. Close cropped hair, a brilliant smile, and a naturally lean, smooth body, Christian has just the kind of engaging personality that draws you in before you even realize it. He is desperate to get home as soon as he can, and when we tell him there is only one way he can make the kind of ducats he needs, he opens up his empty wallet and says “bring it on!” Next we show 19-year-old Keegan—a bisexual Brazilian cutie with dark “I-will-suck-you-till-your-knees-buckle” eyes and an ass that belongs in a thong on the beach—into the studio to have a seat next to him. There is an instant “well-this-might-not-be-sooooo-bad” look in Christian's eyes that tells us what we already know: neither his wallet, nor Keegan's ass, will be empty for long.By the time we have the cameras rolling; Keegan has already gotten both himself and Christian out of their shirts and has sucked Christian's tongue down his throat. The lump in Christian's pants tells the rest of the story, but Keegan finds he wants a closer look. When his fishes out Christian's cock, it is a rock hard, lead pipe-thick, uncut tower of beauty that soon finds itself in the warm, wet confines of Keegan's mouth. Even though he grew up in the land of Amazon cocks, Keegan is having a difficult time fitting a cock this fat down his throat, and the damn thing just keeps getting fatter and fatter the more Keegan tries. Christian even reaches over and gives Keegan's own uncut meat a few tugs before standing up and feeding his own cock back into Keegan's mouth. Keegan keeps stroking away at his own cock as Christian tries to get as much of his into Keegan's mouth, until he sets his sites on a new path: he grabs a condom, leaves the drive through window, and positions himself for a rear delivery.Grabbing the fat sausage firmly by the base, Christian steadily pushes forward, inch by inch, until he is buried to the hilt in Keegan's hole. Though Christian's balls kissing Keegan's cheeks is a pretty good indicator how deep he is driving, the look on Keegan's face, a constant wash of waves of pleasure mixed with a touch of pain, is the best dip stick of them all on how far Christian is dipping his stick. Christian fucks in slow, steady, deliberate strokes as if he is revisiting what it felt to lose his cherry all over again. Keegan takes every thick inch Christian has to offer, keeping his ass high and tight for each waiting thrust. Settling back on the chair, Christian works his pole with both hands and soon shoots a load that flies up over his head and lands with a thud on his abs with Keegan's explosion just a minute later. We do not care what road leads them to CircleJerkBoys.com, as long as this is where they decide to get off! Well done guys!

  • released : 08-17-2007 |