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Carl's Video

Whipped Cream On Top

Whipped Cream On Top, Scene #01

Carl is one of those testosterone rich guys whose bulge lets me know he was rock hard even before he walked in the door. The contrast between him being only 24 and already engaged for 3 years and in law school with the fact he got so horny just knowing he would be on camera he couldn't resist give his dick a few squeezes right during the interview makes him all the more sexy. Between that bad boy smile, the nipple ring and the tattoos he drew himself is a beauty of cock that leaks like a faucet from the mushroom head. In the kitchen, a can of whipped cream turned that spear of a dick into a Devil Dog and from the look on his face after licking his finger clean, a mighty tasty one me at that! While “Devil Dogs” might be cream filled, from the load Carl exploded out of those round tight balls, he definitely left with his tank on empty.

Starring Carl
  • released : 01-01-2010 |