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Chad Davis's Video

Cole in One

Cole in One, Scene #01

This week we have hung hottie Chad Davis back in the studio and we have a special treat for our 21 year old West Florida coast native. We can thank Georgia for Chad's treat du jour, Mr. Cole Harvey. Cole is a hot 21 year old blond haired, blue eyed cutie with a charming drawl. We asked these boys how they felt about politics. Cole doesn't care one way or another. Chad admits it depends for him since he's a Republican; but does see the Democratic agenda worth considering. ...Well he couldn't be perfect. We then asked these two what they wish they were better at sexually. Chad wishes he was better at slowing down instead of rushing things when he gets horny. All we get from Cole is a blank stare. “I can't think of much I could be better at” he grins. Aww, charming and cocky—where has this one been hiding? Luckily both agree their finest sexual qualities is endurance; so we might be here a while, fellas. On that note we better get this party started... Chad and Cole are sitting on the couch as Chad thumbs through his pics on his phone and comes across a pic of his dick. “What's that?” gasps Cole. “That's a picture of my dick” blushes Chad. Cole doesn't believe him and after Chad reassures him it is; he asks Cole to show him his. Cole undoes his shorts and hauls out his thick cock that's already at attention and not at all tardy for the party. Chad strokes it a bit before going down on it for a true taste of the South. Cole moans as Chad works his meat swirling his tongue around his throbbing knob. Cole then reaches for Chad's cock that is straining to be set free. He immediately gets to work returning the favor as he sucks on Chad's thick cock. Chad stands to give Cole better access as Cole deep throats that dick with ease. Both of these studs are lean and naturally smooth. The chemistry between them is steaming up our lenses as they trade off blow job after blow job. Just think this is just the oral portion of our talent contest. Hmmm.Chad sits back and suits up as Cole straddles his thick cock. He impales himself on that cock and starts to bounce on that disco stick. Cole came to play because he's giving ass and taking cock. He grinds that hot ass down on Chad's dick with everything he's got as Chad just moans and tells Cole how hot that ass feels. Chad's smooth balls are slapping up against Cole's hungry hole as Chad thrusts up into him. They then move over to the futon where Cole gets bent over and fucked doggy style. Chad slams that cock back inside as his low hangers continue to slap away at that hole. Chad grabs him by the waist and slams inside over and over. Then Chad gets Cole on his back on the ottoman and starts fucking him missionary. This one always does the trick and sure enough Cole shoots his nut as Chad impales him. Chad's nowhere near done as he continues to slam his thick cock inside. When Chad does get that familiar tingle he pulls out and shoots his massive load all over Cole; the ottoman; the rug and the camera crew. lol

  • released : 05-13-2011 |

A Chad, Chad World

A Chad, Chad World, Scene #01

We can thank Florida's west coast for one hung hottie by the name of Chad Davis. Chad is 21 and lives in Sarasota FL and is here to help us welcome a hot Hispanic hottie from an island 90 miles off Florida's east coast, Christian Ray. Christian is 20 and mixing in just fine with the Cuban community here in South Florida. We asked them if they could take a cruise anywhere in the world, where would they want that to be. Christian would take a Mediterranean cruise to get to see Italy and Italian men. Chad would rather stick closer to home and just cruise around the Caribbean. As for pets, Chad has 3 birds that he felt he should adopt as a family. Awww. Christian's response took the cake hands down. 'I don't have pets—just my sister' ...Moving right along, we wondered what specific trigger made each of them go from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds. Christian loves kissing and sucking. Chad loves it when a guy is hands on 'down there' and not afraid to explore while they're kissing or sucking. Chad has had issues in the past with a few that were hesitant to take the party favor he's packing but if you know what you're doing and do it right it's never a problem. We couldn't agree more, since we agree bigger is always better.These two start before we get the camera going as they make out and peel each other's clothes off. They stand to rub their cocks together as they continue kissing. Both have tents in their briefs as Christian slides south to get a better look at the tent in Chad's boxer briefs. He pulls out that thick cock and opens wide. He starts to suck on that thick cock as Chad moans. Soon Chad joins him on his knees as they continue to kiss. Chad then lies down as they maneuver into a hot 69. Christian takes top bunk as he bobs his head up and down on that hard cock. Meanwhile Chad has a mouth full of 'Carne Cubana' as he nurses on that thick uncut cock. Chad bucks his cock up into Christian's throat trying to get it in as deep as he can. As he does, Chad's fingers find a tight ass he will soon be tapping. Christian moans with a mouthful of meat as he gets that tight ass explored. Christian then kneels to get more of Chad's cock as he goes back to savoring every delicious inch he's given. 'Chupe me pinga' Chad moans in his best Spanish. Incorrect—yet incredibly effective as Christian shoves his hard cock even further down his throat. Chad then sits back as Christian straddles his hard cock rubbing his hot ass up and down against that boner. 'Somebody wants something' Chad grins. ...ya think?Chad then suits up and gives Christian just what he's wanted. Christian slowly impales himself on Chad's thick cock. That Cuban ass slowly gives way and once it does, Christian starts riding his cock. Chad's brows furl as he gets a wave of erotic sensation washing over his body. Christian's tight ass has his hard cock in its grip and Chad's not complaining. Chad then switches it up and gets Christian on all four on the floor as he gets back to fucking that hot ass doggy style. Christian grunts in pain as Chad can now bury his thick cock even deeper. Christian is taking it like a champ as Chad continues to pound that hot ass. Chad then gets Christian on his back so he can sink that dick deeper. Christian is rock hard as he gets that hot hole fucked. He starts to jack his uncut cock faster as Chad picks up the pace. Chad's defined abs tense and flex as he shoves his cock into Christian's hungry ass. Chad's cock is hitting that prostate just right and it won't be long before it sends our Caribbean Cabana Boy over the edge. Christian groans as his cock explodes sending jet after jet of leche all over his smooth chest. Chad isn't far behind as he too unloads a massive load sending his own milk flying, splattering all over Christian's cum soaked chest and face.

  • released : 02-11-2011 |